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Paya Lebar

Paya Lebar

Featuring Kajiken (Paya Lebar Square), Upper Paya Lebar Road
Kenneth Lee
Kenneth Lee

How pasta was meant to be.

My dinner slot at Ben Fatto 95 was booked way back at the start of the year. Naturally, expectations for the meal were running high but I have to say, Chef Yum Hwa exceeded them.

There were four main pasta dishes and it was exciting to see how they varied so much. There was the hearty tortellinis in a chicken consommé, which I would consider as the perfect hangover dish. But the tortellinis were beautifully intricate that it’d be a shame if one was drunk and unable to admire them in their full glory. There was an amazing tortelli bathed in a deceptively simple sauce of butter and water. It had the perfect ratio of pasta to stuffing which was a rich mix of mascarpone and parmigiano-reggiano. There was the usual suspect, the ragu pappardelle which many consider king. It had a grittier texture than your usual run-of-the-mill pastas which allows the pasta to retain and absorb the sauce better.

However, my favourite would have to be what’s in the first picture. It’s a pasta that is relatively unknown to the world outside of Sardinia and that one day could possibly be lost. The squid ink lorighittas were coated in a lovely seafood bisque with chunks of octopus. The pasta apparently is the easiest to make but takes a heck lot of effort according to the chef. It has a wonderful softer bite and it retains so much of the wonderful bisque that makes it such a joy to eat.

It’s been a while since a meal conjured up so many emotions in me and I can’t wait for the opportunity to come back. I would probably need to wait another 6 months though.


My first time trying Japanese dry ramen and I wish I had tried it sooner!

Upon mixing thoroughly, the noodles were glistening with oil, the golden egg yolk and Kajiken’s top secret sauce. The noodles itself was rich in flavour as I could taste a distinct blend of wheat that became accentuated with the addition of the sauce. It’s no wonder I slurped it all in an instant.

I had the mazesoba with all toppings that comes with an optional free upsize. The char siew was tender while the karaage was crisp. I’ve definitely fallen in love, for me, with a new Japanese dish.


I look at the number of posts, then I look at my stomach and I realise my body is a machine.

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