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Featuring VCR (Bangsar), Joy St., Alexis Bistro (Bangsar), Alta Cafe
XingWei Cheang
XingWei Cheang
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Or perhaps I just am a sucker for any apple pie at all 🤭⁣

📷 In frame: ⁣
Berry Pavlova and Apple Pie.⁣

✨ I would definitely re-visit for the cake selection. Alexis definitely lives up to its reputation of having the best pavlova in town. ⁣

💬 I can’t say much of their meal offerings because I didn’t try any.⁣

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📷 In frame:
Polenta Shrooms topped with hazelnuts, pomegranate seeds, and sourdough crumble.

✨ The creamy polenta paired with the earthy mushrooms is genius! The mushrooms were seasoned perfectly-- not too salty nor cooked in too much grease, while the polenta carried just the right amount of richness. Combined with the supporting elements of the dish: the pomegranate seeds, sourdough crumble and hazelnuts, this comforting dish made me one happy girl.

💬 I would argue this isn’t very filling, though. It’s not so much a meal on its own but a great accompanying dish you can order to share.

The interior was decorated so dreamily. I felt as if I was walking into a scene out of a children’s storybook. ⁣

📷 In frame: Vanilla Bean, Caramel, and Earl Grey Gelato ⁣

The moment I tasted Joy St.’s gelato, I was swiftly reminded of the difference between gelato and ice cream. Gelato is typically denser, more flavourful, and smoother (albeit being lower in calories!) than ice cream due to the lower amounts of air incorporated. ⁣

✨ I was a big fan of the silky, cool gelato offsetting the warm, fluffy waffle. Of the three flavours I sampled, my favourite has to be the earl grey flavour. The caramel flavour was just okay to me; it reminded me of cereal milk. ⁣

💬 However, I felt that the Vanilla was far too sweet. While I was midway through the gelato, it got a bit cloying. I wanted some water badly to wash the sugar down but unlike at Inside Scoop, you have to pay RM2 for water here. Will make a point to revisit and try out more flavours still! ⁣

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📷 In frame:
French toast topped with espresso ice cream with cookie crumbles, raspberry compote and mocha sauce

✨This french toast had been on my mind ever since my first visit to VCR Bangsar. At the time, the lady who sat in the table next to mine had ordered it and I couldn’t help but continuously take glances at it. So, this time around, I had to get it. My verdict? Good, but only when enjoyed in the dish’s entirety. My favourite element was the espresso ice cream, which was smooth and with just enough of a hint of coffee. The refreshing ice cream paired with the rich, warm toast was heavenly. Nice texture and bursts of flavour were also provided by the accompaniment of the cookie crumbles, pumpkin seeds, mocha sauce and in particular, the raspberry compote. The fruity acidity of the compote brought the ultimate balance to the dessert-- eliminating the cloying feeling that sometimes comes with sweet treats

💬 On its own, the toast lacked the fluffiness and airiness I expect from a good brioche french toast. It could be that my bar for french toast is set too high by Ronin Cafe Singapore's outstanding versions. Wouldn’t say no to having this again though. Teehee.


A lovely, quiet space nestled within the hustle and bustle of Bangsar. The minimalist yet artistically decorated interior definitely enhanced the overall dining experience

📷 In frame:
Scrambled Eggs on Sourdough with Confit Chilli Peppers and Salsa Verde [RM21]; Homemade Stracciatella with Italian Olive Oil, Raw Honey and Pumpkin Seeds [RM23]; and French Brie, Roasted Peach and Bresaola on Sourdough

✨ The highlight of my meal was definitely the stracciatella. Fragrant, whipped butter-like cheese paired with the sourdough! THE SOURDOUGH. So amazingly delicious with the right amount of crunch, bite, and flavour

💬 I would, however, say prices are on the steeper end for the portion of food. Oh well. A given for the atas nature of the area. Definitely not a deterrent to me going back for more though.


Eating my way through life!

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