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Mediterranean / Middle Eastern

Mediterranean / Middle Eastern

Featuring Artichoke, Pita Tree Mediterranean Kitchen & Bar (Boat Quay), Pita & Olives (PasarBella @ Suntec)
Zhihui Lim
Zhihui Lim

Layers of pastry, steeped in honey and dusted with pistachio - haven’t had this before but it is meant to be sweet - though this was already a toned down version of the traditional baklava, but it’s still too sweet for me.


A little sweet for me but this was quite a good ending to our meal - rich, smooth and very fragrant!


Refreshing traditional Greek salad with a generous amount of feta cheese, good for cleansing one’s palate before embarking on a flavourful journey here!


First time trying Kibbeh. The wheat-based bulgur patties were stuffed with minced lamb and pine nuts, coated with spices - very aromatic! Crust was crisp tho a tad dry but was juicy within. Found it a little gamey, but the condiments paired well and helped ease the gaminess.


Something for the meat lovers would be the Medley of Grills ($68) - suitable for 2-3 pax (or more if you’re getting dishes to share, which you probably will because there’s so much to try 😛).

Mixed platter of skewers, smoky and aromatic without drying out the meats - a tad heavy handed on the salt but the succulent prawns were fantastic!!, mutton (the gaminess was manageable), smoky juicy chicken and beef (a little tough but flavour wise I quite liked the tinge of sweetness here)!


Can’t say that I’ve had many biriyanis or lamb shank at that for fear of gaminess, but I think this is one of the best I’ve had so far!

It’s no wonder it’s Pita Tree’s signature dish - the twice cooked rice was aromatic, fluffy with a bit of sweetness from raisins; the lamb was cooked for 4 hours using no ghee nor additional oil - all from the lamb itself so you get its full flavour without much gaminess, plus the texture was was incredibly tender and slid off the bone easily!
The rice and lamb is cooked separately before marrying them together in a beautiful copper pot; with a side serving of tomato based gravy that elevates the flavour of the dish.

May seem pricey at $38, but portion is huuuuuge. Said to serve 2 but really, I think it’s good for 4 and you could add on a bit of sides which are also done well here.


Dips to start us off, comprising Spicy Eggplant, Hummus, Baba Ganoush & Labneh served with comfortingly warm, chewy pita!

The dips tasted fresh and were very appetising.
Personally liked the baba ganoush, which is essentially made from grilled eggplant with tahini (toasted sesame paste), lemon juice, garlic, olive oil, cumin and salt - simple yet the flavours were full of complexity and I loved how smoky, flavorful and tangy it was.

For those who love a bit of heat, the creamy Spicy Eggplant is the dip to go for - similar to the baba ganoush but with a more potent, spicier kick. Very addictive.

The labneh was a little ordinary but I liked how refreshingly tangy it was so I could take a break from the spiciness, while the hummus was also pretty good! Flavourful, grainier than the others but was smoother with a little help from the extra virgin olive oil and also enhanced its flavours.

A huge thanks to @pitatreekitchenandbar for having us and #burpple for the kind invite!


The last time I had Mediterranean food was 2 years ago in France (pretty darn good!!). Anyhoooooo, was at pasarbella and decided to try this $16 chicken shawarma set. This chicken was smokey and flavourful with spices. Pita on the side was such a delight - warm and soft, tasted really good with the hummus!



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