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Veronica Chen
Veronica Chen

I have always been a big fan of bread pudding due to its crispy exterior and pudding like texture. I like how Daizu's rendition contains a strong hojicha aroma which complemented the vanilla ice cream well. The only complaint I have is the lack of alternative flavors.

I nearly screamed out of joy when I stumbled upon the Fabulous Baker Boy while walking along Haji Lane. It's undeniable that they are making a bigger comeback than ever with a expanded food menu.

The star of the store however still goes to the lovely cake range of which it's the diva series season. I ordered Celine Dion which packs a rich punch of raspberry cream in between the moist cake sponge. I liked how the cream contains hints of raspberry without being too overwhelming.

At this rate, my goal would be to try out all the cakes from this establishment!

I love how this cake doesn't come off as too heavy even though we all know how thick black sesame paste can be. There is a good balance between the black sesame mousse and cake. This cake goes super well with tea that has floral notes

Thought this is an extremely creative and timely given how it's a CNY special. The yuzu mousse was well done as it had a good balance between creamy and sour. However, the layer of cake in between was a little too dry and the Mandarin jelly below was way too sour for my liking!.


I have to say expectations felt short on this one as I couldn't really taste the honey as the cream overwhelmed it. The tinge of Earl grey also came in during the after taste and I thought the texture of the cake could be better!

I had mixed feelings about this dessert as my friends and I were initially there for another dessert that had been taken off the menu. We were recommended this instead and I like how smooth and consistent the chocolate mousse was; creamy and yet not too sweet. You could also taste the cacao with each bite. I thought that the whipped cream was unnecessary as it didn't actually complement the taste of the chocolate mousse and made the entire dessert a little too sweet.

I heard so much about aqua S ever changing soft serve flavours especially the sea salt one that I decided to give it a try. The seasonal flavours are either Milo or Mango and at 5.40( price for regular) you could get a combination of 2 flavours. The sea salt flavour was milky and salty which complemented well with the sweet citrus mango flavour.

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I was rather disappointed upon realising that their best selling avocado cake was sold out when I arrived there. Instead, I was recommended this as it's sour on its core which goes well with sweet creamy taste of the pistachio which is highly reminiscent of the actual nut. I will get my hands on the avocado cake one day because sugar thieves is definitely worth many repeat visits!

Being a dessert addict, there have been many a times when I chanced upon lemon cake that looks marvelous on the inside but often end up being too soft, sour or sweet. Finally, sugar thieves managed to turn around those disappointment as the icing was sour which complemented well with the soft and moist cake which was very mild in taste. Their many new creations make me wanna go back to try something new each week. Addiction much you say, go there for a bite and you will understand what I mean!

Disappointment did hit me initially upon realising they had only about 10 different flavours as I was expecting a wider selections. Then, my opinion took a turn for a change when I realised how well the matcha tea flavour mimicked my favourite drink. The matcha ice cream was creamy yet but it still contained the bittersweet taste that is remiscent of matcha tea leaves. The avocado flavour was pretty good except it was a little bland and got overshadowed by the matcha. Oh I forget to mention that they have new creations from time to time. I can't wait to see what they have on my next visit.

Sad to say, this one was a huge disappointment as I thought it had the most potential. The boba were hard as it was undercooked and the crepe cake tasted like any other. Even the floral tones of jasmine were not evidently present which made the entire cake taste like a vanilla cream crepe cake.

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I was equally puzzled when everyone around me repeatedly mentioned the need to try the cream puff at Baristart since it looked well rather plain. Don't let looks deceive you, I was sold the minute I had my first bite and the thick rich gooey custard cream fillings oozed out. It was nice that the puff was crispy which complemented the Hokkaido milk cream well. Can foresee myself popping in frequently for my cream puff fix!

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