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Featuring Nesuto, Twenty Grammes (Bugis), KOOKS Creamery (Serangoon), The Plain Jane, Matchaya (The Cathay), Kindred Folk, Thrive by Boxgreen and An Acai Affair, HEYTEA (ION Orchard), Pâtisserie CLÉ
Harish Sree Sekar
Harish Sree Sekar

Unfortunately really did not enjoy this ): the drink itself was quite tasteless and heavy, and the chunks of purple potato were generously portioned but tasted starchy. Their other drinks like houjicha are much better!

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Couldn’t resist dropping by to try their newest flavour, Oolong.
To be honest the oolong taste wasn’t very obvious. However matchaya ice cream always has a consistently creamy, rich flavour which held true for this newest addition. Still worth a try!

My favourite acai place! Love how their acai base is consistently rich and not too sweet, their ingredients are fresh and the cookie butter generously portioned. 8.5/10

Obsessed with the ice cream here! All the flavours we tried were rich and delicious, I especially loved the cereal flavour. It went so well with the mantou buns, which were perfectly crispy and buttery. Can’t wait to try their other ice cream combinations with waffles and cookie cups. 8.5/10

Was very impressed by both the presentation and taste of this dish. The ice cream was creamy with a strong hojicha taste, and the waffles were the right amount of crispy. The brownies were also a nice touch, with their rich chocolatey taste aptly balanced by the ice cream. Only gripe was that the waffles came cold. Will definitely be back. 7.5/10

$4.50 for milk
Really loved how there are two different ways to drink this tea, with wholly different flavours! One sipping the foam topping, another using a straw for the milk and brown sugar pearls. The brulee flavour is quite subtle. The pearls taste very similar to Tiger Sugar to me, with both brands achieving a delicious chewy and soft texture. 8/10!!

1-for-1 with Burrple
I’ve been a huge fan of matchaya for so long, but never ventured beyond their signature soft serve till beyond came about. I felt that all these extra ingredients perfectly complemented the ice cream, in particular the red bean paste and the mochi. The servings were generous and aesthetically pleasing.


An adorable treat to celebrate this Lunar New Year. These pigs had a raspberry pistachio filling with a biscuit base. Tasted very smooth and rich, but a bit too light.

$8.50 with burrple beyond! The cookie and ice cream combo is satisfying as always. My favourite ice cream flavours are brown butter, cereal, and Hokkaido milk.

To be honest, was quite disappointed! The roll was light and fluffy, but the earl grey flavour was very faint and the cream tasted quite synthetic. I think Chaterase cream rolls taste way better at half the price.

Each cake is about $9! My favourites are the sesame, matcha and yuzu raspberry. They changed the icing for the matcha and sesame cake to this new white icing recently, which is not as great as their original.