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Healthy Eats

Healthy Eats

Featuring Lean Bento (Tampines), Poke Doke (Millenia Walk), The Daily Cut (Guoco Tower), The Playground Coffee, Simply Wrapps (Raffles City), Pimp My Salad (PasarBella @ Suntec), Greendot (Westgate), Urban Mix (One Raffles Place), SunnyChoice Cafe (Bukit Batok), The Soup Spoon (Plaza Singapura)
Seanna Lim
Seanna Lim

Of the fixed menu options available, this seems like the cleanest/healthiest option, with the use of chicken breast as protein, and a carb-less base of romaine lettuce. The chicken is non-marinated but pair it with the roasted sesame sauce that packs a flavourful punch and your tastebuds will be satisfied ☺️ The pickled onions were really appetising too and i particularly loved the hummus!!

Portion size was really generous, but i guess if it costs $15 you wouldn't expect anything lesser. They have quite a few signature bowls for you to choose from if you're too lazy/don't really know what you want. This came with a base of quinoa and toppings of eggs, veg and crispy shallots. Not sure if the fried shallots qualify as being healthy, but they were yums so no complains 😂 Besides these toppings, there were also other sides such as guac, mushrooms and roasted pumpkins. The mushrooms were nicely marinated and juicy!

Finally got to try the purple sweet potato mash after eyeing it since they started offering it. Loved the thick and creamy mash thats packed with natural sweetness of sweet potato! Also had the chilled soba but i think i prefer the pasta.

I usually go for the teriyaki chicken thigh, but wanted to try the chicken breast this time. Super tough and dry though 😩 Perhaps it would have been better if it was sous-vide and also cut into smaller bite-sized chunk like the chicken thigh. Also rather bland-tasting hence its lucky that i went for shichimi topping which gave a nice burst of spice and flavour.


This was relatively simple and less filling (but definitely enough as a meal for one) as compared to the PURE one, perhaps because this only had the quorn nuggets and not the tempeh.

Although less complex it was definitely not lacking in the flavour profile😊

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The portion was quite huge! 2 small eaters can easily share this especially if you get a set meal. There was so much ingredients , and the baguette itself was quite thick and substantial too. Had quite an unglam meal stuffing the sandwich into my small mouth 😅

The baguette was perfectly toasted - crisp on the outside, fluffy and chewy on the inside. Spicy nuggets weren't really spicy, barely tickled my tastebuds😅 I really liked the addition of tempeh too, lending a nutty, earthy flavour.

Couldn't get enough of the tangy asian slaw, which was really refreshing and appetising, coupled together with the mayo and their “awesome rebel sauce” was really flavourful and satisfying. The coriander was rather strong for me so if you’re not a fan of it, its better to ask for it to be left out!


Always amazed by the generosity of the meat portions at dosirak when i ate their chicken and beef ones previously, so i decided to try out their salmon instead, because you know, its always a different story when it comes to salmon😹

True to my expectations, the cubes of salmon weren't as generous as the chicken and beef, but I wouldn't say it was stingy either. Cured salmon was salty but not overly so!

They sadly ran out of kimchi so i couldn't choose that as my side 😭 my other default toppings include cabbage, beansprouts, spinach; all the crunchy vegetables 😋

P.S. It was quite ridiculous because i was at the store with 2 other friends, and I eatsy-ed our orders for dine-in, as I had a promo code which would entitle $2 off each order. Order was accepted and indicated as being prepared. However, we waited quite awhile and saw other customers getting their orders even when they arrived much later than us and our orders still weren't ready. Checked with the staff and they said that apparently many people eatsy their orders but never turn up so they didn't prepare our orders. #whateven

From The Marketplace, located at the basement of Raffles City. As i study/work nearby, i often drop by to settle my lunch. Its pretty worth it, just $7.90 and you get to choose 1 base+1protein+2toppings+dressing or 1 base+4toppings+dressing.

You can be guaranteed and healthy and super filling meal👍🏻
They are super generous with the portions, especially the base, which i almost always go with roasted sweet potatoes, which i like how they are served with their skin still on, because the skin is actually one of my favourite parts. I went with the lemon chicken breast as my protein this time, and despite it being the breast, it wasn't too tough and was flavourful and well marinated.

One of my favourite topping would be the ratatouille, which has a nice tomato-peppery fragrance and a great crunch, and also the broccoli, which is served raw for the crunchiness.

With so many options to choose from, you will definitely be at loss at what to choose from 😅

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Albeit a little expensive, Dosirak is my definite go-to for healthy yet yummy food. Love how they are always so generous with the portion of meat and ingredients too!
I love the chicken, which is really tender and well-marinated. For my sides, i definitely will go for kimchi as one of my sides too. I wished they offered a free swap to brown rice though, as i had to top up $1 for brown rice. Topups can cost up to even $3 for the cauliflower base 😐

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Dinner tonight 😊😋 super yummy bibimbap and healthy too(?), apparently all their menu bibimbaps are all 500kcal and below, which is hard to believe given that the portion was SO generous!! There were really alot of beef 😹 the beef was juicy and well marinated and tender too!

Each bibimpbap also comes with an assortment of vegetables such as spinach, carrots, onions and beansprouts. I'm not a fan of the thin chinese kind of beansprouts, but they used the gigantic kinds you find often given as a side dish in korea, which tastes so much better than the chinese tau ghey

Comes by default with white rice but i topped up $1 for brown rice. I like their rice, which was moist and fluffy but not mushy

P.S. i like how they gave me my choice of soy garlic sauce on the side in a whole gigantic bottle so that i can control (i.e spam) the amount of sauce that i want 😝

One of my most frequently ordered for days when i feel like eating healthy yet not wanting to skimp on tastes. I think that $8 is rather value for money too, for the generous slab of teriyaki chicken which was nicely but not overly marinated. Chicken was quite tender too. There's a reason why this is one of their best-seller haha😊

I like the faint green tea taste of their cha soba, but not so much the texture, which i would've preferred a greater bite to. Asked for my dressing to be served at the side and it came nicely packed in a small container. I really love their sesame dressing (especially for the shredded carrots since they are raw and unmarinated) which is why i wished there was more dressing given haha but i guess this is good for #portioncontrol for those watching their health/weight because the dressing is really addictive 😅

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You get to choose 1 base, 4 toppings and 1 sauce.

Had the cha soba as my base and i liked the faint green tea taste it carried. The soba was also great because it wasn't too soft, they still had a nice bite to it.

Had sweet potatoes, broccoli, mushrooms and cooked prawns for my toppings. Quite interesting because i thought cooked prawns would be considered as meat (though i felt they were shrimps not prawns??) Broccoli was the cold and crunchy, not marinated type but you don't really need to fret over the lack of flavour because you will have the sauce to pair with anyway. The mushrooms were well marinated without being overly salty and i loved the sweet potatoes!

Went for the yuzu, saw there was wasabi in it but the wasabi turned out stronger than i had expected, so i was kind of caught off guard 😅


Healthy meal! Back at simplywrapps after what seems like ages. Went for their Taj Mahal salad ($10.90)
As usual, used eatigo for booking, but i think the discounts aren't as good anymore (only managed to get 20% discount but i guess thats better than nothing😅) Was pretty bummed because apparently they ran out of romaine lettuce (whaat) which was the base for this salad, and there was only mesclun available, which apparently is of higher quality so there was an additional charge of $1.50 for it. Didn't really understand that logic because if they ran out and only had mesclun, shouldn't they offer it as a free replacement rather than charging customers extra??🤔

Find me on insta @fatpigdiary for my foodventures 😛

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