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Maureen Yeoh
Maureen Yeoh

Used entertainer 1-for-1. Paid less than $13 including gst per pax for lunch.

My companion really enjoyed her dish and said it was worth for money. The salted egg is the “wet” type and personally I prefer the dry ones. Personal preference I guess. But they were really generous with the salted egg.

Used entertainer 1-for-1 which can be used for their mains as breakfast items.

Surprisingly the steak was quite tender but I didn’t get the beefy taste and juices from it. But I Guess there’s nothing much to expect from minute steaks? Good enough and with 1 for 1, we paid less than $13 per pax including gst. Very worth it I would say.

Fries were good.

Got this as part of entertainers 1-for-1 main + appetiser. The snow crab was really sweet and fresh. There was a certain bite to it. Pitan sauce was on the sweet side but not overly sweet. I think it’s made quite well but I probably will not crave for it.

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Ordered this as part of the entertainer 1 for 1 main + appetiser. Came with two pieces of foie gras. It was really yummy but I would really suggest to eat the chawanmushi before the foie gras to taste the foie gras in the egg else the foie gras would overpower the taste in the egg. Such a good combination.

Used entertainer 1-for-1 for main and appetiser. Unfortunately there were some screw ups. We ordered both steaks in medium rare but right before the dish was served (after waiting maybe 10-15 min since last appetiser was served) the server who took our orders told us he changed it to medium (???) then when another server brought the steaks here she said they are medium so back into the kitchen they go and it went in for another 5-10 min minimally. By then we were starving. When it came out my partner’s steaks were more medium rare than mine - mine only had maybe middle three pieces which were a little pink in the middle. Visibly different from my partner’s ones which were a little redder in the middle. And the server said that’s normal despite me showing them that both steaks were different. But cbf anymore and just ate them Cos I don’t wanna wait again.

For $55 before gst, even with entertainer, I really think it’s ok only.

Used Entertainer’s for 1-for-1. Pretty crap burger. Patty had almost no seasoning, can barely taste the cheese or bacon. My companions had to put ketchup for every other bite. Don’t remember them to be this bad. Had the bacon cheese fries to share. It was great but condiments was meh. Probably won’t return again. I think I enjoy McDonald’s more.

Both my companion and I got this with the Burpple Beyond one for one. And it was Super disappointing. Check out that sad serving of tako. My companion’s one didn’t even have it. -.-

Thankfully it is for one for one so not so heartpain. Will not return again. Not sure if the chirashi dons without burpple beyond is any different but it should not be the case.

It’s really nice. I loved the soba and it’s sauce but nothing much to scream about. It is really like what everyone said it was. Nice but way too small a serving.

That being said, this was recommended to us by the staff and after visiting this place twice, this will be my go-to dish if I ever visit again. I will only visit if I’m in the vicinity, it’s not a place I would specifically make my way down for.


This dish looked and smelled so promising!! But it was really lacking in flavour... my partner and I both thought that it was probably due to too little cheese used? Really could be a lot better and definitely had a lot more potential!

Price wise it really wasn’t cheap even with the 1-for-1.


My partner really loved this while I preferred the swordfish bowl. They are really generous with their fish and ingredients! With burpple beyond I feel that this is really worth it and will return despite the lousy service.

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I really liked this and with Burpple Beyond it makes it really worth it! There’s lots of fish for the price.

I gotta say that the place is severely understaffed and their Chinese staff is a little rude but otherwise it is ok. Beers are affordable at $7 a pint. There’s no gst to service charge too! I will return for their dons if I’m in the vicinity.


This was unfortunately quite jelat after a while. Though I quite liked the creaminess. But if you don’t like whipped cream might not be for you. We used burpple one for one so I felt the price was ok. But it seemed a bit small for the full price.

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