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Featuring Greyhound Cafe, Seah Im Food Centre, Old Habits Boutique & Cafe, Telok Blangah Crescent Market & Food Centre, Our Tampines Hub Hawker Centre, #MakanBoleh (Seah Im Food Centre), Rail Yard Eating Place
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Pleasantly surprised. The chocolate was not sweet (which we loved) and it was just filled with so much banana to truly call it a banana cake. The sweetness was nicely balanced with the brûlée crust that added a nice crunch too. The best of it all, this was a crepe cake with layers sandwiching the chocolate and banana.
Their Thai red ruby dessert was as much a star. The big crunchy rubies were a standout and fresh coconut meat distinctively Thai.
Whether for a full meal or just some desserts, we would be sure to find ourselves back here again.

So mind blown that I just gotta write this now. Even as I was taking this photo, a stranger came up to ask where to get this.
Only available after 4.30pm from Mondays to Saturdays, I witnessed how each curry puff was carefully stuffed and fried till golden brown. Oily they may be, but I am sure these are one of those food that are truly worth the calories. The crust is especially important to hold those compact fillings, and rightfully fragrant. I am a crust lover, the folds predominantly. The puff is actually bigger than my palm!

Whether it's the sardine or potato filling, the flavors are robust. The sweet-spicy sardine filling with big sardine chunks made me feel as though I was eating chili crab and I wish I had some mantous to wipe off the gravy at that moment. Not a sardine lover? Try the potato puff then. Made with yellow potatoes of a firm and moist texture and slightly sweeter curry, these delectable puffs could get a little overwhelming with that huge amount of carbs. Curry leaf that gave a leafy herbal flavor was spotted too. Sinful but addictive. 📍Dapur Minang Dapur Melayu, Seah Im Food Centre, #01-36 🕐 6am-9pm,
Monday-Saturday. Curry puffs available after 4.30pm, Nasi Lemak after 7pm. No nasi lemak for now because they are shorthanded.

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Finally, caught the mutton biryani from Rekzi Allah Indian Muslim Food stall after 3 tries! Not only do they sell biryanis, they have a variety of pratas too.

Helmed as the biryani specialist, I managed to try both the chicken and
mutton biryanis on separate occasions. While the chicken biryani ($5) was really worth the price for the half chicken given, I preferred the diced mutton version for its tender meat cooked in the flavorful rendang. But the mutton had a slight gamey taste that not all may be able to accept.

The colourful basmati rice that's commonly used for biryanis, comes naturally with a Pandan-like aroma and here, spice-infused with cloves and curry leaves. Its moist texture was further enhanced by the drenching of mutton rendang. Try the bowl of curry by the side for more spicy kick! Don't belittle it's spiciness, which left my tongue burning.

As for all biryani sets, some green cucumbers and pineapples are provided at the side for cleansing of the palate, a chili coated hard boiled egg and a piece of Papadum. Papadum is my other favorite Indian snack besides muruku. Sink your teeth into this thin, disc-shaped snack made of black gram flour to enjoy the flavour from a blend of spices!

📍Rekzi Allah Indian Muslim Food, Seah Im Food Centre, #01-42
🕐 430/5am to 11pm, daily


Abundance of mushroom, tomato sauce and cheese 👍🏻 plus served to me piping hot 💯💯

I remember the Putien noodle was competent. This on the other hand was excellent! So much skill in the beehoon to be free of gravy yet moist the entire meal. I can eat this everyday.

From Uncle Lim Traditional Pancake stall, freshly made soft, fluffy and chewy round pancakes with moist sweet red bean fillings.
Each 80 cents.

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How do you improve some of the best fried wings? Debone them, of course. These are out of this world.

This vegetarian bee hoon is next level. Always attracting long queues. Ingredients are fixed as a set and generous. Worth queuing!

Roast Duck, Char Siew and Roast Pork.

Read more: https://www.misstamchiak.com/jin-shi-roasted-delight/

 Kway Chap Set with duck meat.

Read more: https://www.misstamchiak.com/ac-kway-chap-yishun/

Always on the hunt for value for money food

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