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Burpple Beyond 1-for-1 Deals

Burpple Beyond 1-for-1 Deals

Exploring Singapore with Burpple Beyond!
Si Min Lee
Si Min Lee
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Met some friends at Clarke quay and decided to roam to Central Mall for some Japanese food at Manpei. The ramen broth was tasteless. Chirashi rice had too much vinegar. Service was bad too. I am definitely not going to patronise this restaurant again.

Popped by this popular gelato cafe after dinner, since it was 1-for-1 on Burpple Beyond. The gelato flavours were intense and not too sweet. I really like the pistachio and avocado flavours but it’s just a personal preference. All were really good!

This truffle mushroom stuffed pizza is so so good! Love everything about it! Do give it a try if you are around the corner.

Decided to give Kajiken a try. They serve dry ramen, which tasted like Bak Chor mee. It was tasty and price was reasonable with Burpple Beyond at $8 per bowl.

Was feeling hungry and decided to pop by egg stop for a snack. The scrambled eggs were nicely done, and goes well with the buttered bread. However, the meats (chicken / bacon) did not have much flavour and taste.

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Dropped by this Japanese restaurant on L4 of beauty world shopping centre for dinner. The price and food was okay but service was terrible. The service staff were not familiar with the new menu and the food took a very long while to be served. Many other tables were also complaining about the wait. I will probably not be back.

This was number 1 on the Burpple Beyond charts, so I travelled all the way down to Telok Ayer to have sandwiches.

Was it worth the trip? Absolutely! Every bit of the fried chicken was so juicy and tender, it leaves you wanting to have more with every bite! The sandwiches are of sizeable portion, so it fills you up. Not the healthiest meal, but it’s so worth the calories!

I have been to Chir Chir a couple of times, but I forgot how big the servings are! I conveniently decided to use Burpple Beyond, which means 1-for-1 on main dishes. Each dish is good for 2 people, so don’t over order like we did! I love my Korean fried chicken with sauce, and if you do too, strongly recommend the cheesy dakgalbi and spicy chicken.

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Located at King Albert Park, Kindred Folk serves very good ice cream! Love love love the stylo Milo ice cream. It tasted super rich and decadent. So satisfying! Those who prefer a more refreshing option could go for the sorbets which are equally yummy! And it’s 1-for-1 on Burpple Beyond.

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Located at L1 Courtyard of Westgate, Masizzim serves Korean stews and more! We had the spicy chicken stew (level 2 spiciness) as well as leak and squid pancake.

The stew comes with glass noodles and a bowl of brown rice. Level 2 was already quite spicy so don’t go beyond, unless you can really take the heat. The leak and squid pancake was crispy, and went well with the dip that came with it. Overall, a decent Korean restaurant, and reasonably priced (especially with Burpple Beyond)

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We reached about 2pm on a Saturday and their lobster roll was sold out! We had to settle for crab rolls ($18).

The crab rolls were packed full with crab meat. I could see them extracting the crab meat out of the shells in the small kitchen behind the counter, so the seafood is as fresh as it can be! We chose the chilli crab sauce and it was delicious. We gobbled everything down really quickly.

It’s on Burpple beyond, so 1-for-1, which means $9 for a crab roll. Worth the trip down just to get your hands on this!


Decided to give rakki bowl a try, as it had pretty good ratings. I had the small Salmon don (~$13), which was really small in portion. The salmon was fresh and it was a pretty decent donburi. My friends had the truffle wagyu don (~$13). The truffle taste was way too strong.

Overall a cheap and decent place, but not one of the best.

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On a Mission to find the best deals in Singapore!

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