City Hall

City Hall

Featuring 52 Sandwich Shack, The Botanic, Tokyo Sundubu (Suntec City), Wonder Gelato, Wan Niu Wan (Pasarbella @ Suntec)
Cheryl Tay
Cheryl Tay

They have interesting flavours like the Black Hawaii (charcoal coconut) and the Sea Salt, avocado or the popcorn. They also have their usual basic flavours Like chocolate, matcha and strawberry.

If you are looking for fluffy waffles, Skip the waffles here as it’s Mochi-like and is denser than usual

Inked rice, sea herbs, dried tomato, chili

Pretty tasty and good portion.

Taking over the now-defunct The Lime Truck's space at Pasarbella at Suntec City is this no-frills, honest-to-goodness stall specialising in rice bowls. Pop by during lunch hour for the tender and well-marinated beef short rib Karubi Rice ($16.50), or the smoky and fatty Iberico Jowl Rice ($13.50). Each rice bowl comes with a side salad and bowl of miso soup – pretty value-for-money, we'd say.
Photo by Burppler Muriel AvdH

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In love with the 52 Sandwich Shack’s grilled brioche with better than yoshinoya beef slices 🙊. Even though I was not informed about the absence of any onsen egg; I will still come back for 52 Sandwich Shack’s beautiful cross sectioned feast for the eyes and palate especially with Burpplebeyond.

The Butter Miso Sundubu (S$17.00) exudes a Sapporo feel with butter and corn included inside the Japanese Miso base to the Korean stew. One thing that they did right was to allow customers to choose the level of spicyness, which I thought that Level 2 would always be the better choice for more authenticity.

In the stew, there were also chicken, egg, tofu and clams. Aimed to please customers controlling their calorie intake, I believed this would serve its low-calorie purpose for dinners, but might not fill my tummy to full tank.

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