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Seanna Lim
Seanna Lim

I liked this sweet-sour pork which came affordably as a set with rice and miso soup for just $19.80 which is seriously reasonable.

Dining here, i can really feel the effort and dedication towards customers

Bite-sized pieces thats crisp and caramelized, with tender meat. The presentation is so on-point too. Only thing is that while i liked the sauce, i personally felt that the combination of the savoury sauce and the fresh fruit kind of weird and unappealing😅

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The Sudachi Soba is a treat for the both the eyes and tastebuds. New on the menu, this is a truly refreshing dish thats perfect for a hot day.
The soup is tangy and refreshing, being soaked up perfectly by the noodles to give you a zesty kick in every mouthful. You can ramp up the sourness of the broth to your liking by poking at the lime slices, upon which a cute little bunny made out of radish sits🐰🐰🐰 .

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Cutting into the crisp flakey outer layers of the pastry reveals a core of thick, gooey mao shan wang durian puree assuring you that you're getting the real thing. Didn't really taste much of the burnt cheese, but that was one detail that didn't bother me because all I really needed was the durian, really 😅 .

I love their gelato! Has a really nice, creamy consistency, though they do melt quite fast. Not a fan of the cone though, its super airy and reminds me of the macdonalds kind of ice cream cone which i really abhore.

Got the matcha and the double cheese. The matcha is quite alright, not too sweet though it wasn't as strong as i would've liked. The double cheese is really good though!

Was craving something soupy and warm so ordered this bowl of kake udon. To be honest the udon is quite meh- texture of the noodles far from desirable😅 Wouldn't specially order the udon unless (like this time) cravings hit. Also would prefer the poached egg udon to this

Part of their Dai Man Zoku range. Essentially anything from this range features XXL topping atop sushi rice. I think the size of the proteins for this is rather worth the $😹 didn't really fancy the beef though, was a tad too chewy for my liking

This came with thicker Sapporo style noodles in rich tonkotsu broth. Though i usually prefer thicker noodles over thin ones, the thinner Hakata style noodles has my vote this time round, boasting a springy bite as compared to the thicker ones which got soggy rather quickly. Hence i think it would be great if they could offer customers the flexibility of choosing their own noodle type

The chicken was huge! Tender and juicy, but was a little on the salty side for me. Wasn't much of a fan of the broth too-reminded me of the soup that you get with your wanton mee😅 Loved the noodles though. They were thin and springy despite the long photo-taking session.

Fresh tomato broth blended with dashi stock, topped with yakibuta and a thick layer of torched mozzarella. Surprisingly, this was neither too tomato-ey nor cheesey, which was a con for me but a pro for some, as this meant that its less likely to get jelat due to the milder nature of flavours. Have to eat this quick to fully enjoy it though, as after the dish gets cold it gets quite mushy and soggy

The ribs here are heavenly! Some found it to be a little too heavy on the marinade, but it was okay for me. The ribs were quite fatty, but i loved how the fats just melted the instant i placed it into my mouth. Now this is apt of the melt-in-your-mouth description. 😋 10/10 would order again, and im not even usually a fan of pork.

$7 for 5 pieces but damn each piece is humongous, almost as big as the size of my fist 😹
I love the karaage here. Perhaps because of the huge size, its juicier and super tender, and the skin is just the right amount of crisp. You won't feel like the chicken is overly-battered

Find me on insta @fatpigdiary for my foodventures 😛

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