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Featuring Teppei Japanese Restaurant, Tendon Kohaku (ChinaTown Point), Izakaya Shindo, Patara Fine Thai Cuisine
Samantha Loh
Samantha Loh

~18 in total for a bowl of generously cut seafood on rice. Seasoning was just right though I would have preferred the fish to be colder! Comes with miso and brown rice tea. For the price point, the quality is definitely one of the best in town

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Love the place here, treat from the parents we paid around $140 for 7 of us. 2 prawns, 2 small chicken breasts, 2 small Long beans, 1 pumpkin, 1 squid and a mushroom.

LOVE THE SQUID it’s very soft and has a great bite. My sister’s was hard so maybe the standard varies. However for the lack of onsen egg and slight heaviness in batter, I’d opt for tendon Ginza itsuke.

Just a close up egg porn! Wished it’s funnier but so good with a dash of soya sauce

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Had the ontama negitoro don at 16.90++, which the egg was a little semi solid but I still liked the freshness of the toro! J had the chirashi don 19.90++ which seemed pretty good too when I tried, I love how red the tuna looks. We added the mentaiko dashimaki at 13.90 which was kinda huge a portion we could barely finish. It’s probably enough for 3-4 people. This one was ok, something I could do at home so maybe take the normal dashimaki. Total bill came up to $60. Nice ambiance v authentic and wasn’t crowded. Probably ranking 1st or 2nd in my list of Japanese places to go!

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Used the entertainer for this and my total bill for 4 mains and a Tom yum starter ($15) came up to $73. If you prefer to scrimp on water for tap water, note the Evian water they de-labled (I almost opened it till I saw the cap)

Love the green curry under the meats section $29 with tender beef chunks inside.

Olive rice and pad thai was yummy and filling too. $17 each. Compliments the curry nicely.

Would come back again for the ambiance, the quality of food reminds me of Orchard Tower’s Thai Tantric but you’re paying a premium for the ambiance. Good to go for first dates or with small eaters!

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