Sweet Things You can Have

Sweet Things You can Have

Why not treat yourself with some dessert and ice cream?
Khaw Han Chung
Khaw Han Chung

I seldom come to Bishan neighbourhood and it is glad to find Denzy Gelato in this area.

Mango yuzu is of course the refreshing flavours to enjoy for the hot day.

This place is familiar for most of the people for their popular ice cream.

This time I came again to try on another item on their best seller.

The spiced pear has a musky fragrance of Williams pear and complemented with woody accents of cinnamon, cloves and star anise. $5 (single cup)

A super tiny shop sharing the same space with the bread shop beside. But here you could find some exciting ice cream flavours.

I gotten the popcorn butterscotch, which is creamy and tasty; topped with the sweet butterscotch.

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A beautiful and small dessert shop with a few seatings, this is where you could grab some Chinese dessert in this comfortable space.

For something refreshing and cold, I definitely recommend their Cheng Tng. You could find dried longan boiled with fragrant red date, handmade sweet potato balls and crunchy white fungus in the bowl.

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For those who really enjoy chocolate, raise your tastebud with their 85% dark chocolate. Super creamy but it wasn’t too bitter, it still have some sweeter hint. $4

Seriously at Blk 55 Chai Chee Drive, you will never out of options to look for food or dessert.

Butter space is one of the shops here serving ice cream, waffle and cookie in this industrial theme space.

They started as online business before becoming this brick-and-mortar shop.

The oreo cookie you could expect bitting on pieces of oreo biscuits. While the birthday cake stuffed with marshmallows within, complemented with the buttery taste of the cookie.

It is surprised to see a few dessert shops under this HDB block, which is a very quiet neighbourhood. So there wasn’t much people when I came on weekends lunch time.

Gotten the taro coconut and enjoyed the ice cream after meal in this area.

People were recommending us to try this whenever we are here, and I totally agree with all of them. The ondeh-ondeh taste was super rich and tasty.

It is also served together with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

A new ice cream concept by Janice Wong, serving some exciting flavours ice cream here at Great World.

I saw this interesting waffle cup on display, so decided to opt for this to go with my choice of ice cream.

The berry violet is refreshing taste as you could imagine with its name. Don’t miss the opportunity to add some toppings on top as well.

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If you are here to grab some foods from 46 Mittsu, then you will definitely also attracted by the display of pastries and cake from KURA beside it.

Since you are here, why not also grab some dessert to enjoy as well? They have lots of cakes to choose from the display.

I gotten the roasted hojicha even though it took me awhile to decide which one to go for. All looks so delicious!

The roasted hojicha featured a very rich taste of matcha and it is totally worth having it. $10

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Beside Fruce, you will find this ice cream shop serving a few options of flavours.

Blue vanilla has a very attracting colour, featured a sticky and rich vanilla taste. It is also topped with bites of black sea salt, so you could get a very strong sea salt taste when you eating it at the beginning. $4.50

Another bakery that gained some popularity for their sourdough bombos. Started as a home based business before they found a physical store at this place.

Their box of 4 started with the price of $14, and add on the customisation cost based on what fillings you choose.

I gotten the chocolate, blueberry cheesecake, sea salt maple and yuzu creme.

They are all comes with generous fillings in each of them. Fluffy and tasty.

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Distance never stop me from hunting for good foods around the world, but limited by COVID-19 now.

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