Breads/ Sandwiches

Breads/ Sandwiches

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Zhihui Lim
Zhihui Lim

The small bites menu is quite limited with option of granola, 3 types of sandwiches and 3 types of pastries. Came hot and toasted till golden brown, left quite a bit of a crusty mess. Cheddar, blue cheese and gouda was pretty mild. Nothing outstanding as it’s not the greasy grilled cheese sandwich that I like (a tad dry). Quite like the vibes here though! And service was quite good and attentive. Looks like a lovely place to have a drink or two at night!

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One of the best sandos I’ve had in awhile! Buttery, generally crisp brioche, with a great pairing of fillings.

Fried buttermilk chicken was succulent, lightly crisped, with sriracha cincalok and coriander slaw. The smoked brisket of the beef sando was a flavour bomb, melt-in-the-mouth tender with a nice portion of fat that didn’t leave one feeling jelak, with Smokey cheddar, ratatouille and pickles to cut through the richness. Both were great but I practically devoured the beef in a few mouthfuls because it was so darn good! Would highly likely be able to finish one by myself but would recommend bringing a friend to share the sandos so you can try more than one flavour.

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Fluffy crisp buttery buns, chunky sweet and succulent lobster flesh. Very satisfying indeed when you don’t have to share.

Had the Grilled Four Cheese Toast ($10), the sourdough was nicely crisped, mild and cheesy enough with a mix of emmental/ cheddar/ feta/ Parmesan. Did feel a bit one dimensional but probably just my personal preference to have it with something tangy to cut through the richness. Added on mushrooms and scrambled eggs! 😛

The brioche was buttery, fluffy and crisp with melted mozzarella, beef bacon and truffle which wasn’t overwhelming. Everything worked perfectly, very enjoyable starter!

The first time I had this was a takeaway and it was pretty good despite the journey home. This time, got to eat it fresh in the spot! Not too greasy, bread was toasted till golden brown, crisp and buttery; with juicy wagyu patty and I added on cheddar and omelette! Cheese was oozy so this photo doesn’t really do it justice😂 Comes with japanese pickles to cut through the richness.

Pricey, but this was really good. Moist, not too dense, just the right sweetness and they were very generous with the walnuts and chocolate chips!


I’ll never not order Kaya Toast whenever I see it. Even when it’s $8😂. Hokkaido milk toast, toasted till golden brown and crisp; with French butter for a slight saltiness, homemade Kaya that wasn’t too sweet and two perfect sous vide eggs!


Grilled 3-Cheese - the perfect cheesy combination of Brie/cheddar/mozzarella, with a thoughtful addition of sauerkraut and tomato jam on the side to cut through the richness. Almost stole the show from the chewy golden brown toast. Loved that this wasn’t greasy at all.

Ended the meal with the Special Toast - a delightful combination of sweet fragrant milk toast with incredibly smooth ricotta and a well-balanced sweet/ tangy strawberry-rhubarb jam.

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First time to the super old school @heapsengleong and the toasts + drinks are still kept at an affordable price at less than $4 for 2 drinks and a toast!

The golden brown kaya toast which was crisp and fluffy, with a slab of butter and a layer of not-too-sweet hainanese kaya was fantastic and I liked the extra effort scraping to remove any burnt bits after toasting.

Also tried Kopi Gu You for the first time and guilt aside, I liked it - the aromatic kopi was pretty smooth!


@newubin is known for tzechar dishes with an innovative twist (Foie Gras Satay anyone?), but haven’t been here since my first time a few years back - and I was more surprised to see Fresh Kaya on Toasted Baguette ($5) on the menu.

Served as a deconstructed kaya toast, the nicely toasted baguettes were crisp, not too charred with a nice smokiness to it; fragrant homemade kaya which wasn’t tooooooo sweet and they were very, very generous with two slabs of creamy French butter so you can go crazy with the butter! I liked that it’s unsalted, and salt is served on the side so you can have your toast the way you like it.

I have a weakness for toasts so I’ll definitely order this again the next time I’m here 😛 The other desserts definitely sounds interesting too, but there were only two of us - one a non-durian water - and the non-durian ones are for sharing up to 4 pax.

Going at $6.30 ala carte and $7.30 to $9.60 depending on the drinks you pick, (& addition of lettuce for $0.6) - found it pricey, but that’s not to say I didn’t enjoy it.

The bread was soft and perfectly toasted till crisp; the thin marinated pork loin had a good bite but was tender enough and the thick layer of fluffy egg along with a very light sweet sauce (mayo??) made for a perfect breakfast! Wished it was even cheesier but that’s just me😂



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