Snacks You can Have

Snacks You can Have

Why not treat yourself with some desserts, pastries or any snacks you can find in Singapore?
Khaw Han Chung
Khaw Han Chung

All the mooncakes are baked freshly, so they don’t come with plastic packaging. So be mindful of this when gifting it to people.

You can customise the flavours you want, and the gifting packaging will be provided at a cost.

Some of the mooncakes filling included pure lotus with yolk, pandan lotus, red bean and durian.

I came across this place only recently as I’m searching where to get traditional mooncake as gift.

Interestingly this place is actually located inside hawker centre at Geylang, and they have started the business for many years since 1978.

Upon arriving at the stall in the early morning, there’s already a few customer choosing their mooncake. And the staff also busy packing mooncake orders as well.

They sell traditional mooncakes here and one of their popular items would be their crispy Teaochew Orh Nee mooncake.

Easily sold out within the day and you would need to come early to grab the chance to buy it.

Choose from either with yolk or not, and you would love the crispy texture of the mooncake that filled with real yam.

In this very quiet area of Ang Mo Kio, a short walk distance away from the MRT station, you would find this cafe that open from late afternoon till late night. Offering ice cream and drink here, suitable for group gathering or just chill.

They are proud to serve vegan ice cream here, and the taste don’t compromise at all. Especially for their Corny Cornflake, you get a very strong corn flavour here with lots of cornflake.

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But if you want something refreshing and cold, then go with their mango dessert to complete your meal here.


Don’t finish your meal here without trying some of their desserts as well. And their yam paste really worth getting it.


The chrysanthemum flavour surprisingly strong as you eat it, and you would find all the cacao nibs mixed inside.


It has been awhile since my last visit to their outlet in Yishun.

Today I was searching for some snack to buy for tea break and found this stall available in the hawker centre.

The charcoal pancakes seem interesting, which I gotten the peanut and black sesame. The taste wise was okay, nothing too scary.

I enjoyed much of the generous peanut and black sesame filling inside.


The news came shocked to many people when they suddenly announced their closure in October if there’s no successor taking over the business.

Uggli Muffins is not stranger to many people as they has been selling their pastries for many years, which has gained their recognition for the muffins.

Very unique kind of muffins in naturally irregular shape, which they all are handmade and baked freshly batches by batches. The muffins are all browned in dark shade, caramelised and crusty.

The long queue has always been there and of course now would be the same, but the owner is really nice as they will frequently share the some sample to the people who are queueing. These samples are usually just freshly baked from the oven, so try it while it is still warm.

Since you have been queuing for so long, why not just grab boxes of it back? Each box would come with 10 pieces plus 2 complimentary. Get the mixed flavours and the owner would randomly select for you with flavours they have for the day.

Perfect for gift or just enjoy it at home. I really enjoy the texture and its fragrance flavours. Do grab and try it while they still open.

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Hidden under HDB blocks opposite Eunos MRT Station, this ice cream shop could easily missed out without making your way in.

I wasn’t expecting it to be such a spacious dining area inside, which you would find many tables available here.

The Pei Pa Gao is one of the unique flavour you can find from this place. Rich with the taste and of course soothing as well.

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You have to be here in early morning when they just open at 8am, this is because their pancake could sold out pretty fast.

This old school pancake really popular here and many people love the texture of their pancake, and also for its super affordable price.

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You can’t leave Swish Rolls without getting a swiss roll. They also offered a few different flavours of swiss roll as well, on top of other pastries.

I like the soft texture of the rose sponge with cream in the middle.

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This was the trending viral recently when they first started to sell it here. A croissant in circular-shaped filled with filling inside.

They offered a few different flavours and I got the pistachio. Stuffed with generous filling of pistachio and cream inside.

The butter croissant remain the crispy texture. Do eat it slowly as the filling inside would flood out.


Distance never stop me from hunting for good foods around the world.

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