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When Payday Is Still Far

When Payday Is Still Far

Featuring The 1872 Clipper Tea Co., Creamier (Gillman Barracks), 21 Seafood, YY Kafei Dian, Charcoal-Grill & Salad Bar Keisuke, Milk & Honey Gelato (Bedok), Merely Ice Cream (Our Tampines Hub), Wow Wow West Genuine (ABC Brickworks Market & Food Centre), Fatburger (Velocity), Al-Azhar Eating Restaurant (Tampines)
Yong SR
Yong SR
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One of my fav deals on Burpple Beyond is with Creamier

$10 for two waffles set?!

And the waffles are as good as always

$7.50 for this huge slab of chicken chop and the generous serving size of the side dishes

The chicken itself was well seasoned, although one would wish to have more char grilled flavor to it

Coleslaw was crunchy and fresh, great side dish

This place is famous for offering good deal for crabs, and they also have a great selection of cooking styles (chili, cereal, salted egg, kam xiang, etc..)

Preferred the salted egg over their chili sauce.
Do order the fried man tou to soak up the sauce which was thick with flavors

However, dont expect too much for the meat itself. But, at this price point, you can't expect a restaurant quality meaty crab. No issues with me since I always enjoy scooping up the gravy with fried man tou over the crab heh

Decent braised pork rice the meat was more chunky than the usual minced meat style. The gravy was well balanced. Decent if you are looking to satisfy your craving for taiwanese food

The batter was thick and crispy enough, meat did not fall apart

Im quite surprised by the generosity of Mcdonald as they gave the tartar sauce in a tub.

If you looking for fish and chips in the middle of the night, this is a good alternative

Two for $6.60

They do not sell the scones individually. Only in pairs

Served with cream (that taste like Magnolia milk) and jam, the soft warm scones were delightful with the faint buttery aroma lingering in your mouth after putting them in.

Deal was made sweeter with Burpple Beyond. Only paid $6.60 for four of these delights!


Cheapest set in the menu

Set includes access to salad bar buffet, an onsen egg, miso soup, and rice

Meat was tender but the smokiness aroma was less pronounced than expected.

The chicken was lightly seasoned, and served with lemon, salt and green chili dipping sauce to enhance the flavor if preferred by customer

Overall, not a memorable dish

Earl Grey ($3.50) : tasted more like earl grey latte as the cream milky taste was more pronounced than the otherwise refreshing earl grey tea taste. Flavor is definitely on the sweeter side.

The bun itself is soft and fluffy with a slight crisp exterior due to the toasting.

The kaya taste is very mild and not too sweet. Overall, the toast brought a soothing feel that was great for a lazy weekend afternoon tea break

Cheese Naan ($5.20)

Generous amount of cheese that was served hot and gooey

Sinful supper but worth it

Mac and cheese patty faded against the strong taste of zinger. In fact, it is rather bland.

If you are looking for a creamy mac and cheese, it's better to look elsewhere for it

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There are two coffee shops in that area, but only one houses the 中国拉面 shop. Menu contains the usual favorites

Pan-fried dumplings, dumplings in red chilli oil: $4 for 10
Xiao long bao: 6 for $5
Zha jiang mian: $4 for 1 bowl

Advice: go for the dumplings that remain juicy even after the pan-frying, and also the ones in chili oil that has the wrapping as smooth as silk
The zha jiang mian gravy sauce is not that memorable though, which makes the noodles pale in comparison to other items

*IMO I still prefer the ones at Chinatown Complex, but this is a decent alternative at the East side of Singapore

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Yong SR

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