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Featuring Scaled by Ah Hua Kelong, Umi Nami, Benjamin Barker Cafe, Nipong Naepong ([email protected]), Dohkie - The Cookie Dough Shop, Cafe Milligram, Ah Ter Teochew Fishball Noodle Bar, Megumi Japanese Restaurant, Morettino, 13 Stages (Tanjong Pagar Centre)
Maureen Yeoh
Maureen Yeoh
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Both my companion and I got this with the Burpple Beyond one for one. And it was Super disappointing. Check out that sad serving of tako. My companion’s one didn’t even have it. -.-

Thankfully it is for one for one so not so heartpain. Will not return again. Not sure if the chirashi dons without burpple beyond is any different but it should not be the case.

It’s really nice. I loved the soba and it’s sauce but nothing much to scream about. It is really like what everyone said it was. Nice but way too small a serving.

That being said, this was recommended to us by the staff and after visiting this place twice, this will be my go-to dish if I ever visit again. I will only visit if I’m in the vicinity, it’s not a place I would specifically make my way down for.


This dish looked and smelled so promising!! But it was really lacking in flavour... my partner and I both thought that it was probably due to too little cheese used? Really could be a lot better and definitely had a lot more potential!

Price wise it really wasn’t cheap even with the 1-for-1.


My partner really loved this while I preferred the swordfish bowl. They are really generous with their fish and ingredients! With burpple beyond I feel that this is really worth it and will return despite the lousy service.

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I really liked this and with Burpple Beyond it makes it really worth it! There’s lots of fish for the price.

I gotta say that the place is severely understaffed and their Chinese staff is a little rude but otherwise it is ok. Beers are affordable at $7 a pint. There’s no gst to service charge too! I will return for their dons if I’m in the vicinity.

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This was unfortunately quite jelat after a while. Though I quite liked the creaminess. But if you don’t like whipped cream might not be for you. We used burpple one for one so I felt the price was ok. But it seemed a bit small for the full price.

This was soooo good. Used burpple one for one and we we finished this quickly. It wasn’t too jelat but I felt that the serving was a little small for the original price tho

This was part of the bar bites. Recommended by the owner as a started. Pretty good and I would imagine it to go perfectly with beer. There’s Grouper and seabass and I preferred the Grouper. Personal preference I guess.

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Cooked Cantonese style and I loved the sweet potato noodles. This is also under big plates hence you can use burpple beyond 1-for-1 for this!

This is one of my fav choices for their big plates too! Fish as usual, very nicely done.

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$20 before 1-for-1

Tagliatelle is not bad and fish was cooked well as usual — crispy skin and juicy meat. Pickled daikon with pasta and fish was nice. But it didn’t leave a lasting impression for me. Was good nonetheless. I think in general Scaled by Ah Hua Kelong’s dishes were all hits imo.


$28 before 1-for-1

Mussels vichyssoise, pickled Shimeiji and Garam masala

Hands down my fav dish for the night. My dad’s too. Loved the sauce and how the masala added dimension to it. Fish was seared just right too. They do their fish and seafood really really well! This is my must order too!

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The last of the small plates. But I like lala and sake broth so this was a win for me even tho there’s nothing much to rave about. But it’s still good and fresh just not that much special compared to the other dishes. The toast was pretty good tho.

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