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there's many korean restaurants in the area and always wanted to try this one with their lunch sets. Had the beef bone soup, and felt its creamy but saltier than what I like. The banchans (side dishes) are very much welcomed.

For $13 at this authentic korean setting, its not too bad

Walking by this stretch of jap and korean chains always make me extremely hungry, so finally we found ourselves here! Got the half and half, and was pleasantly surprised by how they shared so many complimentary sides for us (pasta salad, kimchi, ice lemon tea e.g.)

The bouncy noodles goes really well for both Jajangmyeon (jjm) and jamppong

The jjm, i felt, was sweeter than the savoury ones I'm used to. The cameralised brown onions are definitely good, though minced meat remains elusive. (wish its a more meaty dish). Meanwhile the jamppong checked all the boxes, with generous squids, clams, and also a small bit of crayfish. Its also tangy in its spiciness. Good to mix up the taste!!

($16 for the mixed)

First time trying naengmyeon and the spicy sauce got to me! Its a little hotter than i expected (in both sense of the word) and absolutely worth it with Grab's $2 promo.

We got the KFC (korean fried chicken) in Citrus sauce, which is an intriguing sweet taste that I'm not too used to. The crisp and tenderness is well captured. The egg portion was smaller than expected, but given that its just $3.

Highly recommend the chicken!!


Back here for the second time to try my favourite: beef rib soup! (galbi-tang). With burpple one for one, we also got the spicy pork stew.

My strong bias towards galbi-tang had me wolfing it down. While the soup may pale in comparison to the one in Bornga, the ribs are fairly tender and aromatic, accompanied by the broth. Also love that theres glass noodles inside. The spicy pork stew wasnt to my liking perhaps because im not a spice fan, also the meat felt tougher, and also healthier 😅 must say its really flavourful though!

To note that adding a rice means that it is the discounted item for burpple beyond (weird...). Otherwise we enjoyed this place's food thoroughly!

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DIY BBB with the sesame soy chicken, tender mushrooms and beansprout + apple cider gochujang and soy sauce is a winner. Was initially stressed by the no. of options available, but this is indeed one neat way to make the bbb you want. (~$6 with entertainer)

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Cheese and seafood heaven. Loved jampong since I had it in Korea in a cold wintery night, and I'm glad Singapore has this in a central place. (am very sad because we didn't get the 1:1, and only realise it after we left the place.......) still, a lovely dinner especially with the steaming hot bowl of noodles. ($17.90 each)


This authentic bowl of goodness was so Q. Mixed very well with the black bean sauce and was slightly sweet! Love the pieces of pork meat and crunchy cabbage inside too. ($9.80)

Love this jijidon ($10) with its generous servings of meat. All very tangy and delicious - I can't decide which I like the most. Extremely filling and satisfying, especially with the BBQ mayo sauce! :)


Love this and will totally be back!!! For $18, it serves a piping hot bowl of soup with chunky, yummy meat, just right for this cold weather. The serving of meat is generous. Plus ordering the lunch set gives free flow of side dishes. We also ordered the seafood pancake that is rich with spring onion, it is slightly different from the usual as it is thicker and taste more like flour. Also, it is good for lunch for its ambience and spaciousness!

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