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IKEA Hoarders

IKEA Hoarders

We are obsessed with Ikea food (weekly treat)
Kugel Kaffee
Kugel Kaffee

You know we are obsessed with cheesecake! 😄 To share with y’all, we venture out to Blueberry mousse and it pays off. This mousse is a new! favourite in town.
Nice shape, texture and taste! 💯 👍 Do try it if you pop to ikea!
P.S. we will be on a trip for a while. Stay tuned where we check out on IG!

“Find yourself in the labyrinth” of this Cinnamon Bun.
We heard a queuing neighbour said ‘yeah it finally comes’. We put it on the tray and grin that it must be good. It turns out to be rather stiff.

Let’s get the ball rolling!! Just by adding Tom yum sauce (spicy and tangy), the dish has been up a notch and we just simply love it!

P.S. Limited time period: until 29 Feb 2020 only! 😚

Friday and it is IKEA time for us ‘the IKEA hoarder’😜 A good day for us to browse what is in store for their special furniture sale between 26 Dec-1Jan. This food combo shown here suppose to be available only on 26th and we thought they no longer have today. What a treat to have turkey in the set as we didn’t have them this Christmas yet!🤤
It is a value deal for those who always go for salmon fillet which costs $10. Add $9 more and you get a hugh turkey drums. (Regular price for this combo set is $26.30) For us, the highlight in the set turns out to be the mushroom soup which is self service after getting your order. 🍄
Quite a pity that we miss the CNY deco that will be up later as they clear Christmas theme in Activity Hall today. If you notice anything cool, buzz us on IG. Cheers!! 🙌😁🙏

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If you detox with vegetarian food, here is what you can get @IkeaSingapore

👉 12 Veg balls with couscous $6.50 each
👉 Ginger thins $2.50
👉 Add-on garlic bread $1.00
👉 Free of charge family tea & coffee
👉 Swedish Apple cake $3.50 (lucky treat as it’s always sold out fast)

As Festive season is approaching, we can’t help but hope to see more new dishes here. We didn’t see any new dish this time round except the salted egg chicken wings. The ikea restaurant is the highlight every time we visit IKEA (so more new!! inspiring dishes please!!! )

As you may notice that we are continuing our vegetarian mode this week and hence, we order 12 vege ball With couscous and sour cream. However, later we realize that this set is not included in the “World Food Day campaign” (From 14th-20th Oct) by @ikeasingapore & @foodfromtheheartsg.
For every combo meat ball set you purchase $9.90 (from usual price of $12.90), $4 will be used to fund food distribution programme which provides food to the less fortunate families and elderlies. If you visit IKEA this week & wanna support this campaign 👉 Do go for the combo meatball set! We are not sponsored in anyway but always love this kind of social cause and wanna share with y’all. 😁❤️

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When we see this new item on board at IKEA Alexandra, we wanna try so bad that we ask the lady to tweak the dish (P.S. we are still on vegetarian mode). Here we go, curry noodle without drumstick! 😜 The curry soup is so good that we easily crown this dish one of our IKEA favorites. We have only 3 ingredients in the bowl: not so oily fried tau pok, bean sprouts, and yellow noodle. Simply the best one can ask for! (One thing we regret is that the curry soup is not 💯 vegetarian as it was boiled with chicken but we did our best to stick to our regime! 😅)

Not only this main come with a free dessert (gooey chocolate cake slice). We feel it is always our go-to dish when we want to eat healthy at IKEA.

Why aren’t there vegetarian balls available on the first day they hold the end of season clearance sale? (8-18 Aug) Slightly disappointed & we make a u-turn to order this meat ball instead. Cheese powder saves the dish!

New! dessert treat at IKEA Alexandra. Having this while comparing to other chocolate places. The cake is sweet, soft gooey texture with icing on top. What it lacks though is aroma of cocoa beans but who could complain at this price!

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This new item at IKEA is to be blamed for sleepy eye in the afternoon. Big chicken thigh, spicy long bean with the gravy coated hard boiled egg. So full for lunch meal. Basic yet a good send off for Friday.😚

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A Malaysian dish served by Ikea in good standard.
The turmeric chicken drumstick is hugh!! 🍗 We love the side dishes: vegetables (braised cabbage and chilli egg) along with turmeric rice.
Another new dish to try @ikeasg

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Healthy foodie obsessed w/ ☕️ 🍫 Instagram: @kugelkaffee Follow our Live! Food journey on IG!! 🎊

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