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Top 100 Breakfast Places

Top 100 Breakfast Places

Featuring Pacamara Boutique Coffee Roasters, Clinton St. Baking Co. & Restaurant Singapore, Two Men Bagel House (Icon Village), Sideways, Brunetti, House of AnLi Bistro, Craftsmen Specialty Coffee (Holland Village), Clinton St. Baking Company & Restaurant, Al-Amin Food Paradise (Holland)
Rachel T
Rachel T
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Today I finally visited Two Men Bagel House (Tanjong Pagar) (“TMBH”). They open at or just after 9am on weekends and 8am on weekdays. Decided to head on down to grab breakfast before my Saturday meeting at work. Verdict: There are many bagel options and different bagel sandwich combinations. I got a breakfast bagel, the bacon was absolutely glorious and juicy and fresh off the stove. I still really miss the bagels at Grain Traders though, the scrambled egg quantity was a lot more, much creamier and fluffier and less dry. Plus it was packed with alfafa sprouts which I loved. Still really sad they stop serving bagels at @graintraders. But do check out TMBH which bakes their bagels fresh in-house. The bagel fillings are definitely more meaty.

If you always get lost in Tanjong Pagar like me and find maps way too confusing and not specific enough, here are some easy directions on how to get to TMBH:
1. Take the train to Tanjong Pagar MRT. Take Exit C.
2. Walk down Anson Road towards International Plaza and past it until you hit Enggor Street. Turn right into Enggor Street and walk down the right side of the road. You’ll see a big “12 Enggor Street” on the pavement.
3. Look out for The Public Izakaya at Icon Village shopping mall. Go through the sliding doors to the left of The Public Izakaya.
4. TMBH is inside Icon Village, opposite Cold Storage.


The most satisfying meal I’ve had in a while! 😋 No offence to my mother’s cooking. My dinner was basically brunch food. The savoury waffles consist of buttermilk waffles, scrambled eggs with crushed peanuts, pepper, sprouts and their secret sauce, plus really fresh smoked salmon that wasn’t too salty! I don’t really like most cafe food in Singapore but from my experience, the food at @craftsmenspecialtycoffee has been consistently good.


Would recommend this spicy nduja spread, creamy burrata with mint served on wood-fired sourdough toast from @sidewayssg 😍 Perfect for sharing with friends and family, or if you‘re hankering after a hearty and filling brunch!


Look at that gooey delicious maple butter, and that stack of fluffy pancakes! 😍


If you haven’t made Sunday brunch plans, do consider making a trip to @sidewayssg! Located between Jalan Besar and Little India, it’s just a few minutes’ walk from Farrer Park MRT. I especially love this freshly made dip from Sideways – it’s made from feta, pesto, basil, tamarind, olive oil, pepper and mint. Really good, fresh, savoury stuff and goes so well with sourdough!


It’s hard to find good bread in Singapore, but the sourdough from @sidewayssg is one of the best in town! ♥️ Each slice is nice and crispy on the outside, and extremely fluffy and airy on the inside. Every morning, the loaves of sourdough are baked in their wood-fired oven so you know each loaf is fresh and good.


Finally made a proper visit to @brunettisg for the first time recently! (I’ve been to Brunetti once before as a child and had cake but can’t remember much.)

Brunetti is a Melbourne chain that’s opened an outlet in Tanglin Mall for as long as I can remember.

For local cafe standards, the food here is decently priced for what you get. It does get a little busy and on our trip down we found it to be a little under-staffed. I think there’s no service charge, so help yourself to the water! Also I think there was some misunderstanding over the phone as to whether we could use the @entertainersg app on the weekend, but when we were at the restaurant, we heard another customer using it but oh well, the food isn’t too expensive so we aren’t that disappointed 🤷🏻‍♀️

The scrambled eggs at Brunetti is the dry variety (don’t expect something soft and runny), and there’s a lot of truffle and a considerable amount of pepper mixed into the eggs (not that I’m complaining!). The salad was fresh and had lots of vinaigrette. As for the toast, it was quite normal, could be served hotter and crisper, but it was a generous amount.

On the whole, a filling breakfast that’s reasonably priced. It didn’t really leave that much of an impression on me but if you’re looking for a simple, quick breakfast that will leave you feeling full and not out of pocket, Brunetti is a safe bet! It’s also a pretty family-friendly place with a fuss-free, straightforward menu and there’s plenty of fanciful cakes and gelato on display.

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