Sweet Things You can Have

Sweet Things You can Have

Why not treat yourself with some dessert and ice cream?
Khaw Han Chung
Khaw Han Chung

I felt so sad that I don’t have the chance to visit their old outlet in Toa Payoh before they closed down.

So when the news came out about their new outlet in the same neighbourhood, I immediately invited my friends to visit this place with me.

As usual for most new places, it was very crowded when I came. So we went for the ice cream and keep the waffle for next trip.

My friend highly recommended me this flavour and totally agree with it. Strong taste of gula melaka and I really enjoyed it. $3.80

A very small shop at the back of Clementi Mall, serving not many choices as the rest. Rum & Raisin is their premium option for additional $1 on top of single scoop ($3.80).

Came here for dinner and also trying their ice cream. Unfortunately I couldn’t really enjoy it much, to me it was too ordinary. Nothing to shout out here.

I had been passing by this place many times and finally make the effort to stop by and try their matcha.

The float comes with the match or vanilla ice cream on top, with iced matcha at the bottom. The iced matcha doesn’t taste sweet so if you prefer, you can go for the one with milk added. $6.80

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This place was located at the new building called The Flow, just across the road opposite Indigo Hotel.

They served various types of Hong Kong style desserts here. Mine was creamy with generous portion with lots of mini rice balls.

Everyone coming here will try one action, to flip their soft serve 180 degree. Was told by the staff that you can’t flip it 90 degree, must totally upside down.

The soft serve was really milky but it just melt too fast. $5.20

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A very famous dessert shop from the Philippines. A small cup of mango filled with lots of sweetness and bites of real mango. I like how sticky it was for the texture, would mind to get another cup.


The Gula Melaka hit you immediately with the sweetness, overall taste creamy and mix well with the red bean and chendol. $2


Even though I have this few weeks ago, but when I writing this post I actually start to have the craving! This is probably the best coconut ice cream I have tasted for awhile. You could bites some coconut skins in the ice cream, which make them so good and special. Okay I must find some time to re-visit again.

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Just the first day of the preview for Jewel Changi Airport already see lots of people here with long queues everywhere, including this one.

Their brown sugar series would be their signature items on the menu. They prepared their drink fresh and on the spot, so you might have to be patience. The sweetness still acceptable and having fun time chewing all the bubbles. $6.30


Finally the famous ice cream store from US has officially landed in Singapore with their first outlet at the newly opened Jewel Changi Airport.

You get to choose from 4 type of cones and then get your favourite choice of ice cream flavours. The signature would be the 3 toppings but I think for me 1 topping would be enough. The price would rather too expensive for me as this costs me $11.

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A day in National Gallery couldn’t complete without some dessert here.

The cheese cake taste great with the cream and you probably enjoy the cheese melt in in your mount for every bite till it finish.

I hunt for foods.

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