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Date Night

Date Night

Our favourite places
Audrey Wong
Audrey Wong

Post work, craving for dim sum, considered the few restaurants in the area, and finally settled for Victor's Kitchen.

Every item ordered was fresh, skillfully made, tasted and looked absolutely on point. Har kow was fresh, prawns were 'Q'. XLBs were so juicy, the amt of soup inside almost filled up my entire spoon. The siew mai has both prawns and meat, complementing each other well. Carrot cake was also unique - instead of the usual fried paste-like material, the radish was shredded and served steamed. The liu sha bao was definitely good too - liquid gold.

All in all, for sure there's more to this place than just its liu sha baos!

As a garlic lover, I’ve always wanted to try this place. So when we realised that it was available on the Entertainer, we took the chance to give it a shot one day.

The pizza and rice were surprisingly delicious. It’s more than just a spam of garlic, but there are always different levels of flavours within the dishes too. Definitely worth a try for the garlic lovers and their friends/families, especially if you’re in the area.

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The aburi is always a must-have, and I like that there are 8 small pieces instead of 4 pieces of the normal size - great for sharing! Wafu spaghetti, thin spaghetti with a strong mentaiko sauce. The soup is rather savoury, with a generous amount of salmon - albeit patience is needed to separate the bones from the fish. Since the selections this time were all quite heavy, will advise a mix of lighter items as well (salmon don perhaps?). Always appreciate the casual quality food served here.

“The Marmalade Pantry has outdone itself again❤️” - my immediate thoughts after the first bite.

Huge chunks of lobster grilled to perfection (we could smell the lobster cooking even before it was served!), with a smooth and tangy tobiko-miso-mayo sauce. Was also pleasantly surprised with the mini salad of fresh crisp red reddish and cucumber that complemented the lobster excellently. And to top it off were the golden brown fries and lightly toasted sesame bun, extremely delicious and satisfying.

One of the best items on an already-excellent menu, coupled with the sincere service, reasonable prices, this seals The Marmalade Pantry’s spot as one of our favourite date night options around town.

Pro-tip: Available on the Entertainer app too!


Fiesta is a new Chinese restaurant at the NUS Kent Ridge campus, located just behind the UHC bus stop at the NUS Staff Club. We stumbled upon this place after our run at the NUS track on a weekday during the school holidays, and decided to venture an attempt at this seemingly quiet restaurant.

We ordered the Ma La Hotpot, got a 3 veg 1 meat set, topped up some maggie noodles, and selected the least spicy option. It was surprisingly satisfying - fresh ingredients and, our favourite part, the ma la flavours delivered a kick without being excessively oily - nicely done overall.

Would expect this place to get more crowded once the semester starts. If you’re craving Chinese food while in the vicinity, this would probably be a good option.

10pm at night and we've yet to have dinner. Popped by this restaurant that's amazingly opened through the night, and tucked into delicious, affordable, comforting western food.

The freshly roasted chicken (the order took only 15mins to arrive, but it sure tasted freshly roasted) provided a broad range of textures; from the tender thighs to the solid body. The bed of thick fries, tangy salad, and buttery corn came together and made this an extremely satisfying meal. Cheers to suppers!


We initially wanted to walk away from this restaurant - it looked too quiet, too atas, and we weren't sure the food'll be good. And boy, were we glad we overcome these insecurities and marched right in.

Yes it was quiet, but that created a beautiful calming ambience perfect for a Sunday afternoon. Yes it was slight pricy, but we used the entertainer app and got the one-for-one promo. And the food. The food was brilliant. Tasty, rich, seafood base with al dente pasta, topped with a generous serving of delicious succulent prawns, scallops, and sprouts. Not to forget the perfect cupcakes to end off a Sunday afternoon. We were absolutely happy with the food and the service rendered. Let's gear up for the new week ahead!


Friday night chillax with the bros. The food took about 20min - half hour to arrive, but as they say "good things are worth the wait". Imagine: a layer of juicy grilled eggplants over a bed of tender minced beef, topped off generously with a coat of warm melted cheese. Amazing comfort food after a crazy hectic week of work. Amazing evening hanging out with friends.


Night festival 2016 brought us into town on a fine Saturday evening, ready to experience a different Singapore from the one we grew up in. First stop, saveur.

Saveur was the restaurant that introduced me to Duck confit (and probably even French food) years ago. Because of this, I guess I will always expect something different from each dish served here.

Once again i was not disappointed - I was for sure pleasantly surprised with the seabass. Tender, with a crispy skin, matched with deliciously roasted potatoes/carrots, I throughly enjoyed the dish. A great start for our adventure that evening, but also a great place to hang out and enjoy any weekend.


The pulled pork at the Sea Salt Caribbean Deli caught my attention initially, but eventually decided to order the fish instead as it felt like a healthier option. The roasted roots and salad were average - still nice nonetheless. Lightly grilled, the serving included a slice of salmon and seabass. A platter that may be shared.

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Exploring our world. Engineer by day, foodie by night(&wkends). Here are my food adventures❤️

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