Featuring Nesuto, Bacha Coffee (ION Orchard), Kampung Admiralty Hawker Centre, Swensen's (West Mall), Ashes Burnnit (Golden Mile Food Centre), Starbucks (Westgate), Mei Heong Yuen Dessert (Bugis)
Q Ng
Q Ng

Went to Mei Heong Yuen and ordered their tangyuan ($3.50) ahead of the Winter Solstice Festival.

Pleasantly surprised by how the ginger soup was full of flavor; sweet and spicy with a strong ginger taste. The glutinous rice balls / tangyuan on the other hand were alright, was rather over cooked but the peanut filling ones matched the ginger soup better than the sesame ones.

The texture of the croissant was good, crispy on the outside, with thin layers of flaky puff pastry and soft on the inside. We had two flavors - pistachio and chocolate coffee. Chocolate coffee was delicious whereas pistachio was a little underwhelming on flavor / didn’t have a strong pistachio taste.

Do note that there was a long queue for dine in on a weekday afternoon, but no queue for takeaway.

The froissants in the photo don’t actually look very presentable, primarily because we took it out of the plastic packaging only after our meal.

Overall, it was quite an interesting combination. The croissants were flaky with a cold and thick cream-like filling. We ordered strawberry and milk tea. The strawberry one was sweeter but acceptable. Milk tea had a nice balance of sweetness and tea aroma. It’s a nice dessert to finish off our burger meal, but not great. Unlikely I’ll order it again due to the price ($4) but do give it a try though!

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Chocolate Granola Banana Yogurt Frappuccino - made with yogurt and banana sauce, topped with chocolate foam, granola, and rice pops.

Some banana beverages / drinks have this strong vanilla essence like flavoring, but this drink was quite the exception. I wasn’t sure myself if they blended a whole banana in it (but I don’t think they did). That being said, the combination of chocolate and banana would be what you expect, with a hint of sourness from the yogurt, but still rather refreshing and not overly sweet!

Went to try out the NDP promo at Swensen’s, giving 1-for-1 Hazel Daze / Salted GulaMelaka Heaven, which amounted to about $13.89 for both.

The Hazel Daze came with crunchy wafer cubes, hot fudge and melted marshmallows. Flavors of the ice cream were mocha almond fudge and hazelnut, hence there was a nice coffee taste to it.

The salted gula melaka on the other hand was less sweet compared to Hazel Daze. I would say the taste of the ice cream was also milder. But I really like how it was accompanied with the crispy chocolate balls and rice puffs.

Overall both sundaes were delicious! Staff were also friendly and accommodating. Enjoy the NDP promo till end of Sept 2020!

For $5.90, this shaved ice from Like Pudding was really good and value for money. Photos can be deceiving but this is actually a huge portion and the ice was packed compactly! It can easily be shared between 2-3 people. The matcha shaved ice was thick and creamy, with a strong matcha taste. The red bean complemented the shaved ice well and sweetness was just about right.

Highly recommended if you’re around the area!

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Beautifully created and interesting flavor. Lychee was however a little sour, but that depends on personal taste.

I really like the whole ambiance of this place, it was a nice place for afternoon tea and all! Made a special request for a birthday candle as we had a birthday girl within our group. The c3 cheesecake - top layer mousse was just right and the cake was not overly sweet.

Q Ng

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