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Top Japanese Dishes

Top Japanese Dishes

Featuring The Sushi Bar (Far East Plaza), Kajiken (Bugis), Ginza Kamo Soba Kyudaime Keisuke
Ben Chia
Ben Chia
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Tried Kajiken for the first time today. I guess Mazesoba is a relatively new concept coming to Singapore, and I like it alot!
The Mazesoba ($12.90) comes with generous serving of spicy minced pork, seaweed, negi, and an onsen egg sitting atop the soba noodles. Mix in the ingredients well and maybe some chili oil and vinegar and you've got a hearty bowl of dry noodles. I like the noodle texture alot - it's firm with a springy bite.

And made better with Burpple Beyond 1-for-1 offer!


Very unique offering from Keisuke's line up of restaurants. Warning to those who are sensitive to meaty/gamey flavours - you might not last through the bowl. Brought my family to try this and funnily, the comment from their first spoon of the broth was "wow! this is".

But for those who love duck and ramen (and Keisuke), you gonna love this.


The first piece I had was the best! Piping hot fried salmon fin was bursting with flavor from the batter, meat and fish fat. Paired with spicy mayo or with wasabi and soy sauce and it's so delicious. In fact there was so much oily bits that I imagine all that Omega 3 goodness pulsing through my mouth, down my throat. But it became harder as we started feeling more "jelak" from all the fish oil.

So I'd recommend, eat with a nice glass of beer!

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I like the spicy kick from the spicy mayo, but I feel it needs more umami in the sauce. But, another awesome value buy from The Sushi Bar.
Especially when you have Burpple Beyond's 1-for-1 offer, you get another roll for the price of 1:)

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The chirashi don that took Singapore by storm. I remember having it back when The Sushi Bar first started, and I'm still eating it till today. For the variety, thick slices, large portion, freshness of the sashimi and price, I rank this as my personal best chirashi don in Singapore (along with Manzoku's offering). At no where else can you get such value. Normal Chirashi Don is priced at $24.90++.

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I live to eat. Mmm.

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