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Featuring Sunday Folks, Nesuto, I am... (Haji Lane), Tom's Palette, Five Oars Coffee Roasters, Patisserie G (Millenia Walk), Hvala (CHIJMES), habitat by honestbee, Icenoie Hokkaido (Tanjong Pagar), Upside Down Coffee Alternatives
Veronica Chen
Veronica Chen
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I had my doubts when friends suggested having food there since it was nested within a grocery shop. However, my concerns were eliminated when when my first mouthful proved that it was indeed a slab of marble. I liked how smooth and soft those pancakes were and they went so well with the whipped cream and maple syrup!!

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I have mixed feelings about this because I appreciate how there were real mango bits which added the much needed crunch. However, I felt that the cake mousse was a little too bland; I could hardly taste the mango and lavender extract.

*finding Zen in a Japanese inspired teahouse*

Finally made my way to Hvala as they were having a special pottery exhibition and I got the iconic combination- matcha tea and matcha azuki cake. The tea was very well whisked and I chose to add only a little sugar to retain it's authenticity. The matcha cake on the other end was on the sweeter end as it was dropped with matcha sauce which I thought made the cake a little too sweet. Otherwise, I thought it was a perfect combination as the bitter after taste of the matcha tea complemented well with the cake. The ambience is really nice and it would be good to come before 8pm where it starts to get crowded!

People who have a sweet tooth and loves caramel will appreciate this cake way more than me. I personally thought there was way too much caramel that I could barely taste any honey in it. In addition, it was way too sweet for me. Lee‘s seems like a quaint shop that is growing in popularity so do remember to go early if you want to secure seats!


I thought I already tried the best cake when I visited Nesuto but it seems like Lee confectionery has a lot to offer as well. The shop is tucked away opposite the JE swimming complex and stationed below a block of HDB. The shop had a rather simple and minimalist decoration which went well with their cake creations. Puck was made mainly of chocolate mousse and it was so well made that you could taste the richness of the chocolate with every mouth. Even though it's a little costly at 8 dollars, I would say that it's really worth. Look forward to coming back to try the other cakes too


This one tasted a little weird as I thought the sakura was too salty.

I like how the taste of Earl grey is super prominent here that I almosy forgot it's actually a cake I am eating. It would be perfect if the crust could be a little more crispy. But I foresee myself coming back to Paris Baguette for cakes because their selection an quality has improved so much over the years.

It became my favourite instantly when I took my first bite as the rich cream blended in well with the purple sweet potato puree. I felt that k was eating an actual sweet potato

Sunday folks really live up to its name of having the best waffles and ice cream no doubt. I loved the Earl grey ice cream as it had a very strong tea taste which blended well with the soft tint of lavender. Super affordable with Burrple 1 for 1

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This taste like any other fruit soda with yuzu peels. I would say go for their coffee or milk tea.

I really love this version of milk tea as the ratio of milk to tea is just right and it has a very light after taste. Brown sugar is usually provided but it doesn't make the coffee too sweet.

I love coming back here again and again despite their limited drinks and food menu simply because the cakes are seasonal and I am always excited to try what is new. While this roll cake is pretty expensive at 8 dollars, it was definitely money well spent as the light chocolate cream went really well with the strawberries.

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