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Featuring I am... (Haji Lane), Nesuto, Patisserie G (Millenia Walk), Five Oars Coffee Roasters, Tom's Palette, Naganuma Ice Co (Tanjong Pagar), Upside Down Coffee Alternatives, Littlepo, Baristart Coffee, Katasumi Koohii
Veronica Chen
Veronica Chen
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This taste like any other fruit soda with yuzu peels. I would say go for their coffee or milk tea.

I really love this version of milk tea as the ratio of milk to tea is just right and it has a very light after taste. Brown sugar is usually provided but it doesn't make the coffee too sweet.

I love coming back here again and again despite their limited drinks and food menu simply because the cakes are seasonal and I am always excited to try what is new. While this roll cake is pretty expensive at 8 dollars, it was definitely money well spent as the light chocolate cream went really well with the strawberries.

Though I don't know why it's named as Yorkshire Milk Tea but one thing I know is that it's definitely heavenly and super fragrant. Even the pearls goes really well with the milky tea. And Burrple 1 for 1 gives me more reason to come back. It helps that the owners are super friendly too!!

This was a disappointment as I felt that there was little difference between the custard pudding and this.

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One of the best pudding I had in a long while and I love it because it is really milky and rich; truly made of Hokkaido milk. The caramel was a little too sweet for me.

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Tom palette has always been my favorite place for ice scream as the ingredients used are often the best which shows in the quality of their ice creams. Burrple 1 for 1 has made it even more worthwhile to try the new flavours that they roll more often.

I initially thought that paying 6 for a soft serve was rather pricey until I had my first bite. The milk used originates from Hokkaido and you can literally taste how rich it is. Each bite leaves you wanting for me. Keen to try the other flavours too

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This was seriously so good that I finished it within 10 mins without even realising it. The chocolate was very well blended with the milk. Would come back again just for this and worth the steep price of 6++.

Wanted to try out this place since I heard from friends that it's pretty good. What's more wonderful is that there is actually 1 for 1 on burrple so I paid 6 for these 2 lovelies. The hojicha was very well made almost identical to the ones I had when I was in Kyoto. The matcha was a little sweeter than I expected it to be but I still enjoyed it nonetheless. Can foresee myself being a regular customer and the barista is super nice and friendly.

My go to order as it pairs really well with any cake that you order.

Paid 14.90++ for this and I felt that the bun were a little too dry even though it's home made from my understanding. The only highlight of this dish is probably the satay chicken!

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