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A generous serving of curry and best served over a bowl of piping hot rice. The ingredients are generous as well, with pieces of chicken and green beans. I highly recommend taking each spoonful with the thai basil leaves as it adds so much freshness in flavor. Although super creamy and savory, I wished that there was more spice in the gravy.

Classic red ruby for $3 nett (this place has no GST/service charge woohoo) and the serving for this dessert was massive. The coconut milk/syrup was not overly sweet and the crunchy chestnut pieces gave a nice textural contrast to the dish. However, I wished the pieces of ice were of a finer texture.

Unfortunately this wasn’t presented in the pineapple like some other thai places but still tasted really good. The fried rice had a nice wokhei to it and it was quite a generous portion. It was laced with bits of egg, 4 decently sized prawns and chunks of pineapple. However, to me it lacked the distinct color and sweetness that comes from the pineapple but still not bad.

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You get ALOT of soup for $10 and they don’t skimp on the ingredients as well with squid, prawns and mushrooms. I would say you could get 5-6 bowls of soup out from this pot. I ordered the thick version and I’m guessing it differs from the clear version by adding coconut milk/cream which you can taste from the soup. The coconut milk/cream mellows out the tomyum flavor slightly but you still get the acidic and spicy hits. Really flavorful and would definitely order this again. They only accept reservations from Mon-Thurs!!

When we ordered the dish, I was expecting the soft shell crab to be deep fried but instead it was just lightly fried but drenched in a gravy like yellow curry. Even though the crab was fresh I feel like the curry overpowered the flavor of the crab. The yellow curry was really flavorful and goes really nice if you mix it in with rice. There’s also capsicums cooked into the dish which were fresh and still slightly crunchy.


The classic thai noodle dish everyone gets and came with the usual suspect accompaniments: lime, chili powder and chopped peanuts. Like their other carb dishes there was a nice wokhei flavor but overall was too sweet for me. There’s also versions where it comes with chicken/seafood/pork but I liked the crispy tofu that came with this vegetarian version which added a nice textural contrast.

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Never tried anything like this before and it had a real interesting texture kinda like mui fan??? It came with grilled pork neck which was nicely grilled but abit too fatty for my liking. Overall the flavor was pretty good and had a nice wokhei fragrance to it but it was slightly too oily but interesting if you’ve never tried it before.

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We ordered the plain version of this ($7.90) but you can also choose between the chicken, beef and seafood for a supplementary $2.

This was so sinful but so so good. I have no idea how they managed to fry this to such perfection, crispy and fluffy at the same time. The best part was getting those little bits of egg that broke away from the main omelette because they’re the crispiest bits. Definitely recommend getting this when you visit this place.


Came as a decent portion (enough to share between 2) and fried rice had a good wokhei flavor and had a curried taste to it.

Overall loaded with ingredients and super tasty and would come back here again.

it’s located on the 3rd floor in the corner of the dodgy Orchard towers lmao

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