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Zichar Treasures

Zichar Treasures

Best of local fare! Good food at pocket friendly prices 🤗
Lee Pei Yi
Lee Pei Yi

Break the egg yolk and stir - there you have it! A plate of silky smooth hor fun, full of wok hei and umami. Super delicious! Couldn’t find anything to fault with this except that maybe it was too small a plate for the single portion!

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You know the problem with coffee pork ribs? You can find it almost at every zichar but it’s hard to find one that truly does justice to its name ‘coffee’. This one here at KEK brings out the full flavour of coffee - on first bite, maybe mostly sweet but wait for the hint of mild bitterness that slowly emerges and then BOOM the aroma of coffee hits you, as if you’re smelling freshly roasted coffee beans. The pork itself was crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. Yummy!


Never had anything quite like this - yong tau foo in a claypot with its sauce still BUBBLING as it arrives on your table. This dish totally overturned my idea of yong tau foo (nope, definitely not the healthy bland kind you were thinking of!) The yong tau foo itself was of an interesting variety and their own homemade fish paste seemed to have levelled up with some hints of squid and prawn within, giving it a very ‘springy’ consistency. The sauce was a bit salty but fantastic when mixed with rice.

Pro tip: Do come early as they often sell out early! And also, dress comfortably as it’s pretty much a zichar/coffee shop-ish place with only fans.


This dish is a MUST ORDER at Two Chefs!!! It’s kind of a misnomer though - it’s called butter pork ribs but really, it’s crispy pork buried under heaps of milk powder fried with fragrant curry leaves and a few chilli slices. Not sure how they do it, but the whole dish is kept so dry and not oily. Don’t say never warn you ah, this dish is just damn shiok la and you may find yourself polishing off all the milk powder bits (like me HEHE).

Other dishes worth trying here are the golden tofu with enoki mushrooms and the herbal chicken. Also tried the stir fried yam - while its good, it’s not quite like the Pu Tien one. Overall, food here is value for money but pro tip: do come early to queue as it is super popular.

Always on the lookout for good nomz

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