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Places On Burpple Beyond

Places On Burpple Beyond

Featuring Nesuto, Matchaya (Icon Village), Three Buns (The Quayside), Rookery (Hong Leong Building), Nipong Naepong ([email protected]), Uni Gallery by OosterBay, HRVST, Cafe Milligram, Cultures Specialty Coffee, Stirling Steaks (Opp I12 Katong)
Nicole Sarah
Nicole Sarah
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First time having this dish and type of noodle. I ordered the cream base version. I actually enjoyed it and didn’t feel it was too heavy. They were quite generous with ingredients and I even preferred it to the vongole. The winner for me was definitely the sauce and I probably would choose to have it again. Note that for the Burpple Beyond app, the choices are quite limited for the 1-1 mostly relating to pasta dishes.

Went here for lunch using my 1-1 Burpple app. The wagyu Uni set was $59 which came with green tea, salad, miso soup, about 130g worth of wagyu beef and a small uni Don. I thought everything in the set was well done (maybe if I had to complain the ends of the beef was a bit dry) and the Uni was a generous portion. Note that the don is really half the size of a normal don but taken as a whole the set was more than enough. I was not a huge fan of the ikan billis in the Don (even though I love ikan billis) since it didn’t really go with the Uni in my opinion. Nonetheless, definitely worth a visit (esp with a 1-1) and I would say this is much more value for money than a place like fat cow for eg. Service was also very good!

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Went after dinner at about 10pm. The place was still very crowded although it’s not a large space. Still quite a few choices in terms of cakes. We had a cake that was chocolate based and another which had earl grey and passion fruit. I enjoyed both cakes very much as it was not too sweet and also very moist. Nonetheless, I don’t think I’ll return without the Burpple 1-1 as the cakes are about $9 each and is fairly small.

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Ordered the salt baked celeriac 2.0 for dinner. Presented quite nicely (the lighting was bad so this picture doesn’t do it justice). It was tasty but not mind blowing and the portion was very small and also very pricy without the 1-1 on the Burpple app at about $20. I don’t think I would go back even with the 1-1 at this price point. Also note that it’s outdoor dining although it was cool on the day we were there and the ambience is pleasant.

I used the Burpple Beyond App to get the basil pesto cream gnocchi (in picture) which was $15.50 and the avo corny chicken which was $17.50. I enjoyed both dishes but with a slight edge going to the avo corny chicken which was a chicken avocado corn sandwich (the flavours all worked well together) with sweet potato fries that was cooked to perfection. The sauce for the gnocchi was good and light so the whole dish did not feel too heavy. Will definitely go again. Plus points also for good service (water was served without us having to ask) and nice atmosphere (love the high ceilings).

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Didn’t use my Burpple Beyond app for this as we felt it would be too much for just the two of us. Instead, we opted to just get a green tea ice cream and ice yuzu green tea (comes hot as well). The cost was about $11 in total (note they only accept credit card payments above $10). I thought the yuzu green tea was interesting and I liked that it was naturally sweetened by the yuzu but not overly sweet and the flavours both complemented each other but yet I was able to taste both flavours individually. I was a bit disappointed by the ice cream having heard a lot about it. It has a very strong matcha taste and it’s unsweetened but personally I felt it was not creamy enough. Portions are generous for the ice cream though. I don’t think I’ll go back for the ice cream unless I am using the Burpple Beyond app where I would get a 1-1 drink and ice cream set.

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Ordered this using the Burpple Beyond app. It costs $19.90 (but if you would like to change to soba, it’s an additional $1). The portion is not huge (especially the number of pieces of beef) but it’s generally tasty and the beef is tender with a well cooked onsen egg. Would have liked more sauce for the rice as well as it can get a bit dry. Nonetheless with the 1-1, definitely worth trying!

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Had the smoked salmon benedict ($17) for lunch. It came with two slices of bacon (rashers not back bacon which is actually what I prefer) and toast with a piece of smoked salmon, thin layer of guacamole and topped with an egg Benedict with hollandaise. The star for me was the egg Benedict which was perfectly cooked and even though I’m not a fan of ebiko roe, the addition of ebiko to the eggs was a welcomed surprise and elevated the taste of the eggs. Would definitely come back just for this dish and even without Burpple Beyond, the price was well within reason for the quality of food you get.


Had the wagyu steak using the Burpple Beyond 1-1. It’s typically $59.90 and came with truffle fries or mash and a side salad. Also topped with avocado butter. I really enjoyed the fries and mash (which my companion ordered) and the avocado butter was an interesting choice that blended well with the steak. The steak itself was OK. We ordered medium rare but for a wagyu it was not the most tender and the cooking temperature was not consistent across the table (some people had tougher steaks than others even though it was all supposed to be medium rare). Nonetheless at 1-1, it was still a steal so worth trying if you have the Burpple Beyond...

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Used Burpple Beyond to get the truffle hound, fries and milkshake. Note that you don’t usually get to pick a hot dog with Burpple Beyond but was able to do so as there was a power outage and the burgers were unavailable (good job to the staff for calling us ahead of time as we made a reservation and being flexible to offer us this alternative). The set was $32 (without the 1-1). The fries were ok but not memorable and was served with bbq sauce. Tip is to ask for chilli sauce as they do provide actual chilli (think coney dogs) which was a nice surprise. We chose a beef hot dog (as opposed to chicken) and it was a good quality hot dog. The truffle sauce is nice but wish there was a bit more evenly covering the hot dog. The bread used was not a typical hot dog bun and not to my liking as it was slathered in tomato ketchup. There was also some mushrooms but they were small and few in number so didn’t do much to enhance taste or texture. The winner for me was the milkshake. It was thick (which is how all milkshakes should be done) and tasty.

The portions are generous but on the whole I thought $32 was a bit steep to pay for a meal although would probably consider patronising again but only with the Burpple Beyond app.. or maybe just to get a milkshake ($10).

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