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Cafe Hopping

Cafe Hopping

Brunch food and coffee all day everyday ☺️
Lee Pei Yi
Lee Pei Yi

Amazing deal with burpple beyond!!! Just $13 per pax for a main and drink!

Bagel set ($14) came with a cinnamon raisin bagel (served warm, crispy on the outside and dense inside!), 3 slices of smoked salmon, scrambled eggs and a side serving of salad - beef/lamb sausage were an add on for $4. I like how each portion were just right for me to construct each mouthful of different sides. Only thing was I thought the sausage had a overly strong beefy smell... but the lamb sausage was fine.

Location wise, it’s just a short walk away from Lavendar mrt station. Cafe has free wifi too so we saw people doing work here too.

Pulled pork and perfectly poached eggs (ultra flowy centre!!) drizzled with hollandaise atop two thick Hokkaido brioche toasts + a side serving of white bean tomato salad. The pulled pork was on the sweeter side so I appreciated that it was paired with the thicker, fluffier Hokkaido brioche to balance out the flavours. And just in case you need some flavours to complement the dish and give an added spicy kick at the same time, the salsa sauce served separately just does the trick.

Pro tip: Came in the evening around 6.45pm and snagged a nice, cozy window seat. It was an idyllic evening date made super affordable with burpple beyond ☺️☺️

Sourdough rye toast spread with a thick and smooth layer of avocado, topped with smoked salmon and poached eggs 😋 I liked the fine touches like the crushed pistachio and pesto sauce (which had chopped nuts in it too!!) that helped this dish stand out from the regular avo eggs bennies.

Super awesome deal with burpple beyond. This is one cafe I’ll be back for sure! 👍🏼👍🏼

The usual cafe grub of the full breakfast works. Not outstanding in any way and somehow the eggs looked better than they actually tasted. The sausage was a tad too salty. Sourdough was good though. And they gave copious amounts of mushrooms which we enjoyed 🤗

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A pretty decent cup of mocha that was chocolatey and just the right level of bittersweet but perhaps could be creamier and thicker for a decadent finish

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Truffle scrambled eggs, kale and prosciutto on a brioche thick toast. This was pretty yummy and all components of the dish complemented each other well. However, the brioche toast was too dry at the corners and only the parts topped with the scrambled eggs above were moist.

Sadly, the service here was sorely lacking - we were told to get water, cups, cutlery and serviettes ourselves and we also had to order and pay directly at the counter so I’m not sure what service am I actually paying for? Anyhow, at least the food filled our bellies unlike some cafes where portions are minuscule.

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The usual brunch suspect done quite decently and with HUGE portions and good variety! On this plate, we had scrambled eggs, a grilled tomato, three slices of bacon and smoked salmon, one sausage, potato wedges and two slices of thick brioche toast. The scrambled eggs were not the most creamy and required some sea salt (which they kindly provided on the side) and black pepper to add extra flavour. The brioche was also kind of dry... May not pay the full price for this but with burpple beyond, all’s good 🤗

Pro tip: Came for a Sunday brunch after a morning run and sat outdoors to watch the cars on the street and the rest of the world go by. The cafe wasn’t too crowded and it was nice to chill there on a Sunday morning!

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Was pretty impressed by this dish! Firstly, just look at all the colours from the pumpkin mash, purple cabbage slaw and tomato salsa! Taste wise, the dish didn’t disappoint as the thick cut of halibut was pan seared perfectly to retain its flaky texture and natural oiliness.

Rookery’s concept is that of cafe by day and bar by night and when I was there on a Saturday, the place was nice and quiet for a slow lunch and good food ☺️

Runny, smooth scrambled eggs, grilled halloumi, a choice of bacon chop or smoked salmon with 2 slices of brioche toast and a side salad 👍🏼 This brunch dish was very well put together and I appreciated the drizzle of mustard sauce on the toast to cut all the heavy flavours. I also dare say this is one of the better scrambled eggs I’ve had at cafes in SG. Already awesome food that tastes even MORE awesome knowing the price I’m paying with burpple beyond’s 141 deal!

Note: This dish was supposed to come with a croissant according to the menu but think they ran out, hence it was replaced with brioche toast.

2 pieces of steak done medium rare, 2 hash brown triangles and 3 breaded onions on a bed of rocket salad. Hmm this dish paled in comparison to the brunch we had because the steak was too lean, rendering it a bit tough and dry. It was also probably over-seasoned and I would occasionally bite down on the salt flakes they used on the steak’s exterior. The breaded onions were a bit chaotah inside (not sure if they were meant to be caramelised instead?) and there was also too much of the fried batter and too little onion. But kudos to the team for the presentation of this dish and the small finishing touches like the swipe of mustard at the side which really helped to cut the taste of the meat.

Again, $10 after burpple beyond which is damn worth it cos how to get steak for $10??? But I might stick to the other brunch dishes next time I’m here.


Scrumptious big breakfast for just $10 after burpple beyond!!! This consisted of soft runny scrambled eggs, sweet grilled bacon, sautéed mushrooms, salad dressed in balsamic vinaigrette, 2 thick and juicy sausages and 2 slices of toast. Everything was pretty yummy!! Except I wish the croissant that they normally serve wasn’t changed to the dragonfruit toast cos other than the pink colour, the texture and taste was basically like normal white bread.

This might just be one of the largest servings of big breakfast I’ve had at a cafe so really really value for money. The cafe itself, although situated at an ulu place, was bright and spacious, allowing me and my friend to truly sit and enjoy brunch over conversations without feeling paiseh. I’ll be back for sure with the burpple beyond!!

My favourite part of having big breakfast is the variety - I enjoy munching on each ingredient and trying different pairings in each bite like eggs on toast, eggs with bacon and avocado etc... One Man Coffee certainly indulged in this pleasure of mine because each individual item was done so well and there were also generous portions of each (half an avacado, 3 pieces of bacon and one giant sausage?? HMU MAN)

Seating is limited though so be prepared to wait a little while. Will be back to try the much highly raved gashouse eggs! 😋

Always on the lookout for good nomz

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