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Drinks ☕️🍵🍷🥤

Drinks ☕️🍵🍷🥤

Featuring Dumpling Darlings, The 1872 Clipper Tea Co., Hvala ([email protected]), MuYoo (Raffles City), HOLLIN (Toa Payoh), R&B Tea (Marina Square), Tiger Sugar (Capitol Piazza), KOOKS Creamery (The Cathay), Bober Tea (Bishan), DON DON DONKI (Orchard Central)
Seanna Lim
Seanna Lim
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Thankfully @xingfutangsg exercised better customer service than I initially encountered and offered me a replacement drink for the disappointment i encountered the previous visit.
As can be seen, the drink definitely fared better in terms of aesthetics at least this time, and the brown sugar pearls were at least served warm. But overall the drink was simply too milky and creamy and the brown sugar taste lacking, though detectable.
Ultimately I still stand by my verdict (personal preference) that this isn't worth my $$ and time 😅

Not sure if you’ve seen my recent instastories about @xingfutangsg , which i travelled all the way from the west to the east to get their Brown Sugar Boba Milk ($5.30) because my friend who had it overseas (and also those who bought from the taka popup store) gave rave reviews, but please don’t make the same mistake as me and waste your time lol. There’s so many brown sugar drinks out there that beats this hands down.

I was so glad when i reached because there didn’t seem much of a queue and i got my drink within 5mins but after my 1st sip i could clearly tell why??? This was such a sorry excuse of a brown sugar drink. Taste not there, aesthetics not there. “Brown sugar” pearls weren’t warm and were way too soft and not chewy. I saw other drinks being prepared at least had the brown sugar aesthetics and looked more promising so i gave feedback about my drink and all i received was a sorry excuse of how mine looked like that because all the brown sugar had been mixed in. Asked if they could at least put more brown sugar in my drink (not remake a new one or anything) and was rejected wow.

Light and refreshing, the yuzu is perfect for chilling on a hot day, or serving as a nice accompaniment to whichever heavier dessert you are having. Its not too sweet and there's the fun factor of getting to chew on the yuzu peel. I did think that the drink seemed a little too watered-down though

At matchaya, customers can opt to go for oat milk in replacement of the usual fresh milk in their drinks for an additional $1. The choice of oat milk is perfect for those needing dairy-free/gluten-free/vegan options!

Tried the koicha milk previously with fresh milk, and went for oat milk this time round instead out of curiosity. I ended up preferring the version made with oat milk though.
Not sure why, but it just felt smoother and creamier and a little less astringent too. However, the additional topup made this drink cost a whopping $8.50. Talk about burning a hole in my wallet..

Asked for it to be less sweet and the sweetness level was just right for me. I generally dislike redbeans, especially with my matcha stuff, and this was no exception, with a clear preference for just the normal matcha milk.

Thought that the azuki would come in the super thick, paste kind, but it was actually more of like actual azuki grains, and there was even the skin of the azuki beans with it

Ordering coffee for the coffee art once again 😅 No coffee expert but i enjoyed sipping on coffee which was velvety smooth and rich with a subtle sweetness😊

Taro came in a mashed/paste form that was really thick, coupled with the fresh milk, this was really one filling drink 😹 Would have preferred to have some taro bits to chew on instead for some added textures though, and the drink was a tad too sweet.. I personally would stick to Yi Fang's Taro Latte which is lower on the sweetness level and has better textures
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One of their bestseller drink, and its not hard to see why. For the fickle minded and undecisive, this drink is truly the best of both world, marrying the likes of matcha and hojicha.

While the other lattes can be customised to be without sugar, thats not possible for this drink, as the flavour of the hojicha is brought in through the use of hojicha syrup. It is possible, however, to request for less sugar (which i also recommend!😊)

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The amount of drink looks a little pathetic because i had mine without sugar and ice haha. The lattes here are by default sweetened by sugar syrup, but you can easily customise the sweetness of your drink to your liking! I personally like having my latte without sugar to fully savour the matcha goodness😋

For the uninitiated, genmaicha is actually toasted brown rice with green tea! Its a really fragrant drink, with robust notes of toasted rice which i love. Their ice blends are ideal if you don't like the "siap siap" powdery texture which might come with the usual lattes. I usually am fine with or without milk for the ice blends, but for the genmaicha I would totally recommend having it with milk, which i prefer due to the creamier and richer taste. If not, the taste is a little too thin and feels a little like just ingesting sugar water 😶

Do ask for your ice blends less sweet though, because i feel that the usual sweetness level is kind of a sugar overkill 😅

Smooth, rich and chocolatey all without being overwhelmingly sweet, and i really liked the generous amount of cocoa cookie bits thats sprinkled on the drink. Give it a good stir before consuming! I really enjoyed the textures in this drink with the crunchy crumbles and chewy tapioca pearls.

One of the 2 new summer drinks available, the other being the chocolate soy bliss. This was really smooth and milky. I really liked the consistency, but the strawberry taste wasn't very detectable, so the drink tasted mostly just like soy milk, except for the parts with the red strawberry bits. Didn't really fancy them though, tasted kind of artificial to me 😅

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