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Featuring Sunday Folks, Matchaya (The Cathay), Fuel Plus+, L'eclair by Sarah Michelle, O'ma Spoon ([email protected]), Coffeesmith (Northpoint City)
Pei Xuan Lee
Pei Xuan Lee
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The Ispahan eclair (topmost) had a sugared jellied texture that went nicely with the rose cream and raspberry. On the other hand, the strawberry eclair (seasonal for CNY) was just average and there isn’t a distinctive taste.

The iced earl grey latte was so light and refreshing! With a pronounced earl grey aftertaste. The iced mocha was again average.

Enjoyed looking at the eclairs more than actually eating it 😂 however, the cafe did have a nice relaxing ambience, so I would recommend coming here for a lazy tea session and ordering more unorthodox flavours.


O’ma Spoon seems to have fallen under the radar compared to other popular bingsu chains, but I still really like the bingsus here!

The black sesame flavour is new and comes with matcha rice cakes, red bean paste and crushed almonds. The shaved ice is very milky too (you can make it even milkier with condensed milk). I wish there was more black sesame powder though, a secret layer underneath would have been good :p

I’m a huge fan of matcha so I had to order this! And it certainly doesn’t disappoint. Besides being aesthetically pleasing, the pancakes were light and fluffy, with a fragrant green tea taste (I think matcha powder was added into the batter).

The green ice cream was sweet, creamy and not at all bitter. Served with chunks of banana, strawberries and blue berries😋 Not at all “gelat”, like how some matcha desserts tend to get.


One of the more expensive bingsus ($14.90). The shaved ice cream was very milky and comes with a vanilla ice cream topping. For the price, I wished it came with more toppings like almond flakes or crunchy cornflakes.

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First time trying the white rabbit soft serve (a Shanghai speciality according to the menu) - surprisingly not as sweet as we thought it would be. The “tissue” wrapping was a cute touch.

It’s nice enough when eaten on its own, but the taste is easily overwhelmed by the much richer pistachio soft serve. Pistachio and earl grey soft serve are still my favourites here!

And the waffles 😍 still as crunchy and maple syrupy as ever. Total was $12 for both waffles soft serve.

Favourite was the Hokkaido milk soft serve, which was milky and creamy without being cloyingly sweet. The black sesame soft serve was good too, rich and nutty with a hint of bitterness.

The drinks were a let-down though. The black honey popcorn drink was diluted and artificial-tasting and the matcha milk tea too powdery.

I liked how both sets were served on a simple wooden tray, as an aesthetic background for photo-taking. $11.90 for both sets.

항상 배고파 (always hungry)

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