Featuring Luke's Lobster, 俺たちのカレー家 くろもんカリー, 天丼つちや エキマルシェ大阪店
Cheryl Tay
Cheryl Tay

Thankfully headed down to the right location at Namba Park (Shinsaibashi store has closed!!!).

It’s now a food truck, which saw us sitting out enjoying crisp warm buttery buns with semi-cold lobster/ crab/ shrimp fillings in the cold. Still as good as ever, and value-for-money! We got the twin set - a full sized lobster roll with half-half crab and shrimp roll (2800¥ including 2 sets of drinks + chips). Unanimously preferred lobster>crab>shrimps, and debated if we should get the wasabi lobster roll😛

Comfortingly good curry rice where you get to pick the amount of rice, and what goes on your plate! Betcha haven’t had eggplants in curry rice before?
G opted for their daily stewed meat and his was the boring plate of good ol sweet corn and eggs.

Ingredients overload for mine because I love variety. Egg, pork cutlet (freshly fried - super crisp and juicy!), eggplants and cheese. I totally forgot having added the cheese so it was a pleasant surprise when the cheesy goodness appeared, amongst the sea of thick, creamy, rich curry with mild spices that despite being typical of most jap curry, isn’t too sweet; and of course, pickles!
As usual, their rice is so good. So despite being so darn full, I finished it all up to the last drop of curry.

📍Oretachi no Curry ya x Ramen Koji Labo 俺たちのカレー家
14-13 Nanbasennichimae, Osaka 542-0075

Had been eyeing this place everytime we walked past but it’s constantly filled, though there weren’t much of a queue. Tried on the last day and it was a pretty good ending to the trip - definitely better than what we can get back home.

G’s Tsuchiya tendon (1,050¥) was served in a cute wooden rice bucket, with shrimp, squid and assorted vegetables while I got the half sized Shichifukujin set (1,400¥, comes with 2 shrimps, conger eel, vegetables) because I wanted somen noodles instead of rice. The soup took me by surprise with pleasantly zesty yuzu flavours in it! Batter were light, crunchy; flavourful but not overly so, so you can still taste the true flavours of the fresh ingredients within.

Happily went around telling people how easily we found places serving good food without planning (this was merely in the Eki Marche, ie “Station market”) - and well as it turns out it was opened by a 2-Michelin starred establishment, Shunsaiten Tsuchiya. So yep it’s worth a try and as we went before lunch, we didn’t have to wait😁

📍天丼つちや / Tendon Tsuchiya
Eki Marche Osaka (Osaka Stn)

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