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When Payday Is Still Far

When Payday Is Still Far

Featuring Milk & Honey Gelato (Bedok), Fatburger (Velocity), Kuriya Japanese Market (Tampines 1), KFC (The Clementi Mall), SK Coffee Shop, Big Fish Small Fish (Tampines Mall), Jin Biao Coffeeshop (280 Tampines)
Yong SR
Yong SR
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Mac and cheese patty faded against the strong taste of zinger. In fact, it is rather bland.

If you are looking for a creamy mac and cheese, it's better to look elsewhere for it

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There are two coffee shops in that area, but only one houses the 中国拉面 shop. Menu contains the usual favorites

Pan-fried dumplings, dumplings in red chilli oil: $4 for 10
Xiao long bao: 6 for $5
Zha jiang mian: $4 for 1 bowl

Advice: go for the dumplings that remain juicy even after the pan-frying, and also the ones in chili oil that has the wrapping as smooth as silk
The zha jiang mian gravy sauce is not that memorable though, which makes the noodles pale in comparison to other items

*IMO I still prefer the ones at Chinatown Complex, but this is a decent alternative at the East side of Singapore

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Dory ($7.80) + Soup Drink Set (+$4)

Mushroom soup was the standard kind of taste you get, nothing amazing.

Chips were not as crisp as it should be

Great fish though, the batter was crisp and meat was chunky, tender, and not too flaky that it will fall apart. Sad that it is only one piece of it in the entire meal. Definitely not enough for big eater

Advice: Dont miss out on the sauces. Some sauces can be easily charged at $1 for one small tub of it (salted egg yolk and wasabi mayo). Probably that's why they go super light with the flavoring of the chips. You cam have a dipping party!

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$5.50 for a personal claypot rice.
Chicken is tender, rice is soft as it should be

The owner who came from Hong Kong run a one-man show, so it might take a wee bit of waiting time.

Double Katsu Bento ($8.80): Oily Gyoza, Salty Katsu, and plain sad egg

Just nope

Ordered 6 pieces of wings with spice level = hot ($6.90)

The sauce tasted sour, almost vinegary, and it was nowhere near the idea of "Hot"

The fries were decent though for a fast food place. Pipping hot, crisp, and a tinge of buttery aroma

Will I return for it? Nay

Baguette with crisp exterior and fluffy crumb which emitted warmth from oven, jampacked with ingredients that excite your tongue. Crunchy and chewy, sweet and savoury

Hidden gem tucked in a small coffeeshop under a HDB block. The top layer of the roasted meat is crispy as it should be. Fats and lean meat ratio is balanced enough to allow a good bite texture and not being too "jelat". The chef was said to learn his skills from Malaysia and did all the meat personally.

Advice: Eat there, dont dabao.

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Yong SR

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