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Delights From BEYOND

Delights From BEYOND

Featuring Rakki Bowl, Matchaya (Icon Village), Maru Japanese Restaurant, Umi Nami, Dopa Dopa Creamery, DOCO (International Plaza), Fat Bird (Bugis), Superfudo (Holland Village), 13 Stages (Guoco Tower), Cafe Vanilla
Kim O
Kim O

Very flavorful chicken hotpot - add your own ingredients into the pot and let them cook up a storm for you.

This Chirashi Don Is Fresh And Delicious! The Small Bowl Is Just Right For A Female's Appetite. With burpple 1 for 1, it costs

Pistachio + Roasted Green Tea and Mango Sorbet + Coconut Pandan.

Everything is so good! The taste is exquisite and unique. Highly recommend everyone to come here!

These 2 potions look small but it is in fact very filling. Better than the actual size because then you can try 2 types.

The fish otah and the miso chicken was my choice.

Very healthy food that costs too much so comes the usefulness of Beyond !

So Yummy! And The Portion Is Huge! Love it and will definitely come back!!


1 for 1 - the portion and taste is good but overall, will come back only if there is a promo.


For meat lovers - the sauce is good. Love the onions. Simple dish for the non fussy.

1 for 1 Via Beyond - the matcha is authentic and taste great! Will be back for more!