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Stretching Beyond

Stretching Beyond

With Burpple Beyond, you get tons of 1 for 1 deals that are worth every penny! From restaurants, to cafes, to bars, you’d get a bang for your buck.
Amanda Liu
Amanda Liu
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I’m a huge fan of cocktails, and what more, cocktails with a touch of local infusion in it.

The team at @jekyllandhyde.sg have recently launched a new cocktail menu, where you can find your local lookalikes such as the Kopi-O Fashioned ($22) or the Sesame Street ($22).

The Kopi-O Fashioned was my choice of drink thanks to my love of coffee. Not only that, the combination of coffee infused scotch, maple syrup, cardamon bitters, topped with stout reduction foam, reminds you of your Kopi-o-gao, but with an alcoholic twist & on steroids. A drink that I can drink any time of the day, because it’s that good.

Another favourite on the table was the Sesame Street. Looking much like your traditional Chinese white / black sesame paste dessert, Sesame Street was an alcoholic twist to the local delight. A creamy, nutty and smooth concoction was made using vodka, black sesame, coconut cream and ginger pandan syrup. Something so simple, yet taste so heavenly.

Last but not least, a classic that every whisky lover would like, Rest My Case ($21). The perfect drink for negroni lovers who loves that smoky punch with every sip. It ends with a charred grapefruit to add to the smokiness with a slight hint of grapefruit infused in the drink.

Best deal for you guys, if you’re on #burpplebeyond, these drinks are going at 1 for 1. Imagine 2 delicious cocktails at ~$10 each, worth it, ain’t it?

Thank you @burpple for this lovely invite! & Mike + Ee Chien for sharing with us!
#burpple #aroundwithamd

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Popular for its desserts, @karacafesg is probably no stranger to those who frequent the Bukit Timah stretch of eateries!

New on their menu would be their Aburi Mentaiko Salmon ($16)! Choose between garlic Japanese rice or quinoa salad (+$3) as a base which goes with any of their mains! We went for the Quinoa Salad for a lighter & slightly healthier option!

Perfectly grilled slabs of salmon were placed atop the chilled salad, before generous portions are spread on top of the salmon and torched lightly. Afterwhich, a sprinkle of garnished & a onsen ramen egg is set to complete the look.

A sure proof that healthy food can look gorgeous & taste super yummy!

Thank you @burpple for arranging this eat up!
#burpple #aroundwithamd##karacafesg


Thanks to #burpplebeyond, we got pasta at two for the price of one!
The Pasta Bolognese ($16) was a simple, comfort-food like dish; made from minced pork, macaroni, roma tomatoes & meat sauce. The choice to use macaroni made it a simple, fuss-free dish, without worrying that you might get pasta sauce stains on your white tops.
#burpple #aroundwithamd

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Always my number one recommendation for coffee & brunch is at @onemancoffee 🙊 not because I was an ex-employee, but because of the affordable items & friendly team that works behind the bar. If you’ve been to either of their outlets (Upper Thomson or Fusionopolis), you’d know!
From the last that I’ve dined at this outlet, the menu has expanded with new favourites which includes the Smashed Avocado on Sourdough ($13) and the Spicy Mushroom Aglio Olio ($14).
The smashed avo toast came with a pop of colour using cherry tomatoes, and extra textures of feta cheese & almonds on top. With that squeeze of lemon, that’s one perfect toast.
On to the pasta, if you love your shrooms, this one’s for you. The umami earthy flavours of the mushrooms are being tossed together with the pasta, topped with pine nuts to give you that extra nutty flavour.
If you’re on #burpplebeyond, even better! You’d get 1 for 1 mains, which means both of these for just $14 (say whutttttt!!)! Don’t say I bojio, if you haven’t already gotten on to Burpple Beyond, click the link in my bio to sign up!
#aroundwithamd #burpple #onemancoffee

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Known for their amazing jap rice bowls, Rakki Bowl is a hot spot among the Tanjong Pagar area for hearty good bowls!

At $12.90 (small portion), you get a bowl of warm jap rice, lightly sautéed Wagyu slices, drizzled with truffle oil, topped with an onsen egg, chopped chives and fried shallots.

The combination after a good stir is a flavourful mix of truffle beefy goodness altogether.

An extremely satisfying bowl of wagyu don & the best part, is available on Burpple Beyond, which makes it wayyyyyy more worth it.


An Italian classic (I would think) is a squid ink pasta. As a child, you’d have seen it on tv & wonder how people got their teeth stained black while eating pasta. & it’s only till much later that you discover squid ink pasta.

Cooked simple in squid ink & white wine sauce, the linguine was served al dante, with rings of squid, heaps of garlic and came pipping hot.

A fairly simple dish, but a satisfying one nonetheless as you slurp down this black beauty.

Thanks to burpple beyond, our total bill of 2 pastas was $24 #worthit

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Thanks to #burpplebeyond, our fri-date got a whole lot better with pastas at a cosy corner in The Grandstand, Turf City.

Unfortunately, the stores in PasarBella have closed down, so there’s lesser options available. Thankfully, burpple beyond brought us here to find a hidden gem!

With 1 for 1, you’d get a choice of pizza or pasta! I’d recommend pizzas if you’re going in a big group as each pizza can feed at least 2 pax! If not, the pasta is perfect for just 1 person.

The gnocchi boscaiola is handmade gnocchi, cooked in creamy tomato sauce, with comes with crispy fried bacon & mushrooms. A fairly simple dish, but extremely flavourful & aromatic, from the mixture of fried bacon & mushrooms. Only downside was that the gnocchi was slightly overcooked, which ended up being a little mushy. But otherwise, it was a pretty good dish!

Side note, for a Friday evening (approx 7pm), it was a full house and we spotted a couple of tables which were reserved, so reservations are recommended! If you’re using burpple beyond, do remember to call in & not use Chope (cause they consider it as double points entries).


As with every spicy hotpot, Fat Bird has their own version whereby they’ve already pre-added ingredients into their pots!

The spicy & fragrant chicken pot came as 微辣 (less spicy) and had thick chunks of chicken (breast, thighs & wings), cooked in the mala sauce, with bean sprouts (the thick korean kind) & topped with the usuals of peanuts, coriander and spring onion.

The result was tender tasting chicken with extremely drinkable soup (cause it’s really not that spicy), which is perfect to be eaten as is, or with rice!

Pair it with fried bean curd skin ($3.80 a portion) and you’re good to go!

A usual staple in most restaurant menus, it’s hard to vary one’s fish & chips from another. So what helped Wheeler’s Yard’s version stand out?

Using snapper instead of the usual dory dish, the soft but tender meat greets you after biting into the crunchy beer batter, paired with Fleur well-balanced homemade tartar sauce.

What I enjoyed the most, apart from the meats, was their fries, which was cut into boomerang shapes, giving you thin & thick cuts in every piece. Top up $4 to switch it to the truffle fries. But you can keep it as is if you’re not into truffle as the fries are sprinkled with furikake, which enhances the taste already.

Best part, mains are available on #burpplebeyond, so it’s 1 for 1! Which means I only paid $9.45 (+$4 for the truffle)!


Decided to pop for a visit since we were in the east to pick my sister up from the airport! & there’s no better way than a hot bowl of ramen to comfort you before the work week begins again.

The Gyu Niku Ramen came with generous slices of beef with bouncy ramen and a lightly salted shoyu broth. The saltiness of the broth added some flavour to the well-cooked slices of beef, which ends up becoming a comforting bowl of ramen.

My mum had the Shoyu Char Siew Ramen, which comes with well-marinated, fatty slices of char siew in Shoyu broth. Even though it was based on the same broth, the meats have changed the saltiness of the broth, adding an extra oomph to the dish.

Available under #burpplebeyond, you could decide between having 1 for 1 Ramen or 1 for 1 Don.


If you’re looking for a healthier option at this gastropub, I think they’ve done just the right thing!

Choose between a salad or quinoa base and a topping, of which I chose steak, and they’d add in their house-made guacamole, fresh salsa, roasted squash, oranges & sous vide egg.

The combination was simply, but a pretty smart move. The steak was done medium rare, which was served as requested and was well seasoned. The salsa had a tad too much onions in it, so it was quite difficult to finish, but the oranges did help to turn the dish around. As simple as it is, the oranges added a sour tang to help heighten the flavours of the dish.

Thanks to #burpplebeyond, we got a 1-for-1 offer for their mains (burger & bowls section)!


Another favourite that I ordered from Chapter 55 would be their Beef Risotto.

The rice is cooked in a red wine brown sauce and beef stock, which allows the rice to soak up every bit of flavour which makes it a beefy amazing spoonful.

After which, a medium tenderloin steak is placed on top which is cooked just right, with just the right amount of beef and rice.

Thank you #burpplebeyond for that 1 for 1 offer!!

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E A T | C O F F E E | B O O Z E Enjoy the endless scroll of food at @alhsx

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