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Breads/ Sandwiches

Breads/ Sandwiches

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Zhihui Lim
Zhihui Lim

Going at $6.30 ala carte and $7.30 to $9.60 depending on the drinks you pick, (& addition of lettuce for $0.6) - found it pricey, but that’s not to say I didn’t enjoy it.

The bread was soft and perfectly toasted till crisp; the thin marinated pork loin had a good bite but was tender enough and the thick layer of fluffy egg along with a very light sweet sauce (mayo??) made for a perfect breakfast! Wished it was even cheesier but that’s just me😂


Not mine but I had a teeny bite of it. The housemade sunflower peanut butter was real tasty, and well complemented with the slightly tart shrub jam; but my sweet-tooth buddy personally found it too sour when paired with the country loaf.


My favorite would be the scone, not too dense and was very fragrant! Wished we had clotted cream and jam the English way😛. The banana bread was a little sweet and denser, so definitely good to share, while the Morning bun was fluffy, flaky, buttery, with a hint of cinnamon.

With a cup of coffee, this plate of three pastries set us back by about $19. Pretty pricey but I’ll definitely be back for the occasional splurge and try their sandwiches!


Sandwiches start at 11am so toast it was. Price was also quite posh (and portion is small) but it was so good! Picked the rosemary sourdough, toasted till crisp while still airy with just a slight tanginess, making it a good complement with the sweet honey and luscious mascarpone, topped with crushed walnuts, bee pollen & a dash of Black Sea salt. 😍


Soft and eggy, (deconstructed if you’d like a atas label to it😂) with butter and sweet kaya served on the side so you can have it however you want😌 Kopi here was quite fragrant too!


Sought refuge during the crazy opening and this was definitely a good place for a quick break (good cuppa + there’s wireless charging for devices ha)!

Wasn’t sure what to expect for this Heibihiam cream cheese toast - but I liked the combination of savoury heibihiam (it wasn’t spicy though) and mildly sweet cream cheese on a crisp sourdough toast! May not look like much but I surprisingly managed to survive on this and a happy cuppa till dinner time😂

Will definitely be back - the bakes and kuehs look good too!


Got a little greedy because everything looked so good! 😛

The breads here are generally pricier, but quality also seems better. The mentaiko baguette was chewy (probably have to toast it a little to make it slightly crisped), but less salty (also less flavorful) than my favourite ones from Donq/Johan but I don’t really mind them. The croissant was buttery, flaky and fluffy (the air pockets!!). I actually liked the apple danish which was flaky + the fillings were not cloyingly sweet, with a little tartness.

For those who are looking to try, it’s a good time now as they’re having an opening special till 20 June - 20% off most breads (save for the giant, award-winning loaves that costs $20-ish, those are going for 10% off). Will probably be back to try their Singapore-exclusives. Wouldn’t mind a little splurge for breakfast here once in awhile😬


Soft fluffy, filled with shredded coconut that wasn’t too sweet. These coconut buns from a traditional bakery right smack in an old estate were pretty good! Preferred these to the red bean which were much sweeter.


Finally got around to trying this. I love me a good traditional toast and I thought this $1.20 bread was pretty satisfying. Crisp, light, fluffy thick loaf with your usual suspects of butter and a thick layer of hainanese kaya, fragrant and not too sweet. I liked the kopi / yy here too!


One of my favorite concepts, Lazy Loaf (because #carbdiem) - fresh bakes daily and you get to try them with different pairings! Loved the kaya and Japanese butter especially.

A pleasant surprise from the eatup, we got to bring back the habitat loaf, which was soft with a nice chewy bite and I absolutely loved the texture! It was perfect with their homemade kaya which was incredibly fragrant, not cloyingly sweet. Will also definitely buy the chocolate orange loaf the next time I’m here.


A very late post cos it’s off the menu already but I have to post because I made a very conscious effort not to miss the last of 2018, having missed so many of these collabs 😛 Part of their guest chef series ft Chef Jake from Burnt Ends, this was a handful of incredibly good sandwich which I was glad to have splurged on as the last sandwich of 2018. And possibly the best.

So much flavours in play here. Rich creamy marrow, juicy grilled portobello, tender slow roasted beef rump, cheddar cheese and that fresh horseradish that gives a bit of tangy spicy kick which helps cuts through the richness.
Sad to see it go but can’t wait for more amazing collabs in 2019!😁


Woke up earlier than usual for my off day last week, did a bit of travel and finally got myself these. Didn’t catch sight of the famed cruffins, but the baked here were really good!

Blueberry brioche (?) was moist, with mildly tangy blueberry compote; Sio pan was buttery and had a good chewy bite to it; kouign amann was crisp, sweet but not too heavy; and my favourite of the lot - the croissant was delightfully flaky with airy layers!

Will definitely be back to try more!!!



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