All About Toast Or Sandwich?

All About Toast Or Sandwich?

Featuring Sarnies (Telok Ayer), 52 Sandwich Shack, Isaac Toast (Plaza Singapura), Onalu, McDonald's (Tiong Bahru Plaza), Sando, Keen's Bagelry, Monday Coffee Bar, Liang Sandwich Bar (VivoCity), Hello Arigato (Joo Chiat)

($5.50) I felt that kaya toast was quite crispy but a bit dry aftertaste. overall experience was not bad for set meal.

($12.90) it's well toasted bread and the tonkatsu sauce was quite thick to complement with toasted bread. The ingredients for pork katsu sando was quite enough tbh and also I didn't like tomato on the sando. The pork katsu was quite crispy and crunchy as it's got a bit of batter and fat inside.

($6.50) just passby for buying stuff so I happened to see Vietnam + India fusion food ah so I just want to try their pork version for their bahn mi. But then it was not expected so nice tbh but the ingredients was a lot and not that stingy.

($16) My friend she didn't wanted to order this but she initally wanted to try tonkatsu one and I literally wanted to try it out too. So she decided to try this and we just spilt and shared instead. So the steak was well cooked but the overeasy egg is not runny at all :") but the sauce really nice to eat thru. I thought tonkatsu was really best selling on their menu but this steak & eggs was not bad tbh.

($15) I didn't really regretted to travel over from north east to south west for this. My friend just judged me so sliently most of time for this but I don't really care or bother abt it. But their sando was not that bad tbh was so worth to travel for trying once a while if you're bored with other brands out there also selling sando as their bread was not that dry as I expected and pork (tonkatsu) and napa cabbage was quite crispy and crunchy to chew through. The aonori mayo sauce was slightly too creamy for me and not much tbh.

It's quite long time never eat morning ($5.50) for breakfast at subway. But then it's quite filling for me and can add vegtables inside the flatbread.

($16) I felt that sandwich was quite crispy and crunchy but slightly dry aftertaste. But the fried chicken was slightly overcooked a bit as the buttermilk sauce was really so good. But this sandwich will be off menu on Dec :"( and good thing that I have tried it before it just gone with the wind.

(KAI KAI - $12.90) (UP - $15) I finally understand the hype for this bagel shop located at curbside crafters and everyone included the boothers they also order while doing booth at level 1 and 2. I just like their fragrant butter bagel paired well with their ingredients (Garlic Salmon). I enjoyed their marinated garlic salmon and it's freshly made daily and got no bad smell from salmon. Their scrambled egg was quite not that oily but creamy when serving in hot.

I just order classic B.E.C ($12) from onalu again but different flavour for bagel 😅 but the original taste more bread texture compared to sesame taste taste more nutty.

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Really enjoyed their soft sesame bagel ($12) tbh but giving strong smell for sesame. Bacon. Egg. Cheese is best of best combination for bagel tbh. They almost unable to wrap it up for bagel as the proportion is slightly off and not balanced it off.


Decided to order GTF Bagel (Plain) ($10.50) and I just really enjoy to eat bagel tbh for this signature flavour. Their ingredients like chicken ham slices (a bit salty), thick scrambled egg, crispy hashbrowns (slightly char) but topped with truffle mayo. Got strong taste for truffle mayo complemented with GTF Bagel.

Signature Chicken Katsu (+ $2.50)

I really like their toasted bread as it's got nutty and crispy aftertaste. But the sauce is not that strong and prominent as I thought and also not that heavily as I think with another brand that I have tasted last year.


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