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Ade Tan
Ade Tan
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The cream initially really overpowered the pistachio layers, but this is the exact kind of cake where the-more-you-eat-the-more-it-grows-on-you 💕💕 The pistachio layer was actually really nice, bursting with pistachio flavour and adding a nice crunch, and nicely brought together by the interspersed layers of cream 😋😋

This actually really surprised me?? 😱😱 The dense pound cake was packed even more densely with lemony goodness with the perfect balance of sweet and sour with every bite 🍋🍋 The icing glaze on top was pretty sweet, and the cake was definitely good enough without the icing on top 😌😌

Pretty on point in terms of taste and presentation! Wished that three bread could be fluffier and bread skin less dry, but the 2 thick pieces of toast were actually so nicely caramelised and generously stuffed with custard cream (that was perfect and not too cloying) 🤤🤤 With chantily cream and some berries, this dish was definitely worth its price (especially with chops’s 35% off voucher). Cafe ambience was very nice as well, and service was quick with self-service water 👍🏻👍🏻

Definitely something Devon Cafe might serve (in terms of tiny portions too lol). Buckwheat pancakes were very normal and not at all impressive in fluffiness nor taste. Did appreciate the toppings of smoked salmon, hollandaise glazed sous vide eggs, marinated ikura and fried kale (though could be crispier and better flavoured) which made it a more complete meal, but definitely not impressive enough as a dish for a small portion at a high price. Ambience is definitely on point though they have much to work on in terms of food and pricing (but thankfully there’s 35% off with Chope to offset wew) 🙄🙄

Generous slab of beautifully seared salmon nicely browned on the sides while retaining the moisture of the salmon fresh within 🤤🤤 The mentaiko sauce went really well with this one with the crisp and flavourful salmon and a bed of warm rice! The rice was a little drier than their wagyu beef bowls due to the lack of egg, but overall still a good rice bowl! Especially with the Chope deal that comes with 5 slices of salmon sashimi, free flow of cabbage salad (with kewpie sesame yaaas) and hot green tea! Personally prefer their beef bowls over their seafood bowls, but my bf begs to differ 😂😂 Either way their rice bowls are generally pretty good and definitely worth a shot 👍🏻👍🏻

Waa!! Waa Cow truly never fails to deliver since I first tried it 3 years back 👍🏻👍🏻 Thick juicy slices of wagyu beef glistening with their signature beef glaze atop warm Akitakomachi rice topped off with a perfectly done onsen egg and tobiko roe 🤤🤤 Could have done without the spicy mentaiko sauce cause the beef and egg combination was enough for me 😌😌 But the sauce definitely helped to add another depth of flavor to the whole dish, and a very good beef bowl indeed! Coupled with the $15 Chope voucher that comes with 5 slices of sashimi, free flow cabbage salad (with kewpie sesame sauce yum!) and hot green tea, this was truly a satisfying meal 💯💯

Appreciate the attempt to be innovative, but sadly this wasn’t a good representation of Bak Chor 😢😢 Good serving of ingredients with effort - grilled pork belly slices, mushrooms and cherry tomatoes! Essentially a dry Ban Mian wannabe but didn’t quite succeed, try their prawn & hae bi hiam pasta instead! 😋😋


With Chope’s current 1-for-1 mains promotion, this dish was definitely worth it! Loved how the tagliatelle was well coated in the hae bi hiam paste (which was actually pretty good with bits of hae bi)! Though would have preferred more ingredients other than 3 fresh prawns, but definitely a successful innovative dish that’s both uniquely local and very yummy 😋😋

Also, this comes with a good variety of interesting teas (pandan earl grey, iron goddess, chamomile lavender, jibun sencha, mint, English breakfast), good coffee and small snacks on request (mini chocolate cookies and chips)!

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These are the main sweets available at this high tea buffet! Had mixed opinions about the matcha tart - would have preferred the consistency to be either more creamy or more gelatinous, but couldn’t stop getting another mouth as the matcha wasn’t too sweet or too bitter 🤤🤤 Strawberry tart was normal and the base of both tarts were a little soggy for my liking. Blackforest cake was actually pretty good but really really sweet, and red velvet cake was meh with cream cheese of little effort.

Overall, still worth the price with eatigo’s 50% off at 1600/1630 or $48 for 2 pax on fave! 😋😋

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These are the savouries available at the high tea buffet spread, which though limited in variety generally, I was pretty impressed with the number of savoury dishes. Hokkien Mee deserves a mention with good flavour and moisture, with huge chunks of siobak, cuttlefish and fresh prawns! The fried fish fillet was also well battered and very crispy, though fries were lackluster. Spinach cheese quiche, tuna and egg mayo finger sandwiches and raisin scones were average/subpar. Xiaolongbao though as dry as the desert with no soup in sight for miles, but it came with A LOT of meat and was actually decent? Hokkien Mee and fish and chips are enough to carry this high tea buffet at this price though! 😋😋

The 2 deals available are $48 for 2 pax on fave OR 50% off on eatigo at 1600/1630!

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YUMYUM IN MY TUMTUM!! 😍😍 Deserving to be named after the restaurant, this signature dish was the perfect combination of minced BBQ pork, cheese and onions 🤤🤤 Really good thin crust pizza, and even more worth with Chope’s 50% off in the month of February! 👍🏻👍🏻