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Burp! Burpp! Burpple

Burp! Burpp! Burpple

Featuring Fat Belly, One Man Coffee (Upper Thomson), Dumpling Darlings, Fuel Plus+, Waa Cow! (Marina One), Glasshouse by DHM, Kindred Folk, 52 Sandwich Shack, HOLLIN (Suntec City), The Marmalade Pantry (Downtown)
Zhengyu Chua
Zhengyu Chua

Truffle fries and beef bowls were the highlights of the meal! Great deal thanks to Burrple Beyond!

For such an ordinary bowl of noodles, it is not worth it even with Burrple Beyond.

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Styled and presented like the typical char siew you can find in Chinese restaurant BUT HOLY PORK taste and texture is in another dimension you should never miss. Pumpkin mash has a clean taste and does not overpowered the pork. Using burpple beyond, its a deal that one should not miss!

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Pan seared to perfection on a bed of basil couscous. Crispy skin, succulent white meat, even the onion has been torched, making it perfect to end the night. Amazing dish, highly recommended

Ordered Cocoa Latte and Dirty Mango! Cocoa Latte tasted rich and satisfying! 👍
Jin ho lim

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Truffle Bacon Mushroom Farfalle was so creamy! Will return for this!


Experience date: 19th July 2019
Damage: Approx $150

7th Oysters Festival by Greenwood.

Had a disappointed run as we are without Belon OOO & Gillardeau, their priciest oysters at 11 & 9 respectively. Nevertheless, we still had a joy with the others. They do have oysters platter at $99 coming with 9pairs but we decided otherwise.

Chebooktook, Tsarskaya, Kumamoto, Chefs Creek, Pacific Rock. We found Kumamoto tasted best among these 5 types. Sweet, succulent but small in size. Whereas the plump & meaty ones came from the cheapest Chefs Creek which is delicious in its own rights.

Had alantic cod fish & chips - it's soft to the bite and very fresh. Literally pry open the crust easily.

Angus burger, on cut, juice flow out with oomph! Tasted good but can be better at that price point.

Overall, we enjoy our mains and half of the oysters.


Nestled nearby our SG UNESCO heritage site and chanced upon this nifty hangout place.

Before 6pm and you get Killiney kopitiam food like fishball noodle and comes night it turns into a bar, so let's talk about food!

Cajun roasted chicken leg: nice charred roasted chicken leg and comes with salad and fries. Personally finds the chicken worth the money compare to pasta. Its moist on the inside as well. Slightly oily on the base though.

Aglio olio: Definitely smaller portion. I could order another portion if not for the extreme long wait for our food when its actually quite empty there with us the only one ordering food. Taste wise, its average to me. Added bits of bacon at $2 and they don't add any element of touch to tastebud. Disappointed with this dish.

Sticky date & toffee pudding: Good but we find it too sweet

Dirty mantou: Fried mantou but pairing with condensed milk, its still for the sweet tooth. We prefer dipping fried mantou into chili crab sauce instead.

Overall, had an average meal albeit comes with a quiet scene and nice ambient good for dates looking to chill out and chit chat or anyone looking to try their brews.

High point: service is attentive and serves you with their patience and smiles. Brightens up your day.

Low point: Food serves extremely slow. We were the only one ordering food and it still took like eternity (almost 20mins before the mains is ready) and another 15mins (with prompting) for desserts to be served. If you don't mind the wait with your date, I guess it works. But probably not for us who went in starving and have to wait even longer.

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Shackburger $9.20
Cheese fries $5.90
Float $7.80

$22.90 for this individual choice

Burger was just mediocre, fries were looking good with the thick cut but tasted normal. It gets elevated by the cheese which you can choose to separate it or pre-mixed in it for you. Which is good if you are sharing with friends and they don't eat cheese. Hefty amount of cheese left after finishing those fries too.

At this price, I could get better tasty burgers elsewhere without the crazy queue and wait time.

Not worth the hype. Maybe I could try it overseas in future but not the current ones here.

Great pork stew! But beware of the spicy level!

Typical standard, average meal but huge portion especially on rice department. Cost $8.90, its worth the price when going with beyond 1-1

Fish and chips worth returning for! 👍 Skip the pie.

My tastebud and your tastebud might not be the same but I'm sure we love to eat!

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