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Went over for a short birthday celebration and boy the lychee rose cake was so well done - it left a light, fragrant, floral aftertaste. Lemon meringue cake which was light and zesty, is a top pick as a dessert after a really heavy meal.

This was a super healthy bowl of goodness by the TCC for all the health conscious peeps out there - good thing we balanced it out with the chilli crab pasta!!

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Chilli crab pasta’s all the rave now, and if you wanna try one version that’s on the spicier side, this is the one try!

Their turnip fries was the bomb. It’s like eating a popiah filling without the popiah skin. Texture’s great and what a genius creation!

Love the generous shavings of cheese drizzled on the pasta! Creaminess was on point too! Fancied this more than its rendition of chicken rice pasta.

While the noods were homemade, it sadly wasn’t able to warrant that extra attention from us. Serving of chicken was way generous though - we were really full from that, so props to them!

Pork was decent, but the sweet potato mashed was straight up fantastic. You can tell how thoughtful they were just by their attention to details. Sweet potato mash wasn’t just mashed and served as it is; it was mixed with other stuff to make it even more well seasoned and tastier. Never been happier eating this.

Oh this was heavenly. With chunks of meat and sauce that is clearly NOT straight out of the bottle on the shelf (I mean you’d prolly be dead if it was, but still...) Third time here and all dishes we tried still surprised us!

Packed w a mad kick of Tom yum flavour, this dish doesn’t disappoint, AT ALL. In fact, I haven’t tasted a dish that has disappointed me, or my friends. Guess we now know why this place has been pretty highly wishlisted despite its secluded location.

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Love this healthy dish with seared tender salmon laid on top of a bed of roasted potatoes and carrots. ❤️ will definitely reorder this again.

$19. While the waffles were fluffy and crisp at the same time, I thought that the waffles could be more flavourful. Overall a filling plate!


Waffles was buttery but needed more fluffiness. Chocolate truffle ice cream on the other hand, was amazing. Absolutely love the intensity of the cocoa flavour - tends towards dark chocolate flavour, more bittersweet than cloyingly sweet. Love it!

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