Fave spot that transports us to Korea. All the fare is delicious, from army stew to their bbq meats, to the pajeon. Love the free flow sides and barley tea as always. We got a corner and it was pretty hot. ($155 for 4)

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Love this gem of a dish, the beef rib soup is so rich tasting and filled with lots of vermicelli and beef ribs! (Many places usually miss on the taste of this, so I'm glad to find Yun Ga which has nailed it). Plus, it comes with all the banchan and ice barley tea, which is amazing. Highly recommend the lunch deals here (~$18)

This place is amazing and I'll keep coming back. Thank you to the warm and friendly couple serving this authentic Korean food for us πŸ™ really a hidden gem that deserves lots of love. Their grilled pork are the chunky ones! And on top of a bed of onions stir fried to be soft and caramel sweet.

If you're here, the jiggaes are very comforting too. Sundubi jiggae was just packed full of flavours. Love it :)

Ps. Photo taken mid meal so you can expect the serving is way more

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Must say the noodles are super springy. But the black bean taste is not the strongest and there's not too much meat. Food is served fast and there's lotsa onion which tastes caramel sweet πŸ‘

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Best for big groups, since you get to share the wide variety of Korean food here.

Must tries for me:
- Spicy Fire Chicken with Cheese. ($22) don't be intimidated by the name, paired with melty cheese, it becomes a savoury heaven of grilled chicken.
- Mentaiko dumplings ($10 for 5) whatever is in these dumplings is an explosion of flavours
- Kimchi fried rice with egg and tuna ($12) mix your own lil rice balls from this delicious plate
- Boneless fried chicken ($24 for 6) absolutely heavenly, with it being so crisp outside and juicy inside. Better than most chicken places!
- Sundubu with seafood ($17)
- Seafood Pajeon Pancake ($18)
- in short, too many good food here, everything is a hit.

Also, no gst and service charge!!


Been on a Korean roll, and spoilt for choice at o.bba jjajang. The jjm craving is met with their QQ noodles, but a pity it didn't come piping hot. Nevertheless, the caramelized onions are delightful. The jampong seafood noodles was also generous with it's seafood like prawn, mussels and does have a spicy kick to it (perfect for cold days)

Not a fan of the tangsuyuk which has more flour than we prefer. ($50 for this full set, and it comes with our hard boiled egg, lots of side dishes and favourite melona ice cream 🍈🍦)


The Seafood Pancake (haemul pajjeon) deserves a shout-out and was cleared in no time. The grilled squid within it was the highlight for how smokey and chewy it was. Plus, it was enwrapped in the crispy pancake and was not at all oily.

Plus the half and half chicken is crispy outside and soft inside!!! It's either the fried crispy chicken or this tangy garlic soy sauce chicken. For $35 its serving was good to share amongst 5 people. Korean food is indeed great for sharing :-)

Place and food are both authentic and we were lucky to get a nice corner without any queue.

You know those soups where the first slurp makes you go Woah? This is one of them and will remain as my go to for comforting, healing Miso soup.

Their Bean It stew was potent, with a strong miso kick but at the same time, not too salty. I love how it comes mostly with healthy veg, such as zucchini, mushrooms, onions and all of them softened such that you can almost drink it up. Plus, the beef slices are generous and chewy!

Thumbs up. Plus their set comes with a drink (e.g. water, lemon tea) and Melona ice cream! (We got the banana one)

$16 for 2 sets with burpple beyond


A feast of colours and tastes, we went for the Chicken Bibimbap ($14) and are pleased with the honey-sweet grilled chicken, juicy mushroom, greens and that kick from the gochunjang sauce. Warms you up from inside out.

There's also tofu and beef options ($12 and $15 respectively).

A month old in Thomson Plaza is the 2nd outlet of Kong Cafe. Minimalistic setting for a taste of authentic, home cooked Korean dishes - I liked my Sundubu jiggae set, which was generous with the clams & mussels + it's not too spicy. It comes with gyoza and a bowl of rice (although I feel the serving of rice fits more for petite appetites). - $12.90 dine in promo

Ps. Worth visiting if you're taking the new Thomson East coast line!

Love the food here! This kalguksu (knife cut noodles) taste so wholesome and homely, plus the humongous portion - just takes it home.

It comes with generous portions of crispy pork (samgyeopsal), and healthy greens such as zucchini, spring onion, seaweed. It's soup (I think bean based) is also not too salty and together with the QQ noodles, deliicious. It's $14.90 and worth the queue

Finally visited this new home for Ajumma, since it moved from Cathay.

Or soontofu as they call it. Pillowy soft and silky handmade tofu embedded in a sea of gochu pepper soup (you can choose your spiciness level, and it is less spicy than it looks). I've gone with the comforting Mild spice, and seafood mix - that offers a heavenly combination of squid, clams and prawns! I do think the soup runs out fast especially with the abundance of ingredients.

It comes with banchan side dishes, a fried fish and traditional claypot rice too. Esp love the crispy rice. What a feast. (~$20). Ps. There's complimentary yakult too.

If you're here for the first time, checking out the combo may be worth it

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