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Eat/Drink Healthily

Eat/Drink Healthily

Featuring Souperstar (Tanjong Pagar Centre), Waterbath Chef, Tan Ser Seng Herbs Restaurant
Zhengyu Chua
Zhengyu Chua

Double Up Potato and Chicken soup was great! Great deal with Burrple Beyond! Will return! πŸ‘

Has high nutritional value plus the fact that its high in protein yet low in fat content, isn't it what the current trend is all about now?

Compare this to the cordycep chicken, this feels much more herbal-licious. Don't be afraid of black (ι»‘ζœ‰δ»€δΉˆε₯½ζ€•ηš„!), what matters most is the texture, taste, flavour & easy fall off the bone meat. You won't regret.

If you prefer more herbal per mouthful soup, get the awesome black.

If you prefer less herbal (more sweet) soup, get the distinctive white chicken.

*Bare in mind that white chicken gets sold out earlier even though they open till late. I was there at 5.30pm on a Saturday and got the last pot of white chicken soup.

Thick (Very Gao), herbal essence, warm the soul, chicken soup. Tender chicken by its own, dip into the chili and BOOM! A whole new difference in chicken flavour as the chili packs hint of sour yet not overpowering.

Dig deeper and there is the big piece of cordycep with every other ingredients that I do not really know can be found inside.

Totally worth my trip from west to east!

Really rojak style but healtheir. Well blended. Will be back for more to try-out different varieties before customizing our own. Remember to order fresh barley with honey.

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A blend of brown and barley rice with crispy shallots. Wholesome meal, almost couldn't finish it. Will try more dish the next time I'm back with burpple 1-1 and afterwards, its dish creation time!

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This is replaced by the ice-cream instead as its not available yet. And boy oh boy this taste wonder. Initially thought this was only a normal gyoza you can find everywhere else but I sure wrong(I didn't thoroughly look at the ingredient used beforehand).

Crispy on the outside, salmon was piping hot, right consistency throughout and it just shouts for joy after having a mouthful. Usually per order only 3pcs but under beyond 1-1, we had 6 and definitely this is one of those star dish you got to order regardless! Highly recommended πŸ™ŒπŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹

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Great beef but if only its of a thicker slice compare to the shredded version, I think you will feel more oomph to the meal. Ingredients placed in is well-balanced. *Break the egg and smear over your pasta/beef and the flavour just burst through in your mouth. So good, so delicious. Overall great satisfying meal in the healthier way.

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My lady had this salad. Is fresh and clean taste. Onsen egg has the right texture and the flavour by itself is already very good. Personally you will feel healthier just by having this meal alone.


My tastebud and your tastebud might not be the same but I'm sure we love to eat!

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