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To-try List

To-try List

Featuring Curious Palette, 25 Degrees Singapore, Badoque Cafe (Simpang Bedok), Tapas Club (Orchard Central), Pasta Supremo, Menya Kokoro, Brothers Ramen, Rumah Makan Minang (Bugis), Rookery (Capital Tower), Nantsuttei Ramen (Orchard Central)
Komal Salve
Komal Salve
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This fiery chicken wings marinated in the house sauce, are so devilishly hot, I have to ask for forgiveness...

Thick, fluffy ricotta hotcake topped with vanilla bean ice cream, berries, pumpkin & sunflower seeds mix ❤

Beautiful to look at, and absolutely delicious to eat 👍
📍64 Prinsep St
Singapore 188667
🛵 @deliveroo_sg

#curiouspalette #ricottahotcakes #strangersreunion #FoodMakesCalHappy

This photo doesn’t do this dish justice at all, but hiding under that unassuming bed of garnishes are tender, melt-in-your-mouth slices of fatty wagyu beef with just the right fat-to-meat ratio. But what I really enjoyed about this dish was that super fragrant and well-balanced dressing, consisting of sesame oil, dashi stock and cider vinegar.

My fave pasta of the lot that we tried. Beetroot pasta in a shape slightly reminiscent of macaroni was al-dente and slicked nicely in a fragrant, herby pesto sauce, mushrooms were super juicy and huge, and adding miso corn bits to this dish was genius! Have it a slightly sweet and crunchy edge to balance out the other elements.

Back at Brothers Ramen wanting to get their Shoyu Men ($12.90), but it was sold out. 😔 Went for the Chicken Ramen this time for a full sous vide chicken chashu + dumpling topping, as I wasn’t too big a fan of the pork chashu that came with their signature Brothers Ramen ($12.90) I had the first time. It was a little too dry and tough, but the chicken slices were tender and flavourful!

I’ve never really used to like chicken based ramen, but Brothers Ramen really brought it up a notch! Love how creamy yet drinkable the broth is and the al dente homemade ramen didn’t soften through the meal. It’s a super value for money quality bowl (no additional taxes) that’s extremely comforting!

Gave Ordinary Burgers at City Square Mall a go yesterday; thought their burgers were pretty value for money considering how this was priced at $5.90.

The burger comes with fried buttermilk chicken patty and other condiments such as lettuce and tomatoes; the chicken being drenched in a salted egg yolk sauce while everything is sandwiched in between two buns. The buns were undoubtedly light, while the portion of chicken was pretty generous — fried in a crisp, golden brown batter, the chicken was tender, succulent and juicy; pretty savoury on its own. The salted egg sauce was decent; not too heavy whilst coming with curry leaves for flavour. Overall a pretty well-sized burger despite looking rather heavy; rather easy to finish and pretty affordable — a value for money option that I would consider having again.

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The Tom Yum variant introduced as a new year special is a daring move by Kokomo. Giving up my favourite Spicy Mazesoba was another daring sacrifice, but I’m so glad I did. This Tom Yum Version infuses certain elements of the Thai iconic flavour which needs no introduction, without compromising the key elements of Mazesoba which makes it so enjoyable. You will find instead of the usually spring onion and chive, a lot more additional ingredients such as lemon grass, chopped tomato, julienned cucumber and of course chopped pikinu (chilli padi). What makes it Tom Yum is that the minced pork is infused a Tom Yum seasoning. Not forgetting the wedge of lime that brings a really refreshing twist to this equally enjoyable variant.

Found a good ayam penyet stall located near my office. The chicken is crispy & juicy complimented by the fragrant rice & power sambal chili. Oh, you can use GrabPay to pay for your food here as well.

One of the best pad thais I've had. Flavourful, full of texture and fresh ingredients. I loved that the chicken was really tender and not some old hard meat. Yummy!! Price: $8.50 nett

#halfeatenblog #chicken #padthai #thai #noodles #burpple

Experience the joy of customising your own protein bowl. There's local chicken rice, lemak and MALA too!

Tasted the following:
▪️Quinoa Lemak ($8)
▪️Build your own bowl ($10 onwards)
▪️Organic ice tea ($3)

Let's talk about ordering process, grab an order form + pencil and start ticking!
Step 1: Choose 2 base
Step 2: Choose 5 green
Step 3: Choose 5 protein
Step 4: Choose 1 dressing
Step 5: Choose 1 lux
Step 6: Choose 3 crunch
That's a total of 16 choices out of 43 options!
There are also preselected bowls available.
Doing a part for the environment, because little things matter! Served in a biodegradable bamboo fibre bowl and fork 👍🏻 The organic ice tea comes with BYO that you can bring home to use and whats even better is $1 rebate if you bring back the jar for another drink!
For the food I've tried, the truffle shoyu sauce is really 😋, light and fragrant to my liking. Salmon mentaiko is the one of the better one and the Sambal sauce is shiok.
Overall, delicious generous bowl worth the price! Highly recommended.

Tanjong Pagar Centre
7 Wallich Street
Singapore 078884

Opening hours 🕥
Mon - Fri 1000 - 2030
Sat 1100 - 2030
Closed on Sunday.

Thank you @kiposgourmet for the invite and host 🙆🏻‍♂️
Credit quote by @eatsnapsg

#sgfood #kiposgourmet #kiposcollective #kipos #proteinbowl #natural #healthy #local #burpple #burpplesg #eatsnapsg #foodreviewsmr #hungrygowhere #vsco #vscofood #throwback

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Yummy nasi ayam goreng can be found at the 6th floor of Lucky Plaza. The chicken is fried till super crispy and the meat is juicy & tender. The rice is fragrant and the sambal chilli is solid. You can ask for more crumbs too! Do check out this hidden gem in town.

Housed in the Hotel G Singapore, 25 Degrees Singapore has four burgers in their permanent menu, aptly named Number One to Number Four. Out of the quadruple, my favourite has got to be their best-seller, the Number One, which is made up of a stack of beef patty, caramelized onions, crescenze, prelibato gorgonzola, bacon, argula and thousand island dressing. Things could get a little messy as the huge stack will ultimately leave a mess but eating it with your hands is the best way to enjoy this fully. Everything that you would want in a burger is in this Number One, from the onions and argula to give it certain freshness, to the cheese and bacon to give it the umami savoury touch.

For a limited time till the end of February, there’s the seasonal burger Number Five, which is a well-loved classic back home. This beef burger tower is layered with a beef patty, slices of pastrami, Swiss Cheese and onion rings.
25 Degrees Singapore
Address: 200, Middle Road, Hotel G Singapore, Singapore 188980
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