Matcha Madness 🍵😌

Matcha Madness 🍵😌

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Seanna Lim
Seanna Lim

Their softserve comes in 2 different cup sizes, $7 and $10. The $10 is much much bigger hahaha but the serving for the $7 already pretty generous by itself so it should be good for 1. Love their matcha softserve so much- pro tip you can ask for more matcha sauce the staff are really friendly and more than happy to give you more!

A tad expensive, at $10 for a package of 5🤭 but i really love these. Not too sweet, and the matcha taste is distinct. I will always get this as a topping for when i get my softserve haha. Cheaper to get as topping (+$1 only) but i guess here you are paying for the packaging..

Featuring the use of matcha powder from The Matcha Project , this was one that guarantees repeated visits. Incredibly smooth and luscious is the mouthfeel of the latte, the matcha distinct without any unwanted astringency. Having had my fair share of Matcha Lattes, its tough finding one where the matcha and milk blends together so harmoniously and all of these at an incredibly affordable price of $5 ☺️ .

For those seeking to kill 2 birds with 1 stone, the Two Face ($8.50) would be the go-to selection, featuring both Original and Matcha in a single burnt cheesecake, though (as you can see from the picture) there was an obvious bias towards the latter, hence the taste of Matcha dominates, though the Original's flavour was not entirely lost

Steep pricing at $8.80 (before svc charge) for a scoop, with cone at an additional $0.30. This is definitely not for the faint-hearted, and one that matcha aficionados should not miss out on. Thick and creamy, the gelato boasts notes of matcha so intense and robust the only apr description is "matcha gao gao" . Legit the best matcha gelato you can get in singapore by far.

P.S. their gelatos and softserves are made in-house!

Red, Green or Chocolate?

Needless to say, I went for the Green Cup- a base of matcha milk pudding with layers of super soft jelly with fresh fruits within, finished off with some almond granola and fresh chantilly. Loved the milky, silky smooth milk pudding with hints of matcha. Albeit a tad sweet on its own, the layer of jelly above as well as fresh fruits served to cut through the sweetness.

While this was a refreshing sweet treat that i enjoyed and was definitely pretty to look at, the price is definitely a deterrence to repeated consumption, with a hefty $12 price tag which came to about $14+ after taxes.. .

Its actually my first time trying playmade's matcha latte! Price is rather steep, the latte alone being $4.20for the medium size (their usual milk teas are around $2.90)

Despite asking for 0% sugar, the latte was still sweet (but not too sweet) hence the max i would rly recommend is 25%! But the matcha taste was actually pretty robust, i was pleasantly surprised by its strength.

Their pearls are still as good as i remember. Fat and chewy and the black sesame fragrance so on point. 😊 like eating mini balls of black sesame tangyuan✨

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Bought these cookies to support a friend 😊
These cookies are made out of premium matcha powder, and will only be available in the months of Aug-Sep so snatch them up quick if you're keen :)

If you love shortbread/butter cookies these will definitely be up your alley! The cookies have this really crumbly texture and was really fragrant and buttery. I loved how the cookies weren't too sweet, though the matcha flavour could definitely have been more distinct✨

Don't bother with this if you are looking for a matcha dessert, because there was no matcha taste to speak of hahaha😹 Instead, I liked this for the brown sugar boba, which had a nice, chewy consistency and paired well with the rich,milky softserve.

✨ NEW ✨Matcha Blackcurrant Tart ($7.80) available exclusively at @hvala_sg 's CHIJMES outlet!
The pinkish cream features a blend of blackcurrant and raspberry, which lends the tart a sourish punch. Wasn't really a fan of it though, perhaps because I've never really like raspberries. Also felt that the matcha flavour was lost; if I was ignorant and my eyes masked, wouldn't have been able to detect the matcha for sure😅 Great for those looking for something not too matcha-y and sweet

I enjoyed the top layer of the cake most, because of the matcha powder dusting and also the thin, waxy layer of matcha chocolate. When consumed together, the strong bittersweet aroma of the coffee definitely took the lead though. If I had this blindfolded, I would probably have difficulty identifying the incorporation of matcha.
The cake was also too dry and coarse for my liking, made better by the cream, but i didn’t really enjoy the cream as it was a tad heavy. Loved the chokoreto on top though, so dense, fudgey and chocolatey.

Unbearably hot weather nowadays is perfect for some ice cream 😋 As alluded by its name, this includes your choice of 3 softserves from matcha/houjicha/goma/hokkaido milk. Perfect for the indecisive, or for the greedy pigs like me who want it all (except for the hokkaido milk😅) The houjicha is replaced by genmaicha for ours, as the houjicha is sadly out of stock. The genmaicha was surprisingly good though. They should keep it as a permanent softserve flavour on their menu! But then i'll need a 4-flavour bowl instead of just 3 😝😅😊😋

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