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Taste of GERMANY 🇩🇪

Taste of GERMANY 🇩🇪

Knocked-out knuckles and many more delicious German food
Chubby Cheeks
Chubby Cheeks

Essentially roast beef in almond raisin sauce, cabbage and potato dumplings. Oopsy! The roast beef is drowned in the generous serving of almond raisin sauce. The texture of the roast beef is akin to that of a smoked duck, somehow. V delicately executed and a great pairing with the almond raisin sauce which provides a sweet tinge to the tastebud. The cabbage were fermented and marinated in a sourish sauce - v refreshing and whets the appetite (similar to the effect sauerkraut brings). Last but not least the highlight’s got to be the potato dumpling! It’s v “bouncy”, somewhat like a fishball but not as supple. The “potato” element isn’t overpowering - there’s no hint of potato in fact. With eyes closed, it’s kinda like a ball of bouncy starch - like a dumpling of some sort. Good ‘bite’ for the tastebud

Essentially a schniztnel w mushroom sauce - house made! Incredibly delicious schnitzel w pretty crispy batter and creamy, succulent mushroom bits in the accompanying sauce -v well flavoured. For the sides, the fried potatoes comes in the form of sliced potatoes 🥔 fried w bacon bits and garnished w parsley. The potatoes were sliced to the right amount of thickness and hence, most pieces are generally lightly charred on either side, adding hint of charred fragrance to the carbs.

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Understandably a popular tourist spot for good ol’ Bavarian food! Apart from tourists, the place is filled with locals - an affirmation of legit Germany cuisine. Was pretty apprehensive towards the idea of boiled pork knuckles but decided to give it a try regardless. It was a good choice - less “oily” because the thick layer of skin (or rather fats) can be easily slid apart (whereby in the case of grilled pork knuckle, you crunch through the crispy pork skin (aka fat). The pork’s fall-of-the-bone tender! Last but not least, the accompanying sides - sauerkraut and mashed potatoes were amazing too! V rich and flavoured. This plate could serve two small eaters. &&& please order the 🍻!

Fresh from the sea! 🌊 Never appreciated other forms of raw 🐟 more than salmon & Tuna but this herring here changed it all! Pretty salty but really really good a good snack to have by the port.

Known to be the to-go for 🐟 & 🍟, Daniel Wischer’s fish and chips indeed lives up to it’s name. The thick cut fries were well done - didn’t turn soggy even after 30mins on the plate. It’s perfect w their in-house tartar sauce (vvv generous dollop on each plate!). The highlight is definitely the fish-nicely battered without masking the sweet fragrance of the fish fillets. FYI, 100% real fish is used here! You could literally see the fish flaking out like those you see in steamed fish. You know at first look it’s not processed through the machine - just battered and fried in it’s original form. Of course, get a beer to go along with the comfort food!

Made from quart cheese, it’s a diff take to the American cheesecake! Much softer yet dense at the same time. There were too many choices to choose from and I was forced to narrow to these two cos they’re too calorific. The whisky cheesecake is legit, w pretty strong hints of whisky 🥃 The cherry lime is a must try! The sourish hint and lime fragrance is a great combo which makes the pretty heavy dessert ‘light’ and refreshing at the same time. Certainly whets the appetite! Do go all out to the indulgence - get a white chocolate drink to go along as well!

Renowned currywurst which is incredibly gratifying! V juicy bratwurst w a generous blanket of curry sauce. The curry gravy tends towards the likes of Japanese curry, just a little stronger in curry flavour & less sweet (plus point!) You get a say in the amount of curry/chilli powder you would like to have on top of your wursts!

This traditional bakery serves the BEST cakes in Berlin! It’s loooong tradition dates back to many many decades and the many years of experience is certainly apparent in the selection and quality of its cakes. Pictured here is my new favourite cake - Marzipan coating, chocolate flakes, vanilla buttercream with chocolate flakes with alcoholic cherry on a vanilla sponge. The taste of alcohol is pretty strong 👍🏻 It’s €3.50 (takeaway) and €3.70 (dine in), way affordable than the alcoholic cakes available in our little red dot.

A completed Bavarian experience from savoury to sweet and alcoholic in just one seating! Incredibly hyped to locate a beer house offering authentic Bavarian cuisine in Berlin. Really really missed the Bavarian dishes in Munich, as well as the skinny Nuremberg sausages. Löwenbräu’s execution of the sausages were close enough to the authentic version (the ones from the pretty town of Nürnberg are really outta the world!!), the sauerkraut were at the right amount of mushiness & tanginess - whets the appetite by a level! Apple strudel was a sweet ending to the meal. However, nothing much to really shout about tho. Stick w the mains! & the beer 🍺

Nothing like a berliner pills & well battered schnitzel from the wintry cold! 🥶 The schnitzel house is a short distance from the Berlin Wall, a perfect spot to take a break after the 1++km of east side mural adventures. Scheers’ specialises in schnitzels which comes with thick fries, your choice of single/double serving of schnitzel/s and various choices of homemade sauces- free! Particularly loved all their homemade sauces - made in house and of course, can’t find anywhere else. The sauces are not captured in this photo - it’s self service at the counter where you collect your order. Skip the chilli/ketchup and mayo which are not homemade (home made sauces comes in bottles labelled ‘homemade’). Don’t forget the 🍻 to complete the comfort food experience!

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