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Featuring Rakki Bowl, Kogane Yama (Bugis Junction), GastroSmiths, Teppanyaki Hamburg Nihonbashi Keisuke Bettei, Sumo Bar Happy, Miharu, Donya Japanese Cuisine (Toa Payoh), Waa Cow! (National University of Singapore), Tsuruhashi Fugetsu (Suntec City), Irodori Japanese Restaurant (Four Points by Sheraton Singapore, Riverview)
Seanna Lim
Seanna Lim

Nihon Mura would probably not make it onto your list of options if you are at the cathay and looking for a more budget-friendly option. However, they have a newly launched sumiyaki series of donburis which i personally find super worth!

Didn't quite have confidence in the portion size but when it came i was legitly surprised. Portion of rice and meat was just nice for a meal to fill you up, and there was even side salad and onsen tamago.

Food quality wise was also surprisingly good. The chicken was tender and had a nice charcoal grill, smokey fragrance. The fat pearls of white rice were distinct, not too mushy nor dry, and were well flavoured with donburi sauce.

Prices starts from just $5.50 (coming to perhaps $6.50 after gst and svc charges) for their chicken/pork sumiyaki bowl, $6.80 for salmon and $7.80 for the beef. For the indecisive, they also have super value-for-money double protein options too.

The special sanji ramen comes essentially with all the works; roasted pork belly, roasted pork shoulder, menma, spring onions, black fungus and a perfectly flavoured ramen egg.

I’m not a fan of super rich/thick tonkotsu broths, so this was perfect for me, leaning towards the thinner side and wasn’t too salty. However, if you like your ramen broths rich, then I would suggest going for the rich tonkotsu instead.

The skin is a little on the thick side and the gyozas aren't stuffed with super generous amount of meat, but I loved how juicy the gyozas were, and the skin was perfectly golden brown on one side.I had to eat the whole thing in one bite if not it would have been a complete mess 😅

Aburi Sake sushi (left)
The salmon belly was so gratifyingly fatty and torched till it had a melt in your mouth texture. The mentai sauce added on to the creamy mouthfeel of the sushi and complemented the smoky, torched flavour of the salmon really well.

Negitoro sushi (right)
Was surprised when i was told that this was tuna belly, as all the tuna belly sushi i’ve had previously were Don’t think there’s many japanese restaurants offering this on their buffet menu either, which is exactly one winning factor of shin yuu.

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You would be surprised at how many restaurants can screw up their simpler and more basic dishes, which thankfully wasn't the case here.The chicken skin was crisp and the meat tender and juicy. Most importantly, there wasn’t any “bloody” chicken stench.


Bite sized sushi thats perfect for popping the whole thing in your mouth at one go so that you can enjoy the burst of textures and flavours. The salmon skin adds depth to the textures of the sushi, giving it a nice crunch in contrast to the soft sushi rice and melt-in-your mouth torched salmon which was wonderfully creamy. Best consumed as soon as you get your sushi,if not the salmon skin might lose its crispness!


Unagi and avocado; truly a classic pairing that can never go wrong. The fatty, well marinated and melt-in-your mouth unagi was really good, and even better that there wasn’t too much sushi rice which would have been a sad distraction

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No Japanese meal is complete without sashimi, and this platter certainly pleased everyone at the dinner table with the thick, generous cuts of fresh sashimi.

The tuna was a little too fishy for my liking, but i loved the slices of salmon, particularly the salmon belly which was so thick,fatty and fresh. Apart from the usual sake, maguro,mekajiki, amaebi, otoro and tako, there was also the highly sought after uni. It was my first time trying uni, and it carried just a slight taste of the sea, with a super creamy and melt in my mouth texture. Its not bad i guess, but wouldn’t be forking out the $$$ just for it haha

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The sesame dressing was really addictive and even made the lady’s finger which i usually detest taste delicious! Not much of a pork person, but everyone was singing praises for the pork belly, which seemed to have a nice meat-fat ratio.

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Felt that the ume (plum) wasn’t very distinct in this. If you didn’t tell me, i don’t think i would have known of its presence. The large, generous pieces of creamy avocado was gratifying, but gets easily jelat after awhile, as the creaminess of the mayo and avocado combined could prove to be too much of an overkill.

This had a really pleasing creamy mouthfeel thanks to the generous amount of mentaiko sauce coating each piece of scallop. If you’re a mentaiko fan, you will love this for sure, though I imagine that some would complain that the sauce was too much of an overkill, as that was practically all that could be tasted.

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Love all things truffle, and imagine my excitement when i saw actual pieces of truffle sitting atop the pieces of scallop. The strong but not overwhelming fragrance of truffle paired superbly with the natural sweetness of the scallops.

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