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Always Hungry
Always Hungry

Nice quaint little cafe tuck away at level 8 in Novena Medical Center. Nice coffee as usual. But feel like the food was a bit blunt and under seasoned today. Maybe my expectation was higher since I had the amazing pasta the first time I came here.

Use burpple beyond 1-1 for the crepes. But only can choose the classic options. Love the Creme brûlée. The earl grey ice cream is nice as well.

There is no doubt about their coffee because they use high quality Hokkaido milk — the Biei Jersey milk, which is one of the most popular picks with the Japanese cafe’s customers and the most premium of the selection.
Meanwhile, for the food, I had the Butadon, which, hmm.. I won’t talk much about it. 😊
I also saw quite a lot customers ordered their desserts (shaved ice and parfait), might give it a try next time.

Good coffee, good ambiance, great service.

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