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Featuring La Nonna (Holland Village), Prego (Fairmont Singapore), PizzaExpress (Scotts Square), Acqua e Farina, The Mast', Al Borgo (Bukit Timah), PizzaExpress (DUO Galleria), La Nonna
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May X

Angel hair pasta with Maine lobster in chili pomodori sauce - loved this! The chili taste gave it an interesting kick, the lobster bits were fragrant and the thin strands of the angel hair pasta complemented the sauce. Would order again!

A very average dish, not impressive as the calamari didn’t taste very fresh since it was too chewy. Nevertheless the chili dip (with some hints of garlic) at the side complemented it very well - brought out an interesting flavour to the calamari rings.

The burrata was fresh but wished it was a little creamier. Very nicely presented and a good starter for the meal ahead!

Loved that the truffle taste complemented the creaminess of the ravioli well, but unfortunately it was a bit too much to swallow down after a few bites.

We heard so much about this place that was famous for their in-house-made cheese, and this burrata and cheese platter did not disappoint! The bufalo mozarella (middle) was rather plain but the truffle burrata (left) was subtly fragrant and fresh, and the burrata (right) was nice and creamy - definitely a fresh platter. Very good starter and one of the best burrata I’ve tasted in Singapore!

Loved this fresh burrata cheese! Not super creamy and when eaten together with the Parma ham, cherry tomatoes and arugula - perfection! A good mix of sweet and savory and nice way to start your meal!

Homemade Veneto Style Pasta tossed with Braised Duck Ragout and Mushrooms. The dish may not look fancy but it was so fragrant and comforting! The duck ragout was fresh and flavourful, and the bigoli pasta was so chewy and delicious! Rare to find this pasta in Singapore and it was so well done. Give it a try when you’re there!

This was this week’s special - the veal was so tender and smooth, not much seasoning done also since its freshness did all the work. The risotto was lightly buttery, goes well with the fragrant veal. A little costly but worth every penny!

Pan-fried Shrimps wrapped with Pancetta (something like bacon) served with sautéed Spinach. Looks like a simple dish but was so tasty and well done. The freshness of the prawn did most of the work - sweet and complemented the slight saltiness of the pancetta. The spinach was nicely sautéed and when you eat all 3 ingredients together- heavenly!

Pizza with tomato, mozzarella, parma ham, rucola salad and shaved parmesan. Loved how juicy the parma ham was, which kind of complemented the pizza’s cheese base. However, the cheese base was a little too plain and the whole pizza gets a little boring after a while. Felt like I was just eating ham and cheese bread after a while. Good for those who enjoy just a few flavours on their pizza - I prefer having a little more variety!

This linguine pasta was served with crab meat in tomato cream sauce and basil. Very generous portion, but a bit too much for one person! Also thought it was a little too watery, as the creaminess was diluted. Good to have when sharing with a few friends, although it is quite an average plate of pasta.

Had their signature truffle pizza as part of their 1-for-1 lunch deals and it was so worth it! The black truffle was aromatic and blended well with the other ingredients, and I love the how the asparagus gave each bite a good crunch! Interesting touch to the usual truffle pizzas. Would order again for sure!