Love the food here! This kalguksu (knife cut noodles) taste so wholesome and homely, plus the humongous portion - just takes it home.

It comes with generous portions of crispy pork (samgyeopsal), and healthy greens such as zucchini, spring onion, seaweed. It's soup (I think bean based) is also not too salty and together with the QQ noodles, deliicious. It's $14.90 and worth the queue

Finally visited this new home for Ajumma, since it moved from Cathay.

Or soontofu as they call it. Pillowy soft and silky handmade tofu embedded in a sea of gochu pepper soup (you can choose your spiciness level, and it is less spicy than it looks). I've gone with the comforting Mild spice, and seafood mix - that offers a heavenly combination of squid, clams and prawns! I do think the soup runs out fast especially with the abundance of ingredients.

It comes with banchan side dishes, a fried fish and traditional claypot rice too. Esp love the crispy rice. What a feast. (~$20). Ps. There's complimentary yakult too.

If you're here for the first time, checking out the combo may be worth it

Korean street food for the win - especially good to keep you warm. We enjoyed the fishcake corndog, fried cheese and also the fishcake oden style. (~$8)

Feels nice to end the week with seafood army stew with a wide variety of ingredients, and with additional ramyeon and stringy cheese ($50 all in). Popular dinner option so expect some queue. Will be back to try halmuni (grandmother's) signature noodles.

So glad there's more quality korean options in. Bishan!

Thumbs up to their collagen rich sundubu stew, don't let the colour make you think it's spicier than it is, I got the Kimchi, cheese and pork belly sundubu (tofu stew) and its overall a satisfying soup with it's mix spice and abundant with their pillow light tofu!

It's a place for authentic korean cuisine, and for ~$19, we got a pot of roasted rice with a bit of char taste and goguma (sweet potato), their banchan side dishes and two fried fish (we didn't like it cos it's more floury and mushy)

Definitely a spot to go to with family and friends but do take note that the waiting time for food can take a...while...

Had their chicken thigh burger and I'm glad it's not the crispy and oily version. Instead you find a tender thigh with light batter, with the punch of slice onions, topped with a honey sweet mayo and between fluffy buns. #masterpiece indeed. PSA they have 1 for 1 till the end of the month. $5.80 usually which is pretty worth. Pair it with their cucumber lemonade!

Realise this is a popular chain in Korea and No signboard brought it to SG. 🙌

Pocha is short for Korean street food, nostalgic of 70s and 80s times. Loved the army stew here, sweet/spicy with creamy noodles. Simply not enough ramen. We also had the half and half Korean pancakes - seafood being my favourite side as the kimchi one is spicy

Pretty authentic feels here with the cosy eatery and served with piping hot food, banchan and barley roasted tea. Can just imagine snuggling here during winter

($37 each, 2 pax but deffo can feed 3)


The jajangmyeon is mastered with the springy ramen with caramelised onions, and bits of minced pork. Served together with the endless fried chicken and pork (tangsuyuk), and finished with sweet fruity soju - I love the grape flavour!

The jamppong was abit too spicy for me tho! We left v v v full

Or sweet and sour pork. We got the XL version for $40. Its different from the Chinese floury kinds we know, its more substantial, crispy and engulfed in a sour, tart sauce.

Its at Dong Fang Hong

Celebrated a birthday here, first time at a korean chinese place with jjajangmyeon filled with lots of onions with tangy black bean sauce. Theres a lot of similarities in korean and chinese food, and the marriage of them here pays tribute to the best of them

Got the $12 one, though I recommend to go for the $15 one if you prefer more meat!

The highlight of the meal is the seafood mac and cheese, which exceeded our expectations. While it differ from the usual crisp baked m&c, its creaminess and the tender seafood pieces (prawns, crab meat) go v well together.


Also unusual that its in a korean restaurant (fusion heh)

The fried chicken made me slightly disappointed. Never a fan of chicken tenders as it doesnt feel the most authentic. Also the fondue cheese may be nice, but when mixed with the other cheeses (mozarella?) doesnt give off a striking taste. Would prefer going for more authentic chicken bites.


PSA theres 50% cashback on cashback app, which i only realised after paying for the meal...

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