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48 month aged Iberico ham was everything it lived up to be. Savory, fatty, melt in your mouth, I could easily finish a portion of this on my own. TIP: order the bread with tomatoes and have this together with the crispy bread, fresh and slightly acidic tomatoes and it’s enough to make you happy.

This half suckling pig costs $140 and is served tableside, but order it earlier in your meal as it takes awhile to prepare. The server cut the pig up using a plate as it was very tender and didn’t need a knife but it seemed a little unnecessary to do that. The meat was super flavorful and had a good meat/fat ratio. Would’ve liked the skin to be crispier though as it didn’t have a super satisfying crack when biting into it.

Ordered the 3 course set under Burpple Beyond and this main was pretty good. The pork was cooked to a medium well and was sufficiently fatty and juicy. The accompanying mash was tasty too with the mixed in mustard giving it a slight heat.

Their in house smoke brisket was oh so tender. I didn’t even have to use a knife to pull the meat apart and when you get the pieces where the fat is fully rendered, it’s just a meat-gasm in your mouth. You could really taste the smokiness that is infused into the meat and the black pepper bark gave the brisket abit of a kick, which really complimented the sauce that’s on the sweeter side of things. The yuzu slaw was tangy and a nice palate cleanser and I wish they were a little more generous with it.

I’m not saying this dish was bad but the most flavorful thing on that plate was that cherry tomato that added a real burst of flavor. Whenever I order braised shortribs I expect it to be falling apart but unfortunately the meat was slightly tough to chew. The sauce that coated the meat definitely helped to ease the bite but it shouldn’t need that extra help. The serving size was generous though.

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$14 for half chicken with 4 meaty pieces served on a hot plate with some onions/cabbage underneath that char nicely while you eat the chicken. The chicken is quite tasty and smoky from some charred bits which I think is essential to a tandoori chicken, but it could be abit more tender. The accompanying sauce is pretty good though a minty yogurt like sauce with abit of spice.

4 dumplings comes in a set with a bowl of noodles and a drink for $16 which was quite worth it. The smoked duck flavor came through quite strongly but was balanced out by the balsamic-like sauce??? along with the pickled onions. Would definitely come back to try the other dumplings.

BKT from Malaysia here is real different from the classic peppery soup but instead is the herbal soup. The soup is accompanied with a variety of cuts of pork (stomach, intestine, belly, ribs, tail) and they were all super tender which surprised me it was like a pork kway chap. They also offer the standard versions where it’s just pork ribs or just pork belly etc. The herbal soup was a new experience for me and I quite enjoyed it, it’s much lighter than the peppery version so it’s quite easy drinking. There’s also a dry version of the BKT which seemed quite interesting and something i’ll try if I come back.

$5.50 for a plate of this was quite expensive more expensive than the other famous roast meat stalls around singapore like fatty cheong which only charges $4. The charsiew was really tender with a good amount of fat distribution in the meat and the glaze wasn’t overly sweet. The roast pork was fatty and savory too, with the skin still retaining its signature crunch. Nothing to fault here except that it’s overpriced for quite a small portion. Be careful with the chili though it packs quite a punch and a little goes a long way.

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This is probably one of the zi char dishes i’ve been wanting to try for awhile and finally had the chance to. The pork ribs are covered in milk powder and the combination of the ribs and milk powder was initially abit strange but it slowly grew on me. The boneless ribs made it easy to eat and it was tender as well but beware as the milk powder rly sticks to your mouth when it dissolves. Not sure if I would order this again but it’s definitely worth a try.

This is the Dang Gui roast duck and it comes in 4 different sizes. The half duck was enough for 5 of us when we ordered other dishes. The chinese herbal taste rly came through but was not overpowering while the duck still retained its fatty and tender texture. The sauce is pretty addictive as well when drizzled over a bowl of rice.

The whole roast duck was a very generous portion and can probably feed 6-8 people depending on whether you order any other dishes. The skin was glistening and quite crisp when I bit into it and the meat wasn’t too dry. However the duck seemed really fatty??? more than the standard roast duck and was abit annoying when it came to removing the excess fat from the meat.

The duck came with 2 sauces, chili (quite spicy) and the plum sauce which was quite nice as it balanced out the savoriness of the duck.

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