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buttered buns and meat in between what’s not to love
Gan Zhang Xun
Gan Zhang Xun

Always a messy affair when i’m here but this is one of my favorite sandwiches here. Got the cheddar bagel which gave it a savory flavor and added some crispy-ness when it was toasted. The filling is quite rich from the cream cheese and smoked salmon but the beetroot/pickled onions/capers gives it a refreshing acidity which leaves you wanting more.

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More than an ordinary burger!! $6 for the burger is decent but it’s abit on the small side. I love the burger buns they use, pillowy with a slight chew. The fried chicken is pretty tasty and the sauce that they use is creamy and buttery, but could be juicier. The vegetables used are fresh and adds a nice texture to the burger.


Pretty huge wagyu patty with the standard accompaniments: tomato, onion, lettuce. Also comes
with bacon and an onsen egg which made it a real juicy mess to eat and was abit pointless on the burger in my opinion. Flavor wise it was decent but nothing to shout about and I wouldn’t have ordered it without the Beyond 1 for 1. Appreciated the effort they made in the details like toasting the bun and encasing the onsen egg in an onion ring so it wouldn’t leak all over.

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Single patty with caramelized onions, tomato and fresh lettuce. This was the most classic combination for a burger + the onions which added a richness to the burger. The buns were toasted nicely but a tad dry. The burger tasted decent but I just wished the saucing in the burger was more generous as it was slightly dry for my liking.

One of the thickest messiest sandwiches I’ve ever eaten but so so good. The cheddar bagel had a chewy texture and tried its best to hold all the ingredients together but everything just spilled out. The pork seemed abit dry by looking at it but it was not at all, it had a nice char on it and the bacon that accompanied it added a fattier, juicier mouthfeel. The accompanying slaw was my favorite part of the bagelwich, just the right amount of spice to make you wanna keep going for more and the garlic aioli helped to neutralize the spice.

Dry aged patty with bacon and the usual suspect veggie accompaniments. The patty was juicy and flavorful but a tad overcooked in my opinion?? but the cheese and bacon added a real savory punch which I liked. The mustard mayo sauce also helped to cut through the richness of the burger. The fries that came with it were crispy and well seasoned kinda reminds me of McDonalds tbh and was served with a interesting housemade tomato jam. $24 but I redeemed it with beyond so it was real worthhh


Pretty much a BLT with house made turkey breast. Initially didn’t want to order this but it was a real surprise and turned out to be a really good sandwich. The whole sandwich was really light and fresh with the tomatoes and lettuce along with the raspberry vinaigrette and the bacon gave it punches of saltiness.

However as the title suggests the turkey was the hero of the sandwich, the thin slices weren’t dry at all which is usually the case of turkey breast and would recommend this to anyone who comes here.

Came with pulled pork/ham/mozzarella/pickles and sounded rly good on paper but the whole affair was way too salty for me in the end. I usually lean towards stronger flavors but this was abit too overwhelming for me. The pulled pork was tender thankfully and not dry like some places I’ve been to before.

Also my friend also ordered it but the slices of ham were different??? like different color and I’m not sure what’s up with that

The chicken thigh was humongous and spilling out of the bun and the whole thing is a messy affair. The chicken was fried rly well but got abit too oily after eating too much of it and I would recommend sharing it. Also wish there was a tangier dressing/slaw to cut through the richness.

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I got the double burger which turned out to be very substantial as the patties are pretty thick. I liked the classic accompaniments in the burger and all tasted really fresh.

For the fries I got the fat fries but there’s also an option to pick the standard skinny fries. Have to say the fries were cooked really nice, crispy on the outside and fluffy inside.

Only gripe is that everything seemed slightly under-seasoned??? The fries and the patties could all do with more salt for sure but worth a visit

This was $12 for 2 sliders and you can pick the spice level of your chicken from original all the way to insane hotness. Wouldn’t recommend getting the original with this but with get the spicy chicken (level depends on your own spice threshold) so the mayonnaise it’s slathered in actually has its work cut out. The chicken was nicely fried and MUCH LARGER than the bun that holds it so fair warning it’s a real messy.

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