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Jeidy Ng
Jeidy Ng

Had a girl’s night out here and the food was really good! Had the salmon ($23) on Burrple Beyond and it was delish! The mushrooms were really fragrant and the fish was well cooked. Thumbs up!

Food was amazing and the total bill only came up to $30 for two ribs. Ribs were so tender and juicy! I think imma come back for more. 😉👍🏻


Had the famous Creamy Mushroom ($14) and Salmon Soba ($18)with the famous milky way coffee. The food was amazing at the price point. Loving the atmosphere here.


My Eggs Benedict had perfectly poached eggs, but the salmon wasn’t that fresh. The Prawn Aglio was good with plump prawns but I thought that the food was better in the past.

Used 1-for-1 via Entertainer and the bill amounted to $23 with drinks and gst so no complains! :-)

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Came for lazy Sunday brunch (more like dunch) at 3pm and its crowded as ever. Had the much raved about Gashouse Eggs ($13) and Spicy Mushroom Aglio Olio. ($14) Gashouse was dope but Aglio Olio was only alright. Also had a ice white and it perked me right up!

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The boy brought me here on our anniversary dinner. Its a posh place with strong italian influence, I especially enjoyed the Burrata e Datterini. ($29.90) A dollop of cheese which I remember to date. Its super springy and chewy and it doesn’t overpower. The tomatoes were acidic and fresh, paired with the caviar - it was beyond yummy and i’m not even a cheese lover at that. Suitable for sharing for 2-3 pax.

This is worth a trip down to the grand stand! It now has a special place in my heart. :-)

Went on Visa Platinum concierge service. You can sign up for it as long as you have a Visa Platinum card. It got us two free welcome drinks, two desserts and check-ins by the head chef. :-)
Ordered the Grain Bowl ($23), the Ceasar Salad ($20+) for our mains and The Lime in the Coconut ($16) as dessert. Loved the dessert the most as it was so unique! It was a great experience as the chef explained that their ingredients were all free-range. We even took a walk in their garden outback to see the home grown leaves and edible flowers they had just put on our plate. :-)


Beautiful cafe with amazing ambience and natural sunlight. The rice was super good even though it was very oily - it was a guilty pleasure. The meat was cooked to perfection!

Had dinner at the Bee’s Knees with a couple of girlfriends and the food was great! Ordered the mushroom aglio and the slow cooked pork spaghetti. Thumbs up.

I come here yearly for my birthday since 5 years ago and it’s still the same ol’ taste that I’ll never forget! Everyone says that Choupinette serves the best eggs benny in Singapore and I promise that it’ll live up to expectations!

Scallops, Prawn and Chorizo Rice ($26) changed my boyfriend’s perception of prawn heads for ever! Super fragrant and grilled to perfection, this is a must try - I’ll be back! :-)

Atmosphere was great, the fish not so. It has a really fishy taste to it! The truffle fries was good though. My friends had a variety of dishes too. They got the burger, but it was only average. Overall, I think Benjamin Barker should stick to menswear.

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