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Featuring Benjamin Barker Cafe, Nipong Naepong ([email protected]), Ah Ter Teochew Fishball Noodle Bar
Maureen Yeoh
Maureen Yeoh
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Also with Burpple Beyond 1-for-1.

Cha pong with level 1 spicy was really spicy for both of us. Not sure if we got a really spicy bowl or how others can even attempt the level 2 one. I can’t take spicy well but my companion definitely can. It was too spicy to a point it wasn’t that enjoyable. But somehow this is one of their most popular dishes.... 🤨 perhaps we got a bowl that’s really way too spicy? The cabbage with wokhei was good tho!

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Burpple Beyond 1-for-1!

This was v creamy and v good! Both my companion and I agreed that we will definitely return for this... we both love the cheesy and creamy sauce. It’s a wonder how we didn’t get jelat and it’s a testament to how good it was! It was not spicy for me at all.

1-for-1 for this set with Burpple Beyond. Only can choose abalone noodles with either alcohol or ice lemon tea.

Ice lemon tea set costs $22.30 for 2 sets. Each set came with one bowl of abalone noodles (choice of noodles), one side (choose from fishcake, fishballs or chicken wings) and one ice lemon tea.

Very worth I would say as the abalone noodles ala carte already cost $15 and each side is $5 worth. With burpple beyond its only $11+ per pax. The soup and fishballs are what I will return for. The abalone soup does taste marginally better probably due to the seafood ingredients. Fishballs were really good. I might even go as far to say one of my favourites. I would definitely return again.


This was really good!! Waiter recommended the laksa pizza and was really wavered. But we stuck to order this in the end. Even tho I’m not a huge fan of thin crusts, my companion and I both agreed that we would return to BB cafe for this dish. Truffle smell is strong and the egg was done well. Quite rare for me to not feel jelat for something this strong tasting. I can’t wait to head back to try their laksa pizza next.

They ran out of fettuccine so they offered us two options and we went for spaghetti. The pasta was too al dente for our liking. Sauce was great, tasted like legit laksa but a tad too dry to coat the pasta well tho. Would very much prefer it to be more watery. Companion and I finished this before the other pizza dish we ordered arrive. Soft shell crab was not bad.

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