When It Is Payday

When It Is Payday

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Yong SR
Yong SR

Situated at Bukit Timah Plaza, this gem serves Aged Meat as its specialty, and it definitely make this korean restaurant stands out among its competitors.

After grilling by the professional korean server, the aged black pork belly was juicy and tender. Every chew in the mouth was a delight.

Friendly servers, great free flow side dishes, and one of the best korean bbq meat I've tried so far. Definitely coming back again

Note: You must order 2 servings of a same type of meat. Cannot order 1 serving of Type A and another 1 serving of Type B. Weird rule but the 2 servings were just nice for 2 pax

$8.90 for one stick of wagyu with steak sauce? Suggest that you get their wagyu don instead 🤔


Quite a generous portion of it. The mentai sauce is on the saltier side.

Not a must-order though

Apparently the usual rice for this don is $16.90, but it is now @ $12.90

Decent meal, mix in the egg to coat the rice and meat with the creamy yolk and egg white. The red ginger helped to cut the otherwise heavy taste of the beef and sauce.

But..it wasn't a memorable meal. A few beef pieces were slightly on the tougher side. And even if the red ginger and green onions, the don was rather jelak towards the end

Might be better if I order their specialty, ehich is the steamboat looking beef-pork platter


Not the cheapest, but worth the buy once in a while to treat yourself

Not a chocolate lover, but this is really good. The chocolate does not *burn* the throat or feel too 'jelak'

It was smooth and easy to bite

Truffles (2 for $7.50): one of the best. Get the milk chocolate

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$20+ for this monster

The beef itself were tender and juicy enough

Eating this was a challenge though with the content falling apart each time I try to eat it. In the end, we got to separate the layers to eat it to avoid looking like a barbarian

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Must order everytime I visit this restaurant. What makes this humble looking sandwich so great is actually the pita bread that they chose. The base of the bread remain crisp and chewy till the end of the meal, keeping the sandwich in shape instead of falling all over the place. Salmon slices were fresh too.

Also, this place offers free flow of their homemade bread. :D

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Currently, they are having a promotion for OCBC card members.

There are two sets you can choose from. $48/$88

Soup wise, go for the black herbal chkn soup or the shark bone cartilage soup. Thick, nutritious, yet soothing

The set meal is more than enough for two pax

Go for the Saba set ($11.90): the meat was succulent and juicy, and its flavor can never go wrong. In fact, I enjoyed the saba set the most out of the other meat (salmon, cod, chicken)

The rest were nothing amazing

Honestly, I doubt I will return for a second visit, especially not with the long queue

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Soft and tender, with a slight smoky aroma

However, there was this tinge of weird aftertaste that I did not like.

I believe the saba set will be a better option ($11.90?)

They dont serve ala carte, only in set. For the price you are paying, an onsen egg, miso soup, and rice will be served togetger with your choice of mains. Also include the free flow salad bar.

Croque Monsieur ($25) + top up for truffle fries (+$5)

They made up for the high price point with a generous portion. The cheese and gruyere sauce were overflowing, but they did not overwhelmed the savoury taste of ham that were hidden beneath it

The bread was soft and soggy though due to the sauce,

And not to be missed out were the grilled tomatoes that were so juicy and a joy to pop in the mouth

Sadly, the truffle fries were lacking the truffle during the day

Consider topping up your fries (if your choice of mains include that) to truffle fries instead of ordering a plate of it ($15?) to share. The portion of thefries is generous enough to share among 2-3 pax

Yakitori chicken ($6 for two)

Soft and tender, but somehow lacking the smokiness that is expected of yakitori :/

Consider booking through eatigo for discount of 10-50%!

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Yong SR

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