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Lunch Deals

Lunch Deals

Featuring Revelry, Nanta BBQ, Watami (Junction 8), Supply & Demand (Novena), [email protected], Hansang Korean Family Restaurant (Square 2), Astons Steak & Salad (The Centrepoint), Ramen Champion (Clarke Quay Central), Udon Komadori, Matsuo Sushi Restaurant
Ade Tan
Ade Tan

Lovely find in a quaint neighborhood! Really value for money with their weekday afternoon tea set ($10) that comes with either a slice of cake or truffle fries, with a choice of coffee or tea! Usually not a fan of cream cakes, but their Ondeh-Ondeh cake (UP $8) surprised me pleasantly with its moist fragrant sponge layers interspersed nicely with just the right amount of cream that was nicely buttery yet not too cloying 😋😋 Tried their Earl Grey Lavender tea (UP $6.50) that comes in a pot, and loved the thoughtfulness and initiative of the staff to serve us 2 cups to share 👍🏻👍🏻 Nice cafe to chill with plenty of indoor and outdoor seating, with water and WiFi provided and limited charging plugs.

Nice hidden place for fresh cuts of sashimi! Their lunch sets come with a nice compact bowl of Chirashi Don, Chawanmushi and miso soup. The Chirashi Don was pretty good and reasonable for its price, with fresh slices of salmon, tuna, swordfish, mekajiki, shrimp, prawn, scallop, tamagoyaki and even a small slab of unagi! 🤤🤤 Chawanmushi was simple but well done, with ingredients like unagi, chicken and crab stick within. The miso soup was authentic, and even came with a prawn head! A little on the pricey side but pretty worth the price with great service (food came within 5-10 min so 👍🏻 for efficiency!) 👍🏻👍🏻

This is pretty value if you manage to hit the timings with eatigo 50% off! The Garlic & Ginger Chicken Hor Fun came with multiple large chunks of tender chicken and loved the abundance of ingredients, but definitely lacking the wok hei char though it was still a pretty decent heart bowl of horfun. The Malay Chicken Rendang was very flavourful though we would have preferred it with beef, and the Stir Fried Vegetables were so so and Yellow Rice was not as flavourful as I expected. The true value comes with the appetizer and dessert buffet ✨✨ Appetizer bar comes with a DIY rojak station (unlimited youtiao yummm), breads (really good to dip with the peanut sauce!!!) and cheese with a huge variety of oils, good variety of salad with nuts and bacon bits, gado gado with peanut sauce and some sides (achar etc). Dessert bar was definitely way more extensive with a good variety of pretty decent cakes (chocolate brownie (yum!!!, carrot cake (loved the citrusy oomph), pistachio (meh), strawberry mousse (meh)), cherry pie (this was more meh than it looked), coffee eclairs (yaaas) and a huge ice cream bar (which I’ll be back to try!!!). Drinks include ice lemon tea and infused water, as coffee and tea. They close the bars exactly at 1430 so grab your food quick if you’re going with eatigo 50% at 1400 😂😂

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Enjoyed the chewy udon in light creamy sauce with generous generous portions of seafood (squid, baby abalone, prawns)! And just a shoutout to that attention to detail cause the addition of walnuts gave it such a nice crunch and changed up the soft chewy texture! 🤤🤤 A definite plus point has to be their free flow salad and drinks bar that comes with a huge variety of raw vegetables (edamame, beetroot, zucchini, corn and many other usual veggies) that are uber fresh and lovely with their homemade warm sauce (and many other japanese sauces including sesame kewpie!), soup (minestrone) and legit green tea. What’s more it’s such an amazing deal with chope/Burpple, so definitely do give this a try 👍🏻👍🏻

Quite a decent pancake but nothing too spectacular except appreciated the generosity of ingredients (sotong everywhereee). Was more on the eggy side than the typical doughy pancake and portion is a little small for the price (~1/3 a normal pancake?). Not totally worth even with the lunch deal but I guess ok to get if you’re craving? 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

Actually quite liked their version of the korean JJM! Unlike the usual thick bouncy noodles, the flat yet heavy silky white noodles were well cooked with the right amount of firmness and bounciness, and they held up that thick gooey black bean sauce so well!! 🤤🤤 Side dishes were pretty simple with kimchi and spinach (and unlikely refillable) with no drinks, but just a nice simple korean restaurant to have a quick lunch ☺️☺️

Thick cut fries that really carried the strong truffle aroma to our table as soon as it arrived 🤤🤤 Loved the strong truffle smell from the truly liberal drizzle of truffle oil (but not translated into taste that much tho) and generous topping of Parmesan cheese, but would have appreciated if they were crispier and less soggy. Also, a little pricy for the price and quality, but I guess a nice side to have either way! (Thank goodness for 20% staff discount) 😊😊

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Pretty value for their weekday lunch deals! (Inclusive of GST) Though chicken thigh was as moist as I expected, it was likely seared on the sides with a really nice almost-chili-crab-tomato-sauce that complemented it really well! The ribbon pasta with side vinaigrette salad made it a decently satisfying meal 😋😋

Pork ribs were not the most tender, soup wasn’t very impressive (slightly peppery and salty but not much of the boiled-for-ten-years taste), meesua was decent. Nothing too impressive except the Lunch Set is pretty value for money, as it comes with a bowl of pork ribs (3 pretty big ones), youtiao, salted vegetables and braised taupok (which tasted real weird and herbally but not in a great way). Decent meal if you’re craving bak kut teh but definitely quite a substandard one 😶😶

Pretty good student deal on weekday lunch time! Decent portion of beef shabu (though meh quality with quite a bit of fat) to dip in raw egg 🤤🤤 Udon was pretty good, though remember to control the fire cause the noodles got a little too soft and lost its bite after a while. Soup was a little salty too, but pretty good value for a nice little meal with a refreshing citrusy yuzu drink on the side too! 😋😋

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Decent food for decent prices - not cheap not ex. JJM looked small but actually had a good portion of flat chewy noodles, slathered with a generous amount of black bean sauce, onions and pork. Liked that there was some variation in texture with the sliced cucumbers and corn. Free canned drinks with the lunch menu, and tried their kimchi pancake ($22++) which was pretty good though a bit pricey. A good place to have a quick Korean fix though not particularly cheap nor amazing in taste. Banchan (kimchi, bean sprouts, beancurd skin, scrambled eggs, sliced peppered potatoes) is free flow though and service is good ☺️☺️


Although supposedly the main, chargrilled chicken was sadly outshadowed by the AMAZING SALAD BAR!! 🥗🥦🍅🥑🌽🥙🥩🥖 Don’t be intimidated by the term salad, there’s a wide variety of usual healthy vegetables, beans (in every single colour - you name it, they probably have it), seasoned salads (sautéed mushrooms, Thai papaya salad, coleslaw, apple salad, pasta salad, watermelon salad), fried food (onion rings, potato wedges, potato croquette, garlic bread), guacamole dip with nachos, soups (not that great tho) and fruits. Add all these together with the main, plus vanilla soft serve topped with chopped peanuts, chocolate/colorful palates, or even affogato (since they have a coffee machine with cappuccino, latte, hot milk etc), and at such an affordable price, leaves us all belly belly happy 🤤🤤 PS. Even though it’s supposedly 60 min, if they aren’t crowded they probably won’t chase you out!

Ade Tan

Level 7 Burppler · 426 Reviews

Cause food makes the world go round (and me too 🐽🐽) Good food good lobangs @adeateee

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