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Amazing Meats

Amazing Meats

Featuring Meatsmith (Telok Ayer), Noods & Meats
Zoe Chai
Zoe Chai

A collaboration with burnt ends, this beef marmalade burger ($20) was amazing!! The beef patty and marmalade were incredibly savoury and the pickles added a bit of sourness to cut through the meat. Unfortunately, it was only available for a short period of time... Do try if it's ever back again!

The salad ($10?) provided a fresh alternative to the otherwise meat-heavy meal. Grilled watermelon didn't seem very grilled and overall quite an average dish, the greens and dressing had a nice tang.

Disclaimer: I'm not a huge fan of raw vegetables and this dish did little to prove me otherwise.

Comprising a sausage, beef brisket, brisket spring roll, pork belly burnt ends, fries, pickles and cornbread ($35). It was a good variety (esp if you can't make up your mind on what to try!) and reasonably sized for one person.

The beef brisket was smoky and tender, the pork ends sinful and the sausage was meaty, w a hint of spice and a good amount of acidity but my star for the day was the spring roll! Unassuming, but packing a punch of flavour in a crisp shell. They also provided different sauces for the components - sausage, brisket and spring roll so that the flavout combination is paired well.

Do be sure to book your seats to avoid disappointment as its always crowded!

Came here a week after my first visit because I was craving some delicious meat but the pasta was sold out so I got the meat platter w some of my friends. The lamb was incredible. I am not a huge fan of lamb due to the strong taste but this was really good and made me forget about the strong taste! Soft and tender and flavourful. Chicken was also juicy and moist. Unfortunately, was slightly disappointed by some of the offerings. The beef was quite tough (unlike the one I had previously as a main) and dry. The duck and sausages were also just okay. My recommendation will be to go straight for the noods or mains and skip this as it is kind of a hit and miss.

This giant slab of smoked beef meat ($34) was tender and came with a side and meat soup. It was a very large portion and we could barely finish it! The meat soup (akin to Vietnamese beef pho soup) was a light soup that freshens your palate after tearing through chunks of the heavy meat. Definitely value for money!

This mac and cheese puts other Mac and cheeses to shame. It is hearty, with generous slices of smoked meat and smothered with cheese and it's a steal at $8! Good enough to be a meal on its own! The only gripe is that the pasta is not macaroni but fettuccine pasta, but that's me picking on the nitty gritty. The smokiness of the meats is unbelievable and the savoury flavour permeates the entire dish. Amazing!


Thick slices of tender beef brisket, an onsen egg, thick truffle scented smoked meat gravy on a bowl of pasta -- what more can we ask for? This Truffle Beef Brisket Pasta ($18.90) was truly the highlight of our meal and even after finishing the pasta, we were happily dipping other chunks of meat into the mouthwatering sauce. Cheesy, savoury, smoky, sweet, salty all packed into one! Highly recommended!! Plus we got this noods for free as we ordered a meat from Burpple's one for one deal.

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