Hawker Woks

Hawker Woks

Ft amoy, laupatsat, and our heartland coffeeshops (~$5)
Cherie Heng
Cherie Heng

Unique wokhei porridge that serves every bite with a punch of flavours, it's consistently creamy and has a Klang bakkuteh taste to it. Plus, it's served piping hot and I love the crispy bits in it. $5.90 for the one with sliced pork 👍🥇


with an explosion of flavours - delicate skin enclosing a generous serving of pork and broth!! Plus it goes for $8 for 10 dumplings and it's almost *instant*. Love it.

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Xin Mei Xiang's famed Lor Mee extended to a new outlet at Balestier. For $6 for it's normal bowl, we get a consistently thick and savoury zhap (sauce) that blends so well with the mix of garlic, coriander leaf, vinegar and what's special about theirs is the delicious fish flakes (it's fishy taste is extra aromatic) and it's thick pork belly.

Finally got a chance to try it when we went early - which you'll have tough luck at its original Old Airport Road outlet

Ps. This store is co owned by NOC's foodking Ryan 🤙

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There's also Collins at kopitiams, and it served a hearty portion for us with some unique sides (sweet potatoes fries, mushroom medley) and special sauces (pesto cream eg). Chicken cutlet ($9.90) was juicy & tender but the pork cutlet ($12.90) was sadly dry. The roasted pumpkins was a miss for us too, as it didn't capture the sweetness

First time trying and all in all, it's definitely a good contender of Astons

Friday hunt for dinner leads us here to this western food chain at Sims (near aljunied), for a diverse menu with affordable options - we got the ribeye steak with 3 diff sides ($15.90).

Overall, it's al-right but felt it could do more as the sauce is slightly salty and overwhelms it. My fave is the garlicky Aglio Olio. Ps. Realise peri peri is a kopitiam western food chain

And you know why this charkueyteow place has long queues at Chinatown Complex (imo one of the best kopitiams around). You can smell the char and wokhey around the stall, and they whipped this dish that: soft QQ kuayteow and beansprouts, extremely juicy clams. Not too oily and it's on the wet side.

$3 for regular, wished we went for the bigger one at $4. The queue never stopped.

This stall is near the escalator

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It's a wonder how they continue to keep their chicken rice at $3.50, and I deeply respect that. It's been years since I ate it although I stay nearby and I must say this is a winning plate of chicken rice from it's authentic tasting chicken broth, cold jelly chicken skin and tender meat, less oily rice. It just tastes healthy, compared to most chicken rice that's generous in both salt and oil

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after a good sweat-it-out. This $5 plate from stall 21 is so sumptuous, and a generous serving I barely finished it. It's prawn mee how I like it - soaking in prawn essence, eggy fragrance, thin beehoon and thick noodles, with fatty pork slices.

This winner of the Michelin Bib for 4 years (2016-2019) definitely deserves the throne. The sauce brings out the fragrance of 30+ herbs, without being too potent - and it has been constantly cooked for 30+ years. Plus each plate packs about 1500mg of rice collagen. Unique taste no doubt.

I love how there's both delicately cut duck and chicken drumstick meat along its smooth hor fun which you can easily slurp it up. Also, those big, juicy chunks of mushrooms - just 👌👌altogether.

The pride in this hawker food won my heart. #supportlocal #traditionalfood

New flagship store at Laupasat - check it out!

Tried Chengji, 成记 (Stall 24) with their Pork Leg Bee Hoon ($5). Its fragrantly whipped together though I also realise its with my fave canned pork trotters - that familiar and comforting taste... Lime and chilli sauce recommended!

Also had the carrot cake from Stall 22 Hokkien Mee, crisp yet moist with a strong radish taste, felt like we didn't have enough!

Happy birthday SG - and one of my favourite part of it is our hawker food, and the tireless hawkers behind them 💛

I got this generous bowl of lor mee for just $2.50 near Parkway Parade, and it comes with a perfectly crisp fried fish, slices of lor bak, egg, fishcake and... very earthy lor mee sauce.

I'm usually very particular about lor mee, and this just checks all the right boxes. It gives a good kick with the vinegar and garlic.

And of course, what makes this stall the most memorable to me is....how the owners simply tell me that its alright i forgot my wallet, and to pay after the meal and that I should enjoy my piping hot bowl of lor mee first (came back afterwards). This trust right here - i'm so thankful.

[Ma Po Lor Mee]

Also ft H's char kuey teow thats a unique rendition in satay sauce - not the black one we expected but i guess still quite shiok


Had all the intentions to just get a $4 large bowl of wanton mee but truffle..... its super worth it still $6.50 for noodles soaked in truffle oil. Plus it comes with numerous/countless plump chewy + crisp fried wantons

I wish interim moves away from plastic utensils, but i can imagine what a logistical nightmare it is, especially with the crazy lunch crowd already.

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