Filling Meals

Filling Meals

Featuring Muchachos, Blue Label Pizza & Wine (Ann Siang Road), Herbivore, Kelly Jie Seafood, Latteria Mozzarella Bar, Whole Earth, Casa Tartufo, Trattoria Pizzeria Logic, Pizza Fabbrica, The Mast'
Tamara C
Tamara C

Real woodfired oven pizza!!! The dough was so nice and tasty, and the tomato sauce was tart and fresh- as it should be!!! I wish there was a bit more cheese but it was good quality cheese so I'm not too upset.

Best place to have chili crab hands down. Get a group of people and get a crab or two and like.. 20 pieces of mantou and go to town. The sauce is spicy but also sweet and so very eggy and delicious, and the crab is always tender and tasty and well cooked. FIVE STARS!!! Also worth ordering are the salted egg yolk green beans.

Forget starters - they are small and over priced. The main draw here is their pizza. The calzone in particular was so good!! The cheese was lovely and melty and the extra sauce on top was a great addition to the chewy folds of dough.

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The Monkeyhead mushrooms were SO GOOD amd probably my favourite of the dishes we had. The sweet and sour dish was good too but a bit too sweet for me. The same for the tofu dish although I think if I didn't have the sweet and sour dish it would have not tasted too sweet. I recommend getting a few dishes to share as well as a portion of rice.

Lovely wood fired pizza with great quality cheese! The tomato sauce was really nice and not sweet as some pizzas can be.

Even though the dough of this pizza was very tasty, I feel like they could have afforded to put more toppings. There wasn't a lot of cheese or tomatoes or sauce on the pizza which was quite disappointing. My father also had a pizza that had meat on it, but again, there was not a lot of meat either. It was quite expensive so I'm not sure I would return.

Kind of a disappointing starter. The cheese itself tasted fine, but the centre of the bocconci was not melted at all and a bit cold even... I expected this to be a gooey melty ball of cheese but instead only got a bit of melty and a cold centre.

The burrata was so creamy and fresh!!! We were told it was directly imported from Italy. You could really taste the quality of the milk from which it was made. Would highly recommend this dish!!! It was also HUGE!!! A very filling starter that honestly could double as a main for lunch OR dinner.

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I love love LOVE burrata cheese so getting to try one that was freshly made was a MUST. I will say that despite the burrata being mellow tasting but nice, if on the bland side, the mozzarella was a bit of a disappointment. The texture was a bit off and it was far too salty. Possibly it was the milk that day? The dishes were also quite pricey.


Nearly everything in their menu contains truffles!!! But they use the real deal so you don't feel as heaty as you normally would eating 'truffle' dishes at another establishment. This pasta is definitely the star though. It's a lovely little place and the staff are very attentive. Free BYOB on Thursdays!

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The pizza dough itself is the star here. It tastes so good and chewy that I didn't even mind the lack of cheese on the plain cheese pizza!! The tomato sauce is a bit on the sweet side but it evens out with the tart of the sourdough itself. I also highly recommend the banoffee dessert pizza as that is something completely different and super tasty!!

Stick to their burritos. The quesadilla is not a quesadilla!!! It's just a squished burrito without rice... It still tastes good and the ingredients are great but... it's just.. NOT a quesadilla. I was expecting something with more cheese and that wasn't too heavy. Left me wishing I got a burrito instead. :(

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