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Burpple Beyond 1-for-1 Deals

Burpple Beyond 1-for-1 Deals

Exploring Singapore with Burpple Beyond!
Si Min Lee
Si Min Lee
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I have been to Chir Chir a couple of times, but I forgot how big the servings are! I conveniently decided to use Burpple Beyond, which means 1-for-1 on main dishes. Each dish is good for 2 people, so don’t over order like we did! I love my Korean fried chicken with sauce, and if you do too, strongly recommend the cheesy dakgalbi and spicy chicken.

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Located at King Albert Park, Kindred Folk serves very good ice cream! Love love love the stylo Milo ice cream. It tasted super rich and decadent. So satisfying! Those who prefer a more refreshing option could go for the sorbets which are equally yummy! And it’s 1-for-1 on Burpple Beyond.

Located at L1 Courtyard of Westgate, Masizzim serves Korean stews and more! We had the spicy chicken stew (level 2 spiciness) as well as leak and squid pancake.

The stew comes with glass noodles and a bowl of brown rice. Level 2 was already quite spicy so don’t go beyond, unless you can really take the heat. The leak and squid pancake was crispy, and went well with the dip that came with it. Overall, a decent Korean restaurant, and reasonably priced (especially with Burpple Beyond)

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We reached about 2pm on a Saturday and their lobster roll was sold out! We had to settle for crab rolls ($18).

The crab rolls were packed full with crab meat. I could see them extracting the crab meat out of the shells in the small kitchen behind the counter, so the seafood is as fresh as it can be! We chose the chilli crab sauce and it was delicious. We gobbled everything down really quickly.

It’s on Burpple beyond, so 1-for-1, which means $9 for a crab roll. Worth the trip down just to get your hands on this!


Decided to give rakki bowl a try, as it had pretty good ratings. I had the small Salmon don (~$13), which was really small in portion. The salmon was fresh and it was a pretty decent donburi. My friends had the truffle wagyu don (~$13). The truffle taste was way too strong.

Overall a cheap and decent place, but not one of the best.

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Had been wanting to try Nesuto but never had the chance. And I must say the desserts are so good!

I love the Le’ Omm which is a cherry chocolate cake with fruit brandy to put it simply. And they are really generous with their liquor. Biting into the cherries, you will be hit with a strong burst of brandy. Really awesome desserts but unfortunately service is not great.


Ended up at Jekyll & Hyde for our 2nd round of drinks, and this place is on fire! The house was full, with Bartenders serving out drinks non stop.

We had their signature cocktails ($22) (Popikuru & Sombrero Samurai) and both were really good! The Popikuru is a cocktail with lemon juice, yuzu sake, gin, soda and frothy egg white on the top. And they served it in a Japanese tea cup! The Sombrero Samurai was awesome too. It was a mix of Tequila, Choya, lime juice, sour plum syrup, and decorated with longans and mint leaves!

This is the place to be on a Friday night! They served bespoke cocktails too and reviews are good! But prices are steep and you are pressured by the waiters to leave once you are done with your drinks as they have a constant flow of customers. So not the place to chill and chit chat, unless you are buying a couple of rounds.


We were looking for desserts and drink on Burpple Beyond, and found Duxton41. Located at 41 Duxton Road (obviously), Duxton41 is a boutique bar opened by a pair of fitness enthusiasts.

It’s unusually quiet for a bar, with beautiful Thai silk hanging off the ceiling. There were customers sipping tea and having cakes, while others were enjoying a glass of wine.

We ordered the vegan lemon curd tart and ultimate fudge cake. The lemon curd tasted a tad too sour for my liking, but the ultimate fudge cake was yummy! Little did we know that the desserts were sugar free and made from brown rice protein!

It’s definitely an unique experience dining at this bar. If you are looking for guilt free desserts to end off your meal, do drop by this place.

P.s. I am not sure what are the official Burpple Beyond rules, but the bar owner (I think) didn’t allow me to use 2 deals for 4 pax. He said he was told by Burpple that it has to be redeemed from 2 separate phones. But other restaurants have allowed me to claimed 2 vouchers from my phone so I am pretty confused.

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Was planning to get 2 Mangoes Wild as there was the Burpple Beyond 1-for-1, but they only had 1 left and allowed us to choose any other item. Had the Signature Bowl ($9.30), which had acai, chia pudding, fresh fruits, nuts and granola. Love the mix though not a big fan of the Chia pudding. We will definitely be back to try the other items on the menu!

Food here was really amazing! We had the spicy mushroom aglio olio, which was well seasoned and flavourful. The French toast with caramelised bananas was also delicious. Super affordable with 1-for-1 on Burpple Beyond. Do stop by if you are around Thomson!


This Korean Chinese restaurant serves really good noodles. The servings are huge, so you could probably share a bowl of noodles and order a pizza on the side. I really love the Keu Ppong Cream, which tasted somewhat like a good bowl of Carbonara. They are generous on the seafood too, and you get 1-for-1 on Burpple Beyond!

Dinner at Kindred Folk because trying to use my entertainer vouchers before the end of Dec. This place is at the new King Albert Park shopping mall, and they specialise in handmade ice cream. But they do have mains like pastas, though I must say the Miso capellini I had was a tad too salty.

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