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Hawker Woks

Hawker Woks

Ft amoy, laupatsat, and our heartland coffeeshops (~$5)
Cherie Heng
Cherie Heng
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My kind of sunday brunch is digging into all these hawker food - and while i didnt get to try the famous Xin Mei Xiang lor mee as it wasn't open, this Tiong Bahru lor mee met my lor mee cravings.

For $5, you get a mix of fish, ngoh hiang, sliced pork in its sweet/savoury gravy. Loved the generous garlic and vinegar kick. The fish was slightly fishy in taste - but will definitely order the $5 again for its variety of liao

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It had a bakkuteh fragrance to the soup which makes me want to slurp it all up, accompanied by fresh fish and good service, will recommend eating this when at Laupasat! ($3.50)

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This decadent spread of roast meats for $10.80 is a treat!! They're all fragrant albeit slightly dry. The crackling roast pork is my favourite, and the black charsiew is tender with its generous fats. Nevertheless, felt like its too charred although it has its unique honey-char taste. I prefer Char but i must say this is value for money and worth sharing (one portion is too heavy for me)


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Been a crazy month of sorts with project deadlines, hence thankful for this burrito break with its punchy salted egg sauce. It is almost bursting with its veggie and the well fried chicken patty, plus the salted egg sauce was fragrant (and slightly heaty). Love the generous salsa serving at the side!

($6, 2nd floor of Amoy)

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Was around jalan sultan and was craving for some spicy noodles. This mee goreng definitely met it, and its topped with generous chicken, tofu and veggie. ($5.50) this store is near the entrance of Textile Center

While visiting our relatives nearby, we got peckish and found this place with its wokhei fragrance. The prawn hee is eggy and stir fried with lean meat (三陈肉,my favourite kind) and beehoon!! With the zesty lime juice, its made us very satisfied! Thumbs up!


I flocked here as soon as I knew of this place opening - salted egg combined with mala's ingredients? Yums.

With the tinge of spice mixed with the creamy salted egg creation where you can still find bits of the yolk, its certainly better than the salted egg yolk indo mee flavour. We savoured the consistently creamy and slightly spicy sauce with the maggi mee. Also, the crispy fish skin is a big plus, who knew there's a magical salted egg combi.

There's an abundance of ingredients available, my fave being the cheese tofu. And their serving is generous too!! The boss served us and handpicked the ingredients, the veg portion was certainly more than expected 👍👍

$1 - veg
$2 - meat
$2 - maggi mee

My serving was about $15.50 and just right for the two of us!

Nearest mrt: Nicoll highway
This store is on the second floor, you wont miss it because its the first store you'll see!

Come have your salted egg party too! Supportive of the 3 bosses who are venturing into this creative f&b space. V friendly too!

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The winding queues are a good sign of a food treasure and the piping hot bowl of spinach soup was nutritious and very generous with ingredients. A light broth tasting of soy sauce and the spinach accompanied by the freshest prawns i've tried (you'll know when you sink your teeth in), salt marinated minced pork and a runny egg for just $4 with a carbs later, i left feeling extremely satisfied and healthy.

Amoy is indeed full of amazing hawker food :-)

Wow if you tell me qq ramen with 3 slices of perfectly charred charsiew with the right ratio of fats:meat, accompanied by an onsen egg and generous amount of bamboo shoots is just going for $6, it would be hard for me to believe - till I tried this one.

✅ value for money
✅ a humble family run hawker store
✅✅✅ extremely delicious

Located on 2nd floor of Amoy, it's a treasure I'm so glad I found. The secret of adding a splash of vinegar made it all the more tantalising.

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Slurped this noodles up in no time. This feels like a bowl prepared with a lot of dedication, from the store owner prepping each portion of the eggy wanton noodles, to the frying of the potato prawn and the brewing of the pork soup (that ain't greasy at all). While the sauce wasn't the most unique, the freshness and crispness of all the other ingredients (and it's unique mix) made this noodles one of a kind.

On a weekday lunchtime (~12.45pm), the queue was fast, contrary to popular beliefs. Got my bowl in 15 minutes and finished it in less! $8 thoroughly worth it :)

The meesua BCM with vinegar combi I got was good though the vinegar is too potent (prolly added too much). Long queue for lunch ~30mins and it seems many people travelled here just to eat it. Nothing much to shout out about except the dedication of the chef in whipping this up. Full respect always. ($5)


Ran here on a Saturday morning for the famed soup meepok. The flatfish is the magic to the soup, alongside it's fluffy fish maw!! Had to finish every single drop of that eggy broth. $10 serving is good to share amongst two. The queue is worth braving too (~30mins on a sat 10am)

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I write to remember good food, and to share the most humble of eats Burpple beyond code: CHER464

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