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Featuring Park Bench Deli, Tanuki Raw (Orchard Central), Fuel Plus+, Golden Mile Food Centre, Relish by Wild Rocket (Bukit Timah), Poulét (Bugis+), ENG's Wantan Noodle (Tanjong Katong), Hokkaido-ya, Standing Sushi Bar (Marina Bay Link Mall), McDonald's (HarbourFront Centre)
Sarah S
Sarah S
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Quite worth it at only $16.90++ for dinner and there’s an option of customising the spiciness level. Some things aren’t refillable unfortunately - like the chicken, veggies and fish cake, but we got our fill of Maggie and sausages! Overall a decent meal but wouldn’t be my first choice at Nex 😬 #burpple #burpplesg #yoogane

Pulled pork with ham in a toastie with cheese and pickles - this was kind of underwhelming as I thought the pulled pork would be more unctuous and juicy. While still delicious it was a tad too salty and all the flavours from the pork and the ham needed more acid than a few pickles to cut through the briney-ness of it all. Still a good deal with the Burpple Beyond membership but again, would not pay full price for this... #burpple #burpplebeyond #burpplesg

The restaurant itself had quaint decor, reminiscent of an American diner! This is the Fried chicken which was so delicious! A thick piece of tender and juicy chicken in between two soft buns with some lettuce for crunch and mayo and honey sauce to complement the flavours. I loved this!! But it’s definitely too heavy for one person to finish single handedly and for $17 I wouldn’t come back without the Burpple Beyond app 😬 #burpple #burpplebeyond #burpplesg #parkbenchdeli #friedchicken

Standing Sushi Bar is my absolute go to for when the sashimi craving strikes! Their deals on Monday or Thursday (5pieces of salmon sashimi for $3) is super hard to beat and the quality here is always consistent! Each slice is fleshy and has a good bite, and doesn’t have any fishy aftertaste! When I come I usually order the mixed grain rice ($5) as well to satisfy the carb cravings. The wasabi is punchy and not the weak-kind and the soy sauce is slightly sweet, complementing everything so well! #burpple #burpplesg #sashimi #standingsushibar

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Finally used my Burpple Beyond discounts and it was so worth it!! Ordered the soft shell crab curry, bacon mushroom truffle pasta, salmon madness and the honey bbq ribs - all for $38 nett!! 😱😱😱 the soft shell crab curry is the most well known dish here but unpopular opinion: skip this!! The curry was slightly too sour for me and there weren’t enough carbs to soak up the sauce. The honey bbq ribs really stole the show though - they were falling of the bone, tender and moreish. So delicious!! The pasta was really good too and the salmon was a good option for a healthy meal. Parking was a bit of an issue and the cafe is quite inaccessible but will definitely return, especially with 1 for 1!! Thanks Burpple Beyond 😜 #burpple #burpplesg #burpplebeyond #cafe #fuelplussg

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Comes with free starter with each main course! We chose the quarter roast chicken with French onion rice and the chicken carbonara! This portion was just nice for 3 of us! The chicken carbonara came with a sous vide egg on top and was creamy and delicious, hitting all the notes of a classic carbonara with some added chicken pieces. The star of the show was definitely the chicken though, it was tender and flavoured well, the meat was soft and the skin was flavourful! Would highly recommend especially for the set which is so worth it! (Starters were generic salad and wings hence not pictured) #burpple #burpplesg #poulet

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Supposedly one of the best in town! The brown sugar pearls are nice and warm and when mixed, the brown sugar lends a light sweetness to the fresh milk. You can’t choose the sugar level but it’s not too sweet! Only wish the brown sugar flavour was a bit stronger and the tea itself was creamier. They have a new “tiger stripe” brown sugar milk tea coming so that should be similar to Tiger Sugar! #burpple #burpplesg #liho #bbt #bubbletea

From Hokkaido-ya at VivoCity, this was only $11.90 which is a steal for unagi and scallops!! The eggs were simmered in a sweet stock and went well with the Japanese rice. Portion was a little small but otherwise quality and taste wise was top notch! My friend commented that her pork dish was “hard” though so perhaps skip the pork and go for their more signature options - they have truffle and mentaiko salmon dons for around $10 only!! 😁 #burpple #burpplesg #hokkaido #japanesefood

Just launched today and I got my hands on all three. There was a clear winner - the pandan ice cream! It was reminiscent of pandan chiffon cake and was silky and perfumed with pandan - soooo good. The salted egg yolk fries weren’t very good, and there was a strange sourness to the taste. We suspected it was mayonnaise based sauce mixed with a hint of salted egg as the salted egg flavour was barely discernible. The peach pie was a gruesome pink hue and looked more suited for CNY. Made using the same flaky crust as the Apple pie, this peach pie was filled with sugary peach syrup and chunks of Apple/peach. Tasted like a liquefied peach gummy. Not bad, but too sweet for my liking. Just go for the pandan ice cream! #burpple #burpplesg #mcdonalds #saltedegg #peach

Bought via GrabFood but it came still warm and steamy. The sauce for the noodles are a little salty with a porky flavour (probably from lard?) and the char siew is really flavourful! Ordered an extra side of steamed wantons but would have liked to try the fried ones..... overall not a bad plate of wanton mee! Be wary of the Chili though, it really packs a punch! #burpple #burpplesg

PSA everyone tanuki raw has $10 bowls during Mon-Wed lunch!!!! There are 3 options (which don’t include their famed truffle yakiniku don unfortunately) but I chose the salmon don and it came with 3-4 slices each of the different kinds of salmon (sashimi, aburi, cubed and aburi with mentaiko), their delicious 5-grain rice, finished off with a shiso leaf and some roe!! The bowl is about as small as my hand but it tastes good and is just right for a regular eater!! If you have a big appetite you may want to opt for the add on set which comes with soup and salad and green tea! Overall it’s worth it for the $10 price tag! (Normal price is $12.90 so not too bad either!)

Finally tried Relish by Wild Rocket!!!!! I had the seafood burger with lemon mayo, fries and a salad! The burger itself was definitely the star of the show and the portion is HUUUUUGE could probably share amongst 2 people! The patty was thick and packed with chunks of squid, prawns, crab and fish, all breaded and fried into one glorious patty on top of a toasted bun! Fries were average, crispy but nothing to shout about but the salad was pretty good! There was a citrusy vinaigrette and it complemented the punchy flavours of the seafood burger perfectly! Relish also offers other mains such as pasta, breakfast items and fish and chips but I would definitely recommend the burgers - they have a huge selection of innovate flavours like char siew burger on focaccia, and a Ramlee burger (that has been upgraded from your regular Ramly burger!). Price-wise the burger ended up at around $28 after tax so it’s slightly pricey but the big portions make up for it! Do come down and try it for yourself, the ambience was cozy and relaxed, definitely a place to hit up if you have the cash to spare!

Sarah S

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